Damn this was a good and tight game. I almost thought it wasn't going to happen but the Steelers managed to pull something out of their ass. I couldn't believe the amount of penalties that Arizona had and that's what hurt them alot. Near the end, I'll admit that the Steelers were playing dirty/unfair with all the punching and smacking. Kudos to Arizona for making it this far when not many ppl had faith in them to do it.

I didn't realize just how young both the Steelers coach and Big Ben are. When Tomlin became their coach, he was 32 (and does anyone else happen to notice that he looks like Foreman from House? Those two could pass for brothers) and Ben is only turning 27 this yr O________O.

Halftime blew as I knew it would.

Commercials sucked as I knew they would as well. Majority of the movies look shitty except maybe Transformers 2.
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