For those that aren't on Facebook, I'll post it here too.

Amongst other things I've done for myself or have gone through recently in my life, all I can say is that change is good and I can only hope it keeps getting better. I've done something for myself Thurs night and I feel GREAT about choosing what I decided to do and glad I quit putting it off. I guess I can say it's another notch of moving on/starting fresh. Check out the recent pics of me beneath the cut:

For those that truly know me know that I said I would never cut my hair. I'm loving the new color and I truly LOVE the shortness of my hair. I FINALLY decided to try red (bright auburn) and I'm thankful it blended in well. Was born with black hair, then it went to a dark brown, then went blonde for 12yrs, back to light brown for a yr, and now red. Both my sisters have already done the red and now I'm catching up.

Change feels soooo awesome! I spend less time in the shower now and I don't have to worry about messing with my hair before getting on the motorcycle.

And for those that need a refresher on what my hair looked like before, here is the link and it's the last pic in the entry.

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