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( Jan. 19th, 2009 11:52 am)

I didn't mention it yet here cause I didn't want to jinx myself and only 4 ppl knew about it. Sooooooooo.....I start my new job on Thurs!!!!!!!!!

I had two job interviews last week: one for Ricoh (printing company) and the other for Aviall (an aviation company that is right across the street where I worked for Amazon). They had me fill out the paperwork and do the pee tests and basically go from there. Whoever called me first saying I got the job, I was going to take it. And Ricoh called me this morning. If none of these worked out, I still had my Bank of America job still open but it was taking forever with them since they were still waiting for their machines to come in. I was going to be working 3rd shift on their insert machines. But now I'll be working 1st for Ricoh so that'll give me time to use my evenings for my schooling once I get all of that taken care of.

Thanx to all who has given me encouragement and patience with the whole shitty job situation. It really helped me through my bad moments when I didn't think it was going to work out for me.

FUCK YES!!!!!!!! I almost didn't think it was going to happen since it was such a close game half way through. And the last two interceptions was such a HUGE relief!!

The major collision around 3:30 in the 4th was pretty scary but the dude from the Ravens can move his limbs but has complaints about severe neck pain.

Now I have a reason to watch the Superbowl again though I could care less about the commericals for it anymore. And the music for halftime is going to suck too. Gotta see where to go this yr for some Superbowl gatherings.
When making sizing images for a mood theme, they can't exceed over 100 with W & H correct? Or better yet, what is the best # to use for the W&H when making mood themes?

If anyone can answer this sometime today would be of great help!
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( Jan. 15th, 2009 02:50 pm)
Out of all the Supernatural fans on my flist and NO ONE has mentioned about the movie "My Bloody Valentine (in 3-D)"??!! Jensen Ackles is one of the main characters which I'll be honest, is the only reason why I want to see this movie. I recall seeing the original and the cheese factor that oozed from it (it was an early 80's movie), I think the remake is going to be much better. The articles I've read about it seem to be pretty positive about it and not dragging it through the dirt before it even hits theaters TONIGHT. I know things can change between the org and remakes so I hope Jensen's character lives through it (since it was his character's fault for the accident that happened, I'm sure he's the main target on the killer's list). No, that isn't a spoiler since all reviews and even on the website gives out at least that much info. And of course if you've seen the org, you'd know about it too.

The only thing I'm not too keen about is the whole 3-D factor. Anyways, the main showing of it is tonight and then is released on Fri. I'm hoping to see it this weekend but during the day of course. *lol*

OH! And for any Saw fans out there, dvd #5 comes out on Tues!!!


For the music front, I kept hearing this song on the radio and really liked it how it was done overall. So I looked up the band and the album. The song was called "Sex on fire" by Kings of Leon. They kinda have a southern rock feel since they are from TN. Their sound reminds me of this band in the early 90's called "Cry of Love."

So here is the dl to their new album: "Only by the Night" - Kings of Leon.

I really like the whole album so I thought I'd check out their older stuff. UGH! Forget about it! Sounds horrible but at least it got better. The only song that isn't from Only by the night is "Knocked Up", that came from one of their older albums and was like the only song I liked from it so I kept it and put it in the new album folder.

So if anyone wants to give them a try, let me know what ya think.
Dexter marries his "sister". For those that watch the thriller series on Showtime "Dexter", I kinda find it a bit weird/creepy but hey, more power to them.
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( Jan. 8th, 2009 03:35 pm)

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IF YOU COULD BUY SPACE FOR MORE, WOULD YOU: Probably but don't know why since I still don't use all of the ones I have as it is.
DO YOUR ICONS MAKE A STATEMENT: For the most part yes.
WHAT SHIP DO YOU HAVE THE MOST ICONS OF: More than one of course: RenRuki (Bleach), Brandon/Maria (Gungrave), 3x11 (GW), IchiHime (Bleach)
ANIMATED ICONS ARE: Good as long as they aren't over doing it.

Coding can be found here
Gotta love it!!

Went to Walmart this morning and went nuts in the discounted X-mas goods. Bought 10 candles of different sizes and scents. Only found two of the bigass round 4 wick candles so I snatched them up.

Bought lighted garland since the previous one I had isn't safe anymore since the other cat Smokey chewed on the chord one yr.

3 rolls of wrapping paper: one of spongebob, one of The Christmas Story, and one with a cute santa and snowman.

