Here be the lyrics.

Don’t worry let’s go out to the place we’re getting high )

Will work on posting the dvd portion in the upcoming weeks.

I also need to work on my write up and upload pics from the Mem.Day weekend Powwow.
For those interested in purchasing the upcoming single, you can now pre-order it at some of these places:

HMV Japan (I ordered mine through there and they seem to ship pretty fast)

CD Japan

Amazon JP
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( Dec. 10th, 2007 05:00 pm)
Actually a few things.

#1. YAYS! I'm so happy to see the release date for Beat Crusaders "Winterlong" single is next month FINALLY!

1/16/08 is the release date.

Will post a link later on the places that have it for sale when the time gets close.

They also have a new design on their website which really looks neat in the idea behind the snowflakes *lol*


#2. I can now finally come out and say that WE FINALLY SOLD OUR HOUSE!! I didn't think we'd be able to sell it this quick considering how the housing market is. We didn't put it on the market since we were going to wait sometime next yr to do but instead Century 21 called us to see if we would be interested in selling since the area the house is on can be used for comerical. They are going to use it as their office since they have to be out of their old office soon. So we got a price and they took it. Even if we did try to sell it the reg. way, we might not have had a nice turnout just cause of how bad the foundation is getting. We were always afraid we'd wake up one morning and the one end of the house would be separated from the rest. The dry summer we had 2 yrs ago really took it's toll on the ground and the estimates we got to fix the foundation ranged from $10,000 on up to $14,000. Granted, I do like the house and the size but I just couldn't see putting too much money into the place just to fix it. Not only did the foundation need work but all the windows need replaced. I guess a house being 31yrs old you'd expect shit like this to pop up.

We went rental house shopping two weekends ago and only found 2 places to look at since it seems no one wants to work on a weekend for potential clients. We decided on the 2 bd house in Garland. Will seem weird to have such a small house payment compared to what we were paying for our "previous" home. We'll be doing this for a yr and hopefully get a good bit of bills paid off before we decide on a newer and EFFICIENT home to live in for good. Hell, I'm surprised we've been in this house for 4yrs since this past Nov. It's a record for us. We did the majority of the move this past Sat. and got the tvs/stereo, our bed, fish tank, and small things still left to move. Feels weird being in a smaller home since all we ever rented/lived in since we were in the Army were 3 bd places. We both threw out a good bit of junk and still have ALOT of boxes. I'm sure there are a few more things I can go through but not too much.

Plus where we'll be living, it'll only be like 43 miles one way to work instead of 60. We were going to do the closing on the 28th but since we did alot of the moving, they wanted to see if we could close earlier which we're hoping to do next Mon.

Since I haven't sent out X-mas cards yet (which I am hoping to do this week), I'll be including the new address in the cards. Don't worry if you already sent stuff to the old house, I'll still get it.


#3. I saw this comercial last night on Nick and was so happy to see they finally created one but after checking out their online shop, they don't have him listed :(. They had a plush Appa and Momo from Avatar but the only thing they have listed is Momo.


The not so good news is that I finally got my blood results back when I went to the doc's two weeks ago. My LDL (which is the bad side) for my cholesterol is 142 which is high since it's supposed to be at 100. Back in Jan '06 the last time it was checked, was 158. I was hoping that by losing the weight that I have since this Feb would've helped my level to come down. Sure it did come down but not by much. My doc wanted me to come in so she can get me on cholesterol meds. Probably the same stuff my middle sis is on but I want to call sis first to see if she's still taking them and if so, what her levels are at. Plus it doesn't help that this kind of shit runs on both sides of the family so it doesn't surprise me if this is going to be a hereditary ordeal.

Before I do this with the doctor, I would like to try and eat foods again that are supposed to help with cholesterol and go back in 3 months to see how much it has changed. If it doesn't change by much, then I'll go about getting on the meds.

I'm tired of my body being so god damn BROKE!!
Finally at least one subbing group decided to pick up Hero Tales. I didn't upload the anime but I did make a clip of the OP song "Winterlong" by [ profile] beat_crusaders. Seems like it will be an interesting anime though.

"Winterlong". I can't wait to hear the full song whenever the band decides to release it.


I also received my awesome commissioned art this weekend from Pond!

Glow - Bleach - Renji/Rukia - R rated.


I'll work on an entry soon about this past weekend's bike trip to Kerrville.
Cause, really, there always is.

