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([personal profile] beck Sep. 2nd, 2009 06:14 pm)
  • Last Sat night was the Depeche Mode concert at the Starplex/Smirnoff/ center (WHATEVER IT'S CALLED NOW!!). The band was FAN FUCKING TASTIC!!!! I want to go see them again and I hope that after a much deserved and needed break from this tour that they come back again and this time to the AAC. The only thing that pissed me off was the price for t-shirts. 40 FUCKING DOLLARS!!!! Seriously, WTF??!! Every concert I've been to, bands only charge $20-25. DM's prices is just fucking redonkulous!! I wasn't that desperate for a shirt though they did have some nice ones. I'm sure I can find something cheaper online. The song sets were decent, there were some songs they could've done without and some songs they should've sang but didn't. Dave's voice was AMAZING!!! And even at 47 yrs old, his vocals sound just as clear and crisp as it would on a cd.

    I noticed that their tour blog, they posted pics from the Dallas show:

    We were so lucky, we had WONDERFUL weather too! Not very hot or humid but cooool.

  • Bought S1-3 dvd set of Supernatural on Amazon last week FOR HELLA CHEAP! Brand new at that!! I guess they are hard up for ppl to spend their money that they had ALOT of things marked down. They were cheaper than Best Buy and Walmart doesn't even carry the series unless you order it through their online store and they can ship it to the nearest Wallyworld. AND what makes it better yet is that I just recently received S4 in the mail today from [profile] toriru4ever!!! *shakes booty*

  • Had my check-up at the chiro today. I feel soooooooo relaxed.

  • Had a major headache Mon morning that DID NOT GO AWAY no matter what I did. It didn't ease up till later on Tues morning. Have a feeling it was a sinus issue cause a lady at work was telling me about her major headache last week and what it consisted of. Plus it was only on my left side and right above my eye. With the way the weather has changed dramatically recently, I can see why it could've been a sinus issue. I still have a light throbbing from time to time but not as severe as Mon.

  • The renovation of my bathroom is now COMPLETE!!! I wished I would've taken a before photo cause looking at the new stuff now, it's hard to believe what the bathroom looked like before. Feels nice to finally have my own FULL bathroom to use, a longer bathtub than the place where I used to live with the ex, and I can finally give the cat a bath when need be! Next up, probably in Oct when it gets cooler is working on the bigger bedroom so it can be my room instead of the "closet" space I live in now.

  • Now I look forward to this upcoming holiday weekend!
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