WOW! Needless to say I'm soooooooooooo happy that I was able to FINALLY witness this group LIVE!! I never thought in my lifetime that I would ever get the chance to not only see them in concert but for them to actually come to the Dallas area.

There were two opening acts, can't remember the first band's name but they were okay. Both bands had the same kind of style that Fischerspooner has. The 2nd band Ssion was well......not my bag.

The cool thing though was seeing an older man probably in his early 60's at a show like this, especially knowing what kind of music it was. But he seemed to have enjoyed himself and that was awesome. I want to be that way when I'm his age, I shouldn't have to change my music tastes just cause I'm an old person and I still want to go to concerts when I'm old too.

Fischerspooner opened the set with my FAV song Amuse Bouche so that really made my night to start on a good foot. Then when they did the 2nd song, Casey wore that lighted hat thingy (that I have posted in the entry before this) and that was pretty awesome. They put on a great theatrical show with costumes and dance. Casey looked pretty nice on the eyes (and not cause he's gay either), looks like he lost a bit of weight from some older pics, especially during the clips they were showing on the side screens of them doing older rehearsals. When he went to sing Emerge, he admitted that he can't stand doing that song but he does it anyways cause you know the fans expect them TO do that song. And ya know, even if he happens to half sing and half lipsynch, it's still an awesome show.

I almost didn't think that the place was going to be filled up but right before Fischer came out, the theater got full. I also didn't think that there was that many ppl that actually knew who this band was so that's cool on seeing the amount there

I'd go see them again if they would happen to come back this way before the tour ends. So totally worth the $20.

Here are some pics on Fischerspooner's flickr account:

The pics are now posted from the Granada Theater show last Fri night. Pics came out great. If I knew that camera's were allowed, I would've brought mine but glad to see they already have someone from the theater take the pics. The only thing I don't like about these pics, TOO MUCH CROWD!!! And the crowd wasn't even doing anything special. The dude should've been more focused on the show.

Here is the link for the slide show:

And beneath the cut are some of my fav pics.

The lighted hat thingy that Casey wore during the 2nd song:

Probably one of my fav pics. I liked how they manuvered the mirrors during certain songs and the photographer got this pic just at the right moment.



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