This makes me extremely happy to finally have this done. Ain't no lie about it taking 3 yrs to complete. Writer's block sucks royal ass. But at least now that this is out of my hands, I can finally get back to my studying.

Posted for the renji_rukia vday challenge '08.

Title: Chocolate Kisses
Author: [ profile] yankeerose69 & [ profile] scarbie
Pairing/characters used: Renji/Rukia, Rikichi, Bya
Notes: OMFG! WE FINALLY DID IT! IT HAS SEEN THE LIGHT OF DAY!! We've been working on this story for about 3 yrs now. If it wasn't for scarbie asking me about it a few weeks ago, I don't think I ever would've completed it since her part has been done for a long time now. I'm so happy to have collaborated with such an awesome person who makes me laugh so much. And I think her part turned out great to go with the general idea I gave to her in the first place. [ profile] scarbie wrote the first half and I wrote the smut (marked with a *). Comments are highly encouraged!
Warnings: SMUT!!, swearing, having fun with chocolate, play maybe?
Disclaimer: Me no own. *weeps*


("Has anyone told you not to play with your food?")
Just a quick reminder going on over at [ profile] renji_rukia as well as pimping out the new banner for those who participate. Special thanx to [ profile] snowzapped for creating the art for the banner!

Click the banner to get to the info.
I finally compiled a list of all the entries from the exchange over at [ profile] renji_rukia. Regardless if you like the pairing or not, I highly rec. to CHECK OUT THE ART!!

Click the banner to see the list.
I'm sure the flist is getting tired of seeing these but as of right now, Jim Davis is on a roll of creating some funny strips. He does has his bad days where some strips just drag on. cute yet funny.

Up to no good!

You can't forget about Odie )


As she does every yr., the artist from Solid & Etc. (the most awesome Hellsing artist out there!) always offers the fans 3 choices of her art that she makes for the holiday. You can choose 1 or all 3. I normally choose all 3 cause I love to see what everything looks like. I got my email from her on the 24th and thought I'd share the goods with the flist.

Read more... )


There has been so much awesome & lovely goods being created for the RenRuki holiday exchange in [ profile] renji_rukia and even though I plan on making one full post of all the entries, I have to share this piece that was posted this morning.

Sled Dog by [ profile] dhio.

PLUS! I made an entry on the new Honey Canon RenRuki dj that's coming out for this winter's comiket here
I was going to post the RenRuki Holiday Exchange banner but I'll wait till all the gifts are done being posted and make one whole post with the entries and the banner I had made up for it. Next Sunday till the 31st of Dec is when the gift posting should be underway.

So next on the agenda is planning another birthday challenge but this time, for Rukia's bday 14th of Jan. Doesn't matter if you plan on participating or not, you HAVE to check out the hot & sexy banner that the awesome [ profile] telophase created for me.

Rukia Birthday Challenge Banner and Info )

Tomorrow I'll make an entry on some dl'able gifts to my flist.
Dexter Season 2 eps. 6 "Dex, Lies & Videotape".

Looking at the upcoming eps titles, looks like we'll see a bit of what Harry is all about in #10. Here is the list of the titles:

Season 2, Episode 7: That Night, a Forest Grew
Season 2, Episode 8: Morning Comes
Season 2, Episode 9: Resistance Is Futile
Season 2, Episode 10: There's Something About Harry
Season 2, Episode 11: Left Turn Ahead
Season 2, Episode 12: The British Invasion

I also finally finished listening to the 3rd book "Dexter in the Dark". That pretty much ends the series as a whole. It was a really weird scenario overall and it did feel kinda rushed. We don't find out anymore of Doakes though I think with this book, he was just there when he needed to be. We didn't find anything out at all about why Dexter thinks that Masuka is more than meets the eye. I'll just add more thoughts about all 3 books once I get around to uploading the last book.


I came up with a Holiday Exchange idea for [ profile] renji_rukia and if you aren't on the comm. but would like to participate, you can vote here. I'm already pleased with the amount who do want to do this so I hope this will be an enjoyable thing to do.
I wanted to write something Halloween'ish for the pair and this idea came to mind. Feels good to finally write something that resembles a fic again! Completed in one day so if something seems a little off, let me know.

Title: All in Good Fun
Author: Beck
Pairing/characters used: Renji/Rukia, Ichigo/Orihime, Isshin
Notes: Silliness abound, mention of a certain nursery rhyme, and a small hint of sexual innuendo. This could be taken as an addition to "Ichigo's Sufferings".
Disclaimer: Me no own. *weeps*


("Trick or Treat!")
Finally at least one subbing group decided to pick up Hero Tales. I didn't upload the anime but I did make a clip of the OP song "Winterlong" by [ profile] beat_crusaders. Seems like it will be an interesting anime though.

"Winterlong". I can't wait to hear the full song whenever the band decides to release it.


I also received my awesome commissioned art this weekend from Pond!

Glow - Bleach - Renji/Rukia - R rated.


