Course the day wouldn't be complete without some Garfield strips.

Downloadable Beat Crusaders goods beneath cut )
*sighs* God damn I love this band!! I rank Beat Crusaders as high as I do Type O Negative and that's saying a helluva lot when it comes from me since I don't normally treat bands like this. I swear this band seems like they have constant high energy that you can't help but draw into. Considering the members are older than me (by almost ten yrs), I give them alot of credit for the stuff that they are constantly doing and still love what they do.

I believe this was this yr's Rising Sun Rock Fest. Beat Crusaders w/ Asparagus and YSIG. The dude without the mask on keyboard is JJ from Your Song Is Good. I bet Hidaka feels naked since it's a rare case where he's not with a guitar.

I'm also blown away at how HUGE these rock festivals they have over in Japan and the participation from the crowd is like O____________O, wow!

Fool Groove lyrics:

Got to go, I got to go
I fall in lonely love with you
Uh ah

Got to go, I got to go
I'm so in lonely love with you
Uh ah

Don't know how many time I try
I wanna tell you 'bout it over the night
Don't know why, baby, no reply
I'm gonna hang out with you over the world

Love will shine with you
Don't go anymore
Don't go anymore
Fool groove
Love will shine with you
For evermore
It's for evermore
With you


Bubba sent this to me this morning and I can't stop watching and laughing at it. Those with cats will get a kick out of it and would probably no doubt relate to what the cat is doing aside from what happens at the end. *laughs*

I also uploaded the clip for those who are wanting to have the actual clip for themselves: Kitty Wake Up


And for the procrastinators:

I got my Beat Crusaders cds/dvds in the mail this morning. Man, talk about fast shipping. HMV processed my order on the 1st and they arrived yesterday (I didn't get the notice in the mail till late last night). And that came from Japan. They may have shipped it express but I must say the price was pretty decent.


Speaking of Beat Crusaders, I made an entry about a bunch of goodies and I highly recommend anyone to dl the song I have posted. I can't stop listening to it, it's such a powerful, punch in the gut song. Damn I love Hidaka's vocals.

I also posted some YT links to their recent live stuff as well as two awesome acoustic sets. You can check out the entry here.


I couldn't help but post this, Sunday's Garfield had me laughing so hard, I had tears in my eyes. I'm sure ALL us cat lovers know this all too well.


Sunday morning we had a massive storm come through. It came from the west so we were right into it when we left the DFW airport to drop off my f-i-l. It got so black and it poured it's ass off. I first thought the clouds were going north but it eventually caught up to us at the house around 9am. The clouds were kinda creepy looking but pretty damn neat.

The pics beneath the cut are what bubba took when the Fire Dept was on storm watch. I'm really surprised no tornado came through especially for how those clouds looked. The lightening show on the way home from the airport was pretty damn cool.

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