I was hoping to start my early bday weekend on a good start and I guess I can say that it did, even if Sat's cook-out I went to was a bit kookie but I'm glad I had [profile] blkros there to keep me company.

Then Sunday part of our riding group went driving around before it got too hot. Was an okay ride, wasn't any of the best but at least the weather was pretty decent, not overly hot till when we were heading back.

Spent Sun evening with [profile] blkros and [profile] toriru4ever on what I like to dub as the sushi-chocolate-penis night. *laughs* Allow me to explain:

- had SUPER YUMMY sushi at the usual sushi place in Frisco that has the AWESOME "happy salmon". That is the only sushi place I've been to that makes it, I haven't seen it anywhere else which makes me sad. Then Mona and I had some pretty strong white russian drinks while Jen was our sober driver. Oooh...they also have some yummy dumplings called Shelby dumplings. Might have to try and make some myself since I have the right seafood for it.

- then it was off for dessert & coffee at the Grand Lux Cafe. Mona and I shared the choco fudge cake explosion which the name lives up to the confection. And HUGE portions OMGAH! Jen got red velvet cake and that too was huge. Sadly I left the left-overs in Jen's car last night :(

-after that, we went to the movies to see Bruno since Jen kept talking about it to us and we couldn't help but go see it. That is where the penis part comes in.

And that ended the bday weekend on a great note.

This morning I got two packages in the mail and of course no bday cards from the family. Mom already gave me money when I went home and I'm curious to see how long till I get grandpa's card.

So the first package was in a priority box and didn't think anything of it till I looked where it came from. I placed the order on Fri and thankfully since the place was in CA, (cause of the timing on when they receive orders), they shipped it out same day on Fri. It couldn't have come at a perfect time. Beneath the cut are pics of my lovely handsome gift to myself:

I thought I better buy one now cause of not knowing what's going to become of his character. It's bad enough he didn't have much screen time in the manga (at least until recently) and on the series and anything in regards to Ace is expensive!!! He's probably one of the higher priced figures aside from the new Brook figure. So it was best to buy one now while the price was still "low". FINALLY a real genuine figure and not the bootleg shit from hong kong!! I learned my lesson on that when I thought I was getting the real quality Renji figure (from the same makers as Ace) I got on ebay two yrs ago. Thought it was awfully fishy for these expensive dolls to be so cheap. Well it showed in the product and it didn't take long for certain things to start breaking off of Renji.

As much as I love One Piece, I think Ace is the only figure I'm going to be buying of the POP series. Unless they came out with a Wiper figure and the Mihawk figure looks nice too but not worth me buying it.

I also had my dental appt for a cleaning and while everything looked good, I still have 3 fillings that are "silver" and they want to take them out and put the tooth colored ones in like the rest that are in my mouth. Now what didn't make sense is that before I went into the Army, I had two small cavities filled and the dentist used the tooth colored. Then when I was stationed in Ft.Hood and went to the dentist, they had to take what I had in my mouth out and put the silver ones in since the cavities were eating through the cheap white fillings. When I got out of the Army and went to the dentist again for check ups, they tell me that the metal fillings should be replaced with the white. I told them of my situation the first time and they said since then, the white colored fillings were better made. I'm in no hurry to have these last 3 replaced since it's not causing me any problems. BUT the other good thing about the appt is that I didn't owe any co-pay since my insurance covered 100% on cleanings. Though of course when it comes to other dental work, it's split.

When I got home, there was another package on the porch but it came from UPS. Thank you so much [profile] scarbie for the blackest of black dvd!!!! (Metalocalypse S1) I can't wait to re-watch it now since the sticker said it was uncensored.

All in all it's been a good birthday just like last yr, if not better. I'll probably spend part of today and tomorrow on cleaning my room since it needs it.

OH! And one more thing I'd like to share to my flist. Last weekend was the Spongebob Bash and I saw a commerical for the Spongebob Greatest Hits cd. I found a link for it and dl'ed it and thought I'd share it to whoever wants it. Certain songs still make me giggle like FUN and the Camp Fire Song Song (see if you can actually sing along with it fast). [profile] scarbie you should dl this so you can hear that FUN song. I remember telling you about it when you put that Spongebob FUN sticker on my bday card 2 yrs ago.

Click the pic to get the download

1. Spongebob Squarepants Theme Song
2. Goofy Goober Song
3. F.U.N. Song
4. Campfire Song Song
5. Ripped Pants
6. Where's Gary?
7. My Tighty Whiteys
8. Doing the Sponge
9. Stadium Rave
10. Goofy Goober Rock
11. Best Day Ever
12. Idiot Friends
13. Gary's Song
14. I Can't Keep My Eyes Off of You
15. Bubble Song
16. This Grill Is Not a Home
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