Non-discounted stuff that I couldn't help cause the prices were good:

-Spongebob trashcan that opens when you step on the peddle.

-the AC/DC Live game for my Rockband.

Then on Sunday, I was checking to see what kind of deals that Yankee Candle was having and OMGAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! I found two discontinued candles back on their list but I think only for a limited time.

I was quick to jump on the Cherry Blossom jar candle since [ profile] toranookami got me hooked on that scent a few yrs ago when she sent me a votive one yr for my bday. If you happen to read this chickie, you better jump on it and get yourself a full size candle before they take it down again.

And the other, my older sis got me hooked on a few yrs ago when I went home on vacation. She had two and gave me her extra one. I haven't burned it cause it just smells so damn good. Just sucks they only have the med. sized available and not the big of Cherry Lemonade. It smells sweet yet the scent makes you think of summertime.

I LOOOOOVE their candles, just wished they weren't so pricey which is why the only time I buy their stuff is when a sale is on or I can find a coupon to use.

The one candle I wished they would put back out I think it was called Fresh Cut Grass or something along the lines of cut grass. I'm the kind that LOVES the smell of grass when it's mowed.


Hope everyone had a nice holiday. Mine wasn't too bad, I could finally do what I wanted without being around annoying ex-inlaws and their brats. And I didn't feel like a pig either when it came to eating food on Christmas. I had Vietnamese food for lunch and a Japanese hot pot Christmas night at [ profile] toriru4ever's while we expressed how much we miss Japan. I also brought over the movies that I got from mom and we watched Iron Man and Tropic Thunder. to say this....but I don't see what the hype about Iron Man was about. It was an okay movie but nothing SPECTACULARLY HUGE but then again, I'm not a comic book character fan. It had quite a few drag on moments and quite a few predictable moments too. And I was quite disappointed in Tropic Thunder.

If I didn't have to work the day after Christmas, we should've ended the night with The Dark Knight since I will never get tired of that Batman movie.

ETA: I also forgot to mention that I got some awesome Spongebob pjs from [ profile] toriru4ever.
Man, work is kicking my ass!!! I did figure out that this is only a seasonal job and will be jobless when the holiday is over. Plus they have been blowing it our of proportion in regards to what kind of future orders they will be receiving. I've been told by a few ppl that worked with them last yr that this yr is nothing like how it was last. Last yr they were working 7 days a week and about 11 or so hrs a day. This yr, there are times when they ask if you want to go home early.

Just cross your fingers and say a hopeful prayer for me in regards to another job that I'm HOPING seems interested in me cause they are keeping me in touch and making sure I send them my online app ASAP and am working on my 2nd interview soon.


If it wasn't for moving and losing my job, I would've made cookies again like I always do every yr for friends online but sadly, I'm unable to do so this yr. Plus since I'm so strapped for time, I may or may not get any X-mas cards out this yr either even though I finally found my bag of them today.

As for my wishlist, same thing every yr, nothing much has changed on my list:


Naughty or Nice? )
I don't know why this time this person's name clicked in my head since I saw it listed before in the credits and didn't ring a bell at the time.

But Mako (deceased and he was born in Kobe Japan *inside snicker*), Uncle Iroh's VA from Avatar played on a few eps of M*A*S*H*. The one eps "Rainbow Bridge" he was on the enemy's side as a Dr. when he and a few others went to switch out wounded patients. And today's eps "Hawkeye Get Your Gun" he was a Korean Dr. that Potter and Hawkeye went to help out. I don't know why today's eps and seeing his name again made me realize just who he was.

So there's my useless news for the day.

I PROMISE to have some sort of write up along with pics of Japan in the upcoming weeks. The whole job searching and moving is taking away what little free time I used to have.
Hmmm...I guess I'll go with the holy shit first before the music.

I got a job today and start tomorrow morning. I had an appt/interview this morning for a warehouse in Irving that is affiliated with I guess we pull the orders and ship them out, I won't know for sure what all I'll be doing till I get there. As much as I'm happy to have income coming in, I'm still kinda scared on this kind of work. Knowing that ppl aren't spending as much as they use to, I'm wondering how that's going to affect my work load but apparently they were that hard up for employees that they were hiring right on the spot. And now all I need to do is find a part-time job on my days off and during the evenings once I get off work.

ETA: I work Wed-Sat 7:30am-6pm; overtime highly likely to happen.

