I have a long bday weekend since I took Mon off for my bday and Tues off just to recover from the weekend. *lol*

As for my wishlist, same thing every yr, nothing much has changed on my list:

Fanart or fanfics or whatever you know how to do, for the following series & pairings, can also be any kind of theme. Sap and/or smut is highly encouraged! :p NO ANGST!!!!! >__< Don't rush if you know you're not going to have it done by my bday.

Plenty to choose from though with picking some known and some not well known series as well as the pairings I'm sure isn't helping. (got plenty of screencaps if ya need help ;P)


Bleach - Renji/Rukia, Renji/Rukia w/Rikichi hanging around, Renji & Rikichi (NOT as a pair.) for those that can't remember who the kid is here, Division 11, IkkakuxMizuho (OTP!2), Ichigo/Orihime.

Gungrave - Brandon/Maria

One Piece - Luffy/Nami, Sanji/Robin, Franky/Robin, Ace or Ace & Luffy doing brotherly things. If art is inspired, I could pic Ace carrying Luffy on his shoulders (or piggy back ride) while Luffy is wearing the Pirate King coat. Ace and Luffy can be younger. Or just something cute. Here are some random Ace caps. Besides, after the recent chapter in the manga, I'm all for anything with Ace!! *whimpers*


Misc. Goods

  • Anything with Spongebob (his 10th bday is this week too!), Garfield, or butterflies.
  • Candles

    My Amazon list (recently updated):
    My Amazon.com Wish List

    Anything with Beat Crusaders of course and if someone is able to kidnap and neatly wrap Hidaka Tooru up for me, that'd be even better. :P


    My contact info:

    Becky Stover
    1906 El Dorado Dr.
    Garland, TX 75042

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