I came across this Steve Blum article while reading the news section on Yahoo today at work. Was kinda shocked to even see this mentioned. Wolverine for Life. Though to be honest, I could see this being featured for Scott McNeil as well since it seems like he was fit to do the role of Wolverine too.


Spending tomorrow celebrating Singles Day! [livejournal.com profile] toriru4ever and I are going to see Friday 13th (yuuuuummmmm...Jared) then get a few drinks and watch even more horror movies when we get back to her place. *laughs* I didn't even know they filmed that movie in Austin till I came across an interview the other week. I wonder what part though since they were near a lake (and I don't know much about Austin very well aside from 6th St. *lol*).

From: [identity profile] toriru4ever.livejournal.com

We are gonna have fun!!!
I just got back from work (>-<)
umm gotta do some cleaning will listening to gallow or seki's album hehe

From: [identity profile] yankeerose69.livejournal.com

Yes, I believe we'll have fun, make the best of what you got. I've actually been looking forward to this.

Damn, working so late?

Nice choices during housecleaning *lol*.

I'll be in the area tomorrow since I told Megan I'd come visit them while waiting for you to get off work. Hell, you can probably call me right before you get off work to let me know your on your way out, that way maybe we can meet up at your place close to the same time. (just in case the gate isn't up when I get there)

From: [identity profile] toriru4ever.livejournal.com

ok cuz she literally lives the next street over from the clinic hehe

will give you a buzz *off to sleep*

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*ponders* Well, I guess I'm biased 'cause through uni I watched XTAS and Cal Dodd will always be the voice of Wolverine for me. :) (That, and I'll happily watch Hugh Jackman be Wolverine, 'cause IMO he really nailed it.)

Don't get me wrong, SB is a good VA, but he doesn't stick out in my mind as especially awesome. I expect that's largely because he's done so much anime dubbing. Big roles, but I don't watch dubbed anime, so I've missed the bulk of his work. He's done a lot of 'additional voices' type stuff for several games I've played in the last ten years or so, but again nothing majorly memorable. (One thing, though - the Cowboy Bebop dub was pretty decent, but I love the voice of the guy who does the original Spike too much to watch in English. ^^)

Your pal Scott McNeil, OTOH, is someone whose work I've had ample opportunities to enjoy, and his performances have stayed with me. I didn't watch X-Men Evo enough to get a feel for his Wolverine, but I'd definitely be willing to listen, 'cause he's so good at so many voices!

Have fun at the movies! :D

From: [identity profile] guardianhunter.livejournal.com

(and I don't know much about Austin very well aside from 6th St. *lol*).

*DIIIIEEEES!!!!!!! LAUGHING!!!!!!!!*
"6th street. That's one place that'll sober you up quick." << Steve.

Nuff Sed!!!


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