I was able to pay my car off with what I had left of my severance pay from my other job so that's one hefty bill I don't have to worry about. And if I can get a pt job, I can start using the extra money to pay my bike off and start saving more.

It took 3 weeks to get something but at least it's something for now. AND I still get at least one paycheck from unemployment from the day that I filed till this week.


Now to the music download:

Looking back on my posts, I guess I never mentioned it except at [ profile] beat_crusaders. Anyways, a bunch of Japanese bands got together and did a tribute album to Metallica just like what they did for AC/DC. It was great timing on the release date since it came out when I was in Japan but what sucked was that I wasn't able to listen to the cd till I got back to the US but at least HMV had the cd in their player system to where you could listen to it. Which I did and had to kinda giggle at Beat Crusaders version of "One" but once I was able to listen to it more at home, it's still a fucking awesome remake.

Click the pic to get the download

1.Sad But True / 10-FEET
2.Motorbreath / 9mm Parabellum Bullet
3.Creeping Death / RAZORS EDGE
4.Metal Militia / FUCK YOU HEROES
6.Through The Never / UZUMAKI
7.Seek & Destroy / INSOLENCE
9.Enter Sandman / POLYSICS
10.St.Anger / 2side1BRAIN
11.Fight Fire With Fire / OUTRAGE

I am SOOOOOOOO IMPRESSED with this album!!!! It's just as hard and heavy as Metallica. It may take a bit to get used to Beat Crusaders version of "One" but you get used to it after awhile. It's kinda upbeat/pop'ish than the original. Katou (lead guitar player) does the main singing and Hidaka's bg vocals is perfect on all the right parts. In fact, even though it is a bit pop'ish in some parts, Hidaka's vocals still give it that hard/dark edge like the original. And to be honest, it doesn't make the song as creepy as it use to freak me out when One first came out (I was around 11). The song and the vid for it creeped me out till I got used to it.

So enjoy it if you give it a chance and feel free to let me know what you think.
that I am now LEGALLY FREE and no longer tied down to 10yrs of marriage.

It's hard to believe that the day finally came around when it seemed like FOREVER just to get here. After this experience, I think I made my choice of not getting married again. And the only way I would ever give in to doing it again, is well, I'll know if it's right. But I also realized that one doesn't have to get married in order to be with the person that they love with forever.

I am happy with this decision and can finally move on with my life.

So raise your glass and have a drink for me.

And I quote MLK Jr. (though I changed a little part in that) - "Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, I am free at last!"

Now if I could just get a fucking job, I'll be good to go.
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( Nov. 2nd, 2008 06:55 pm)
As much fun as I had in Japan, I'll have to admit that I was looking forward to coming home to a real bed and to drive a vehicle again but the idea of looking for a job sucks ass too.

Got in today around 5pm. I felt sooooo tired once we landed in Dallas and driving home but once I took some aspirin and munched on some food, I'm not as tired as I was. CONSIDERING that during the 13hr flight back, I got about 30mins of sleep, IF THAT!!! Yet what doesn't make sense is that going to Japan, I slept the majority of the way there.

I'm trying to stay up as long as I can since it's still pretty early as I type this.

I'll do an update of the things and places while there as well as uploading the pics I took but it might take about another week or so till I get something posted. Want to make sure I get my names right and try to recall everything while there.
There's so much to tell since before we arrived but I'll get to that once we get back.

The weather has been like spring weather and thank god I brought 2 pairs of shorts with me. I think the part that gets to be a pain in the ass from time to time is navagating through the train stations. So far we've met up with two of Mona's friends. Went to Ikebukuro on Mon and went to the Sunshine Building too but the part we were most interested in was the observatory on the 60th flr. That was pretty awesome cause you could see a good bit of Tokyo except I wish it wasn't so hazy cause then we could've seen Mt.Fuji. The sun was setting so I got a decent pic before the haze covered it. And then we waited till it got dark so we could see the city view when lit up.

Tues. we hit Yoyogi Park, Meji Shrine, Harajuku, and then Shibuya. I just wished I knew where all the clubs were in Shibuya that bands perform at but I'm sure it's not going to be an easy find since alot of places are hidden or underground. Went to one of the Harley shops to price shirts for my family and I HIGHLY doubt that I'll be bringing anything but one shirt. The cheapest for a damn shirt was going for $50 and even they don't want that much back home!!!!!

