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( Jul. 11th, 2006 02:02 pm)
Ugh! It's soon that time of yr again in 10 days, and one more yr till the big 30! *lol* As per norm, for the new peeps on my flist, I make a wishlist for bday and X-mas. Whether anyone takes up the ideas is up to you, if you do fine, if you don't thats fine as well. If its late, no biggie.



Candles! Can never have too many candles and I'm not picky about scents.

Gift certificates to book stores or online stores (or the candle thing). Easier to pick things out that way instead of having to drive over 25 miles to get there.


Fannish things. SMUT is preferred though sap & lovely fluff is just as good (NO ANGST EITHER!!). Use your imagination on what to come up with, just no yaoi!

Fanart or fics

Bleach - Renji/Rukia (maybe with Rikichi, Ikkaku, and Hanataro in the background since they are Renji/Rukia fans *lol*), Renji & Rikichi, Renji & Ikkaku, Ichigo/Orihime

Gungrave - Brandon/Maria

One Piece - Luffy/Nami, Ace and Luffy (anything regarding them as brothers, cute sibling type of stuff), Franky, Franky and Iceburg (either growing up together or in the present day)

Sousei no Aquarion - Apollo/Silvia

FMA - Roy/Riza or Ed/Winry (manga or anime version is fine)

Comments are off for various reasons. If you feel the need to reach me, different contact info is in my bio.
One of the few birthday's I can keep track of, Happy Birthday to my smut twin [ profile] wardove! Hope you have a great day chickie!


Today is also DUN...DUN...DUNNNN! Bubba and I's 8th! wedding anniversary.

*faints* HOLY SHNIKES!!! I'm not one to dwell on #'s when it comes to ages and yrs but to me, even 8yr's is a long time. In some ways, it doesn't really feel like 8yrs and there are times when it does feel that long, if not just as long. Its also kinda freaky for the way we are on that brain level to where I can say one word in whatever I was going to talk about and he'll finish it for me. And sometimes I will open my mouth to speak and he already knows what I'm going to say.

Me: How did you know what I was going to say?

B: I just know. :p

Me: But to know what I was going to say with one word? You're creeping me out.

B: That's why we're so compatible.

We'll probably just go out for dinner tonight since we can't get each other gifts since the money we had from our income tax, the majority of it went towards the fuck up we had this weekend.


This past weekend I swear I thought we were going to have to break out the peddle boat or at least build a small arc. It rained on and off on Sat but Sunday was when we got hit with the majority of the storm and the downpours from HELL! Granted we did need the rain but still.

Come Sun morning, I opened the freezer to pick something out for dinner and what did my eyes happen to see?? WATER EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! Don't know if it was the fridge overall or just the freezer that went out. We didn't bother calling maintenance on it since it would've cost more for the labor and parts so we had to make a trip to Sears to buy a new fridge. And of course, the fridge just HAPPENS to break down when its fucking pouring outside. Boy if that wasn't a bitch loading the fridge on the trailer and driving home hoping that the rain wouldn't ruin the back of it. So there went half of our fucking income tax money. We bought the fridge off the display since they didn't have half the shit in stock that we were looking at, hence why being paranoid on getting it wet. THEN when we got home and had the chance to TRY and put it in the house, we had to take the doors off of it since it wouldn't fit through the garage door that leads to the house. We had to wheel it to the back of the house, through past ankle deep water since the driveway was flooding, and push it through the back door that way. What a fucking pain in the ass!!!!!!!!

So how was your weekend?


Still taking drabble requests for Gungrave here.


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