When making sizing images for a mood theme, they can't exceed over 100 with W & H correct? Or better yet, what is the best # to use for the W&H when making mood themes?

If anyone can answer this sometime today would be of great help!

FUCK YES!!!!!!!! I almost didn't think it was going to happen since it was such a close game half way through. And the last two interceptions was such a HUGE relief!!

The major collision around 3:30 in the 4th was pretty scary but the dude from the Ravens can move his limbs but has complaints about severe neck pain.

Now I have a reason to watch the Superbowl again though I could care less about the commericals for it anymore. And the music for halftime is going to suck too. Gotta see where to go this yr for some Superbowl gatherings.


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