Within 2 days, I've already bought 4 Beat Crusaders cds; 2 from Book Off (a used cd and book store) which even though it's a used store, both cds were still in shrink wrap and paid much cheaper than a reg. cd store and the other 2 I bought at HMV in Shibuya. Tower Records I'm sure is still a bit higher than HMV but I'm still blown away at HOW EXPENSIVE the Japanese music cds are!!! Most are over $20 and again, I never paid that much the last time I bought a new cd. At least HMV has a sale going on where if you buy one it's 10% off or buy 2 and 20% off. Then we also hit Mandarake which is like doujinshi fangirl HEAVEN!!!! The one we went to in Shibuya had a section with figures for a decent price, just too bad they didn't have certain characters for certain series I'm still into.

Looking at the weather, I just hope and pray that it doesn't happen but they are calling for rain Thurs and Fri which will suck ass since we'll be in Kobe and I don't want to go sight seeing in bad weather PLUS I don't want to stand in the rain on Fri when we go to see Gallow.

Sometime next week, we'll be meeting up with Tokyo Cooney from youtube. Search his name and check out his vids. He's quite the character and I think he'll be quite an interesting guy to talk to. Hell, I'm still surprised that he actually emailed me back with his number compared to Toshi who seems to be scared of meeting two of his many female US customers since he never contacted me back.

Tonight, we are meeting up again with Ai the girl we first met on Sun. to go eat and drink. The other thing that sucks ass is how the trains quit running so damn early. You can't stay out so late and if you do, you either have to get a taxi back (which isn't cheap pending where you are going to) or get a hotel room in the area that you are in. I'm here to have a good time, not to be rushed just so we can make it back within a certain time. Granted, the 1st 2 days we didn't mind coming back as early as we could (and early was about 10 or so) since we were worn out but now that our bodies have adjusted to being here, it's a bit of a downer to still rush things.

And one more thing, I CAN NOT BELIEVE how HUGE and LOUD and ANNOYING the crows are here!!!! I took some pics to compare to the ones back home. Where's our BB gun when you need it? Haven't seen many stray cats yet like I would see on some of BECR's blog pics but maybe that just depends on the area you are in.
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( Oct. 16th, 2008 10:53 am)
Amongst everything else going on in my life, I am officially jobless. They gave me my walking papers Tues and thankfully a decent severance package. It feels weird not having a job but I had already mentally prepared myself on me being the next one to go. I'm curious to see how many more they laid off on Wed. My company has been dropping ppl left and right and it was only a matter of time before the print room got picked since they "don't need 2nd shift anymore." I don't see the company pulling themselves out of this hole, not even in the next two yrs.

The HR lady told me that there was a piece of paper in my folder that had a contact info to see where else in the company they are hiring in. They gotta be fucking crazy! Why in the HELL would I want to REMOTELY TRY and apply for something with them again if they are still laying ppl off in EVERY DEPT!!!??

Kinda freaky on this thought but I had it planned, if I were still at work Wed night, I was already going to clean out my file cabinet just in case when I got back from vacation, they dropped the bomb on me and I wouldn't be fucked over by having the bike instead of the car and not being able to fit my crap in my saddlebags. It was also one of those questions that was going through my head since early Sept wondering if I was going to have a job before or after vacation.

So now, I really wouldn't have a reason TO be in a hurry to come back to the states. *lol* Just too bad it cost alot to get a flight date changed.

Ppl at work that knew about my trip were like "don't let it sit on your mind and just have fun on your trip and worry about it when you come back." No shit!! I sure as hell wasn't going to let this bother me when I'm supposed to be having fun.

9 long fucking years! This was the first job I ever worked at that long.

But in better news, one more fucking day till Japan!!!!!!!!

And now to finish the dreading packing part >__<.

I was going to post a pic of my new hair color but since my camera isn't working I'll just give you a link to what my hair roughly looks like (1st pic on the link) Manic Panic Vampire Red. I was wanting just streaks to go with my blonde but it bled through my hair when I went to rinse it out. Looks neat but thankfully it does wash out just in case when I get back from my trip, it doesn't freak any potential employers out. To put it better, my hair looks like Aya from WK and THANKFULLY my blonde is still visible.
I guess I should work on updating here more than once a week. Feels weird not posting as much as I use to.

