I guess I'm a bit overdue on posting something but I'm still working on a full real update, maybe by next week.

Since the plans went bust to go out with the gals Sat, Mona and I decided to go to the movies Sat evening to see "The Haunting in CT". Another movie that had an okay preview and okay reviews but turned out to be a bit of a bummer. I was thinking there was going to be some freaky killings and gore but there was none to be had. Mainly a ghost story movie that in many parts, STILL didn't explain much about the things that went on in the past. It seemed like forever till they FINALLY got around to explaining a little but still left me feeling blank. Pretty sad that so far with the 3 "horror" movies I watched this yr, My Bloody Valentine is still by far my all time fav. Which by the way comes out on dvd May 19. Had sushi after the movies and actually had a waiter who was cute, still bugs me that he reminded me of someone but can't think of who.

And speaking of horror movies, I finally got around to watching Saw 5 and I was SOOOOOOOO SORRILY DISAPPOINTED by it overall. And already they are in the making of Saw 6. >__<

Sun. I went with Mona to her gym to do the spin class there. I think I like my gym's class better. Went to Trader's Village in the afternoon and thought nothing of how the weather was going to be. Didn't realize I got sunburn on my face and forearms till I got home and out of the shower.

Had one helluva storm brew through last night right before I went to bed. Couldn't sleep for shit and just stayed up watching the lightening till it calmed down. Shockingly enough the power didn't go out.

And one last thing...we gals are going to see Depeche Mode in Aug AND it's on a Sat!! ROCK!! I've always wondered what they sounded like live, I hope they're good. Speaking of said band, I thought I'd share the new album for those interested. Really good album.

"Depeche Mode - Sounds of the Universe"


From: [identity profile] scarbie.livejournal.com

Thank you for sharing this album! *loves DM* It sounds like you've been having fun! :) Oh man, I hope you have a blast at the DM concert. If it is for certain that they are going to be a Lollapalooza I'll have to get tickets.

From: [identity profile] yankeerose69.livejournal.com

And the funny thing about getting or finding the dl for the album is that it's not even supposed to come out till the 21st of this month.

I dl'ed DM's discography today and there was some live recordings, sound good. Hope you'll be lucky to see them as well.

From: [identity profile] scarbie.livejournal.com

Everything is leaking early now. I wonder if DM were as pissed off as FOX was when Wolverine leaked.

I love Depeche Mode and would like to see them live but I have to think about if I'm willing to fight the throngs of people at Lalapalooza.

When you downloaded their discography did you get any of their singles? I brought in all my DM cds for a coworker to copy and she was making fun of me. She was like, "How many versions of Personal Jesus do you need!?" *lol*

From: [identity profile] yankeerose69.livejournal.com

OOOOOMMMMMMMMGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! I read who's all going to be at Lollapalooza and I want to fucking cry and scream. TOOL!!!! Kaiser Chiefs!! The Killers!! Kings of Leon!! Crystal Castles!!! Did I mention FUCKING TOOL!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know why they don't do more cities like they used to in the past. I would soooooooo pay the money to see it here in Dallas.

As for the singles, I believe so. I have yet to go through the whole folder as to what might be included in it. But so far I only found 2 versions of PJ. I guess you can never have too many versions of that song. *lol*

From: [identity profile] scarbie.livejournal.com

I think my coworker still has my Depeche Mode cds so when I get them back, I'll write a list of all the CDs I have and you tell me if I have anything you're missing.

I don't really know that much about Tool and Kings of Leon. *backs away before she gets hit with a rolled up salespaper* But from your reaction (especially to Tool) they must be awesome.

From: [identity profile] yankeerose69.livejournal.com

Cool beaners with the DM music.

With Kings of Leon, I posted the link: http://yankeerose69.livejournal.com/697290.html but if that expired, I can re-up it if you want.

As for TOOL....OMG HOW CAN YOU NOT HEAR OF TOOL!!??!! *lol* I'll have to fix that for you. I have all 5 of their albums, I'll have to look into uploading the 1st two for ya. Have you heard of A Perfect Circle? It was a side project from the lead singer of Tool.


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