"Heero Yuy" was on Supernatural tonight. *laughs* When I saw the guy in the beginning, I was like 'that looks like Mark Hildreth.' Man hasn't changed much in his looks aside from looking a little older but sadly, he didn't sound much like Heero when he talked. :P

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OMG! I have it recorded but haven't watched the ep yet. :D

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That's funny.
Too bad "Trowa Barton" wasn't on there too!!
Ha ha ha....

Oh well. What do you do?????
Roll with it, I guess!!

Yay! A fortune cookie!!!!!!!!

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Ohhhhhh, Mark Hildreth. Good times, good times. I kinda wish C. Network would re-run Gundam Wing for old times sake. ;)

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Maaaark Hildreth! I rewatched GW this year, so that's terrible funny. I might have to actually watch the episode now.

I don't think Kirby Morrow does that much live work, which is too bad because he's rather attractive.

Oh, and have you watched any "Wolverine and the X-Men" by chance? It's pretty sweet. Steven Blum is Wolverine and he's epically BA. Yuri Lowenthal is Iceman and that is just funny. There's a few others around as well.

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I think Kirby Morrow is producing now.
If I'm not mistaking, and I quite could be, we'll have to wait and see when/if he answers my question about it, but I think he owns "Morrow Ridginal Productions".

I'll pass on the news as I find it out but we'll see.
I like the title, though. *giggles* Kinda catchy. ^_^
(sorry... is this OT, Beck??? ^_^;;;)


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