Last weekend was pretty busy. Sat night spent the night @ [ profile] toriru4ever's and got the chance to finally play Wii. Feels kinda weird till you get a hang of the controller and talk about ADDICTING!!! At least in the sports sections. I haven't tried golf yet but the boxing is dumb as hell. Tennis, baseball, and bowling is neat. We did the fitness tests and my age group was 44. The thing that fucked me over on that during the tests was the tennis for some reason. Yet when I play the reg. game, I have no problem at all. Now I want to play tennis for real. *lol* The only thing that sucked was having a sore arm and shoulder the next day for doing all those movements. Thankfully the pain is finally going away.

Sunday, we went to the Japanese Fall Festival in Richardson. First time for the majority of us except for [ profile] originalkitsune. Not a bad little event, had alot of food vendors thats for sure. It was so funny, my nephew's gf who went with us, tried a piece of takoyaki and once she found out what was in it, she freaked. *lol* Later in the evening, she still couldn't believe what she ate, especially what the inside looked like when a piece of squid came out of one of the balls that was in my container. Yeah, I wasn't fond of them either so no squid for me. Probably would've tasted better with different seafood in it. Tried an eel bowl later and that was pretty good! Much better tasting than the eel that Tokyo One uses. The eel bowls were made by Tei Tei, the Japanese place we tried out after Afest.

After we left the festival, we headed to an Asian grocery store that Mona goes to. "Shop Smart, Shop S mart!" Oh sorry, wrong mart. "Shop Smart, Shop Itchy mart!" *lol* Checked it out and then walked down to one of the cafes for desert and coffee.

Once we got back to Mona's, man, talk about a looooooooong day! Where in the hell did the weekend go!!!??


Had the chance to watch the season premiere of S3 of Dexter. Feels kinda weird to start off on a whole new page. I'm still so used to what the book was about that I can't shake that off. Deb looks good with short hair but the series still feels out of place w/out Doakes. I guess for now, Jimmy Smits character is taking his place but I have a feeling he's gonna end up on Dexter's list. The new guy (played by Desmond Harrington) who seems to be kinda hitting on Deb is pretty cute though looking at other pics of him, he looks better with hair. I'm just curious as to what is going to go on with the DA following Deb around. Also seems kinda weird to see Dexter and Rita have more "family" time aka having sex all the time when they show him over at her place. After seeing the upcoming preview, I'm not too happy with what they are already throwing into the mix in Dexter's life. I'll post it under a cut SO BE WARNED THIS IS A SPOILER!!!!

You were warned! )


Last but not least....17 more days till vacation!! OMGAH!! *faints*
Yes, that was called for an all caps intro. As of today, I have one more month till my ultimate two week vacation. *squeals!!!!*

I'll put everything under the cut.

I'm turning Japanese I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so )
This toy mouse is awesome! Would love to have something like that even for Sam's old ass.

And one more under cut that is hilarious!

Treadmill kitties )
Hey, something interesting for a change!

Read more... )


The aftermath of Gustav here in my area of TX, not only have we had high winds for the past two days but TODAY stayed in the mid 70's!!!! Felt like WONDERFUL fall weather but it's not to last long since it's supposed to get hot again by the end of the week. Yesterday was pretty warm but today was better since the clouds stayed and not so much of any sun peeked out today. Plus we didn't get much rain either, maybe a few sprinkles this morning, that was it.


Don't forget to those who would like any non-anime related goods, better speak up now before Fri night.
Sorry I don't have much exciting things to post lately so you'll just have to deal with the new stuff I'm posting on my sale.

Updates include:

- Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Custom Gundam Models (includes the pilot figure too)

- Treize & Tallgeese II

- Heero Blood Mage fanart from Militant Wing (all the info explains it all in the sales link)

- Disney's Pocohontas Collector Cups from Burger King

- Blue jeans in the clothing section

The sale is listed HERE. Thanx!

If anyone wants non-anime related stuff, better speak up between now and Sept. 5th cause I'm going to try and have a yard sale the weekend of the 6th and I'm putting out the non-anime stuff to sell.

Any questions, feel free to ask in the sales entry.
I uploaded more goods such as:

Misc anime vids: Blue Sub #6 on vhs and Escaflowne sub eps 5-8 vhs.

Vids: The Beatles boxset includes "A Hard Day's Night", "HELP!", and "The Making of A Hard Days Night".

You can check everything out here. Thanx!


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