I'm partially ignoring my flist right now. If you haven't made a post about yesterday's brew haha, I'll be more than happy to read you. I was sick of it already after I read the first entry made yesterday evening on my flist about what was going on, I don't need to re-read it 10 million times. I was ready to scratch my eyeballs out of my skull when I went to check my LJ this morning. I'll see how things are going by the weekend before I guess I have to make another filter.


Have I mentioned how much I hate going to graduations? Cause I really really do. Being at mine was enough. The one we went to this past weekend down at Ft.Hood/Killeen had over 400 KIDS!!!!! And the girl we were there to see was in the C area and had to suffer having to sit through the rest while freezing our asses off since they kept jacking up the AC near the end. They also had a feed going on to Iraq to the few who had either their own kids or relatives graduating.


For those Texans on my flist, are we tired of the rain yet? I mean yeah, it's a blessing to have it while we can before the summer hits us but damn! Give us a little break here!! We were hoping to ride the bikes down last weekend but they were calling for a high chance of rain throughout the holiday that we just took the truck. Hell, I was only able to ride the bike 3 times last week before the rain decided to stay around. This morning, we had some slammers including some pebble sized hail that stuck around for about 5mins. It poured it's ass off though, enough to where I'm beginning to think we're going to have to build an Arc. It could be worse, we could have 100 degree weather already.


In music news:

Today (well at least here in the US, it came out yesterday in Japan) is the release of the Beat Crusaders new album. You can order it at HMV Japan:

*bouncebouncebounce* I've been doing the pee pee dance since I ordered it and Ghost yesterday. Now to will the mail to move it's ass!!! Plus I also ordered both cds with the dvds they come with though I have a feeling I won't be able to play it since it'll be a Region 1 disc. I was going to hold off on listening to it if someone uploaded it but the anxiety is eating at me and I caved in to downloading the link that someone had offered. Haven't had the chance to listen to it yet, probably not till my lunch break at work. *flails!!*

With the track listings, for those not familiar with their other albums, anything not labeled as new has been previously released on other albums.

01.~TOXIC GORILLA~ (new)
04.E.M.O (new)
07.HEY×2 LOOK×2 (new, Kappa Mikey theme song but I haven't seen it released elsewhere)
08.~SPROUT!~ (new)
09.PERFECT DAY (new)
11.TREASON (new)
13.MIGHTY BLOW (new)
15.~YOUR MELODY~ (new)
19.ZENITH (new)

ALSO I went and uploaded Smashing Pumpkins new song "Tarantula". I really really like it and only hope that the new album will be just as good. Still has that ole Pumpkins sound to it. If you download it, totally let me know what you think especially if you are a Pumpkins fan.

AND other happy news for me is that Aquarion's OVA "Uragiri no Tsubasa" raw finally came out!! I was able to have the dl finished before I left for work and can only hope I have time later this evening to watch it. *bouncebounce* The other torrent they had for the preview of the OVA had me so giddy, I'm so anxious to see what the hell is going on though I hope the subbers don't take too long on releasing it.
Well I completed and passed my motorcycle course last weekend. Read more... )


This month is so craaaaaaaazy busy for us. Last weekend was my course, this weekend is graduation stuff, next weekend is MORE graduation stuff this time down in Ft.Hood/Killeen and will probably stay down there during Mem.Day weekend.


Since I was unable to do what I wanted for my 30th bday, I thought I'd hold off and hopefully be able to make plans for next spring. So, as of right now, I already got my motorcycle business out of the way, and hopefully sometime next month I can work on taking some online Japanese courses that [ profile] toriru4ever told me about. If I find that I don't have any problems learning it, I might take more courses this yr as long as I have the time and money to do so.


I finally made a long overdue community for the Japanese band Beat Crusaders. I was actually kinda shocked that there hasn't been one made either when BECK:Mongolian Chop Squad first came out in '04 or even during the shitty Bleach fillers and they had their song for the 4th OP. Oh well, I'm happy to be the one to take on the task.

[ profile] beat_crusaders

And since the majority of the posts will be locked cause of it containing media, beneath the cut are some samples for those that might not have heard of their music, seen any of their vids, or heard of one song but not what their other stuff sounds like. I have included their new video and a random song I selected. I'm also including what I could find of the lyrics for the song (but it's only half of it, not sure why the rest wasn't posted) since they do sing in Engrish, sometimes it's a bit hard to follow if you don't know what they are saying.

Why don't you talk to me come out to play? )

So yeah, if you like what you hear/see and would be interested in more, feel free to join the comm. cause I'll most likely start posting more sometime next week at the comm.


I also added something else to my Spring Cleaning Sale. I put up my Weiss Kreuz chibi pins. Also some updated notes too.


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