Eventually I'll get around to posting a RL entry for a change. *lol* But I will say that I've been feeling pretty damn good these past few weeks for all the right reasons, aside from the occasional soreness of course. ^_~

Since I don't recall talking about it on my journal, the Beat Crusaders released a 2nd greatest hits "Very Best Crusaders" w/a dvd as usual and if you get the 1st ed. you also get two "newer" songs that they've done elsewhere but didn't put on an album.

I'll eventually get the dvd sent out to be formatted to avi and post it here but I will say I was really happy with the dvd. It didn't focus much on the Boyz of Summer tour like last time but instead, has some clips of BS, club shows, and my wish came true when they included one of their live acoustic sets during their Talk Crusaders tour.

Up for grabs are the two songs not released on any album:

- Phantom Planet was made to pimp out PS3's game "Little Big Planet." I'll also be posting the vid for that song.

- Have You Seen Her Happy? was the theme song for the Japanese movie "Komoriclub."

"Phantom Planet"

"Have You Seen Her Happy?"

The lyrics are beneath the cut:

Phantom Planet:

Anybody knows
We're standing on the ground
Anybody knows
The world is moving everyday

Anybody knows
We're struggling on the ground
Anybody knows
The word is going everywhere

Show me that you can make the world go round
Show you that we can make the world go round
To find another doors

Down to earth
Show me how

Have you seen her happy?:

Have you ever
Tried to reborn to be strong
Than you've ever been
Have you ever
Tried to reborn to belong
To the place you'd go

In the meantime
You're getting old
In the meanwhile
You'll lose the goal

Oh yeah,
Have you seen her happy?
Oh yeah,
Have you seen her happy?

And the vid for Phantom Planet HERE and I uploaded it to my photobucket account if you wanted to preview it before downloading.

Certain background characters are a bit creepy but it's a really cute vid. I put some screencaps beneath the cut as well.

Enjoy! And let me know if any of the links expire.
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