Since the place where I get these torrents at, didn't update saying that more was uploaded, I had to go back and catch up. Here is a list of eps::

#17 Prince of the Neitherworld

#18 Quit while you're a head

#19 Cousin BJ *giggles* & #20 Beetlejuice's Parents

Season 2? eps. 1 Dragster of Doom

S2 eps.4 Driven Crazy & #5 Scummer Vacation
For those that don't know but Charlie and the Chocolate Factory comes out on dvd (ALREADY!) Nov. 8th.


Shitload of Beetlejuice eps came out this morning.

#12 Pest O' The West

#13 Bizarre Bazaar & #14 Pat on the Back

#15 Poopsie & #16 It's the Pits
Been feeling so blah here lately. Not sure if its the chest cold making me feel like this or what. Also tried some udon noodles last night and it kinda made me sick to my gut. The thickness and the slimy feel of the noodles kinda turned me against it but I had to eat some of it since that was all I brought to work with me. Just thinking about how those noodles felt makes my stomach queasy.

Will try to make a better entry tomorrow, I'm still so giddy over Bleach 55, lost count on how many times I backed it up to watch a certain scene. *adores the new icon while I'm at it*

Notes for some peeps:

[ profile] scarbie and [ profile] brittknee, I sent your packages out this morning. I would've done it yesterday but I was running late on getting discs copied.

[ profile] guardianhunter, I did get your mailing addy before, I just couldn't remember if I ever sent you an email back saying I received it. Was going to reply back to your recent email but with me feeling like shit, I haven't been in the mood to really do much on the net.


Thoughts on the recent trans of Gantz #217. Spoiler behind the cut.

Read more... )


ETA: Eps. 9 Worm Welcome
I'll be making frequent updates on when more cartoon BT's are available. Not sure how far they will keep going since I'm not even sure how many eps were aired/made.

#6 Stage Fright and #7 Spookey Tree


God, I don't know how to act with this sudden colder weather. Had to actually turn the heat on Sat night just to take the chill out of the house. Plus it doesn't help that I have a slight chest cold, no thanx to bubba dear. *glares* So weird to hear it being like 35 for the low at night and mid 60's-low 70's during the day. I wanted fall weather but I didn't want it to hit us like its an early winter.
More Beetle crack for you fans.

* as always right click and Save As

The Big Faceoff and Skeletons In The Closet

A Dandy Man and Out of My Mine.
I found a torrent for one of the eps. Always had a fondness for whacked cartoons.

Critter Sitters (right click it and Save As, makes it easier to access the file that way instead of being directed to the site). Its the eps where Beetlejuice takes up babysitting to earn money for Lydia's anniversary gift.


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