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( Apr. 25th, 2007 09:10 am)
I didn’t realize how much stuff I had till I started to clean up around the house.

There’s things from anime, dvds, books, and non-anime related goods.

I don’t ask for much from anyone but I’d highly appreciate it if you guys could help spread the word. I have a good bit of yaoi stuff to get rid of and since I’m not in any yaoi circles, if those who are could help pimp this as well I’d be grateful. Plus those that are involved in the Weiss Kreuz fandom to please pimp this around.

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( Jan. 21st, 2006 01:18 am)
Trying to fight off boredom at work even though I should be getting back to smut writing.

**If the caps don't show, keep refreshing, the place I have them up on tends to be a bitch since I can't access Imageshack at work to put them up. I'll fix that when I get home from work.

This week I found a little free time to catch up on a few series:

GUNxSWORD (up to #15) - aside from liking the series overall, Van killed me in #14. I don't know if it takes a special girl for him to remember her name or what but it surely didn't make Wendy or Carmen very happy. And poor Joshua *laughs* the kid just can't get a break.

Just some misc caps beneath the cut.

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Blood+ (#13) - Way creepy eps though sad at the same time. Saya attacking Haji's neck, yum. I think I've grown a quick fondness to David and the looks dept he's not too shabby either. Made me wish I had the screencap of he and Julia at the school party handy cause Julia was SMOKING in that dress. Those two are so doing it. The only semi gripe is, trying not to grind my teeth at how Saya behaves along with the whining. Christ, just fucking do it cause if you don't, you'll whine about how so and so was killed cause you couldn't do your job. But on the other hand, I guess I can overlook the whining since the poor girl has been through so much.

Oh, here is a cap I found of David from #13.


Basilisk (to #21 though I have eps up to 23 that I haven't watched yet) - DAMN IT! Why did I even bother watching this series for??!!! This is a series where just about all the characters die since they are feuding over clans. I knew it was going to happen soon but fuck, poor Saemon. Though considering everything that happened before and those that had died, I think he was looking forward to his death. I was actually going to give up on the series near the beginning but it just some how pulled me along, kinda like a train wreck really. But at least I only have 5 more eps to go before it ends. I'm really curious how it WILL end. And I hope that Tenzen dies a horrible death at the hands of Gennosuke. In the late teen eps, I was quite shocked just who Gennosuke was related too (and even that was sad).

Here is just a cap I snagged from #21 when the chick who wants in Gennosuke's pants so bad (can't think of her name) dreamt it was he who was trying to fuck her.


One Piece (from #198) - This small arc after Skypiea is a bit boring but after watching #198 last night had me giggling between Chopper's situation and Sanji & Luffy in the kitchen. Beneath the cut is Chopper in disguise.

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Samurai Champloo (#9) - But first let me just say "BOSS!!" *falls over in giggles with [ profile] guardianhunter*

Awhile back when looking at pics of the characters and stuff, I was a bit "eh" over them and Mugen just didn't catch my eye. I think he looks a bit like Chris Cornell from Soundgarden, don't you think?

Anyways, after watching more of the series, I actually find Mugen to be nice looking. I don't know what is with me and the gruff bad boys but he'll do just fine. Wow, this is a creepy thought. Both the sub and dub is like watching Gungrave with all the voices they use.

'Neath the cut is of course, misc Mugen caps I felt like posting. Oh and while I think of it, does it ever say what his tattoos mean? I guess I better take more caps of him since I'll no doubt will be wanting an icon of him soon.

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And for misc. purpose since I was rummaging in my Bleach Musical cap folder. I liked the evilness of Gin that Tuti pulled off so well.

Gin says "Don't make me use this."

I still have yet to post the link I have of the caps I took of the Musical as well as a few from #63 & 64. Might work on that next week.
Decided to go back and take my time on watching 60-62.

Putting spoilers beneath the cut for both the anime and manga so as to not piss off my flist who has not been this far.

Proceed at your own risk )

K, done geeking for the moment.
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( Dec. 7th, 2005 02:00 am)
Fast forward the raw to check and see what scenes might be in it. Needless to say, I'm glad I work alone cause the squeeness would've scared ppl.

Beneath the cut, you know me, I couldn't resist the pairing (pics beneath the cut as a warning) *fangirling like whoa! :p :p*

Cue flailing )

Will have more Bleach goodies in the morning after my dental appt.


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