I'll work on an entry soon about this past weekend's bike trip to Kerrville.
I finally got around to compiling the list of all those who participated over at [ profile] renji_rukia. Not only did it make this Renji fangirl pleased but the RenRuki lover in me was ecstatic to see more fanwork done for this pair since it's been kinda slow as of late. (no thanx to the manga)

So without further ado:


Sanctuary by [ profile] katsudon

Home by [ profile] femmephantom

After Midnight (R-NC-17)by [ profile] akuni

Birthday presents and kisses by [ profile] aicyad

Innocence by [ profile] ayumidah

Where I Want to Be (R-NC-17) by [ profile] femmephantom

Higher Expectations by [ profile] vicious_lullaby

Having His Cake and Eating It Too (R-NC-17) by [ profile] yankeerose69

Headset (implied sex) by [ profile] wizardenok

Warmth by [ profile] vicious_lullaby


How old are you now...? by [ profile] cacodaemonia ***Regardless if you like the pair or not, you GOTTA CHECK OUT THE ART!!***

As long as you're mine...I can take you as my birthday gift by [ profile] kitsu999

Variety Birthday Art (R-NC-17) by [ profile] avi_via_vai

Moonlight Perfection by [ profile] aicyad

Birthday Art by [ profile] salzraender

Best Present Yet (R) by [ profile] aicyad

Fanart/Fanfic colaboration

Undoukai & Golden Week by [ profile] katsudon & [ profile] cacodaemonia (click the art to get to the stories)


I also put everything in the memories under Renji's birthday '07.
*checks around* Did Hell freeze over? I got my passport in the mail yesterday YATTA!! Color me shocked, in fact, this is probably the ONLY time I've been impressed with the Gov't. Granted, before I applied for it, I was reading up on the articles about how far backlogged the Gov't was when it came to issuing ppl passports. They said that it could take up to at least 14 weeks. So I'm thinking 'okay, I do this now so I can hopefully have it before the end of the yr or just as long as I have it before next springs vacation.' Here I am counting to at least Dec. till I receive it.

Looking at my dates, it only took them 2 weeks and some spare change for them to process and me to receive. In fact, I got a notice in the mail last week saying that they received my info and were working on it. Now quite a few reasons I thought it was going to take awhile to process: the amount of ppl all applying, the few Gov't workers who were tackling all the forms (which I later read they were bringing more ppl in to help), and my last name being Smith (believe me, I run across some problems from time to time on that kind of last name and it fucking SUCKS!).

When I was talking to the postal lady who was doing my passport form, I told her about the stuff I was reading and about how all over they were having alot of problems on just giving ppl their appointments that could take up to two weeks to actually be seen. She said that a couple of weeks before I came in, they did have problems when too many ppl were trying to apply at once hence why they too were backed up. But thankfully by the time I needed to apply, it calmed down. Plus I had to laugh at her when she said "WOW! For once, a name I can actually pronounce."

Since I got the passport, I need to work on contacting ppl in regards to next springs Japan. I want to go during the Cherry Blossom season. And it's only me that is going, bubba has no desire to go. Though if anyone on my flist has a yearning to go as well, feel free to let me know.


I also got my lovely and very beautiful, as always, Honey Canon's new RenRuki doujinshi in the mail last week. After flipping through it again, the first story I want to say looks like it might take place on Renji's bday considering the calendar page Rukia was looking at said 31st. Plus the other stories take place before RenRuki head to HM and Bya has some screentime in this book too. Whatever is being said to Renji seems like Bya wants to maim him yet wants to be somewhat civil. Though things didn't look too good when he caught Renji & Rukia together. *lol* Poor Rukia had to hide under the table to escape brother's wrath while poor Renji got a few scratches.

Here are just some teaser pics I managed to scan in last Fri. Eventually I'll scan the whole book.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at


Someone also posted some pretty neat JEM icons here.
[ profile] avi_via_vai was offering the drabble/drawble idea again. So I couldn't say no on coming up with something, especially since she wanted RenRuki based on their Academy Days.

I guess the idea behind what I wrote is the beginning to when Renji got the idea to start wearing the bandanna around his head (besides, I'm sure that is much cheaper to use than wasting $ on those glasses).

The doodle is at the end of the ficlet.

Title: Painful Loving Care
Author: Beck ([ profile] yankeerose69)
Artist: [ profile] avi_via_vai
Pairings or characters used: Renji/Rukia
Notes: Takes place during their Academy Days.
Warnings: None really, just kinda sweet and the usual RenRuki banter.
Disclaimer: I don't see my name on the series.


("Ya know, we wouldn't be in this predicament if someone wouldn't sleep in trees and fall out of them.")
*looks out work window* In honor of what seems like it's been raining for the past 6 weeks if not more has me jonsing for smut fic or art, whatever float's the boat.

My request:

Bleach, Renji/Rukia, SMUT, raining (can be having sex in the rain, are trying to find shelter from the rain and then sex it up, WHATEVER your brain will produce!!! Just keep it LOW on the angst and can take place in any time frame) I want PORN DAMN IT!!! AND PORN WITH THIS PAIR!!! I WANT THEM WET, SLICK WITH RAIN, SWEAT, FUCKING LIKE RABBITS, ETC!!

Ppppppppuhlease!!!! I want someone else to write them for a change with smut cause I know if I try it, it will never get done. *sniffles*

There is no limit, the more the merrier to those who take on this challenge.

I even used my Wet!Renji icon for the appropriate situation.
WOWZERS! What a treat to wake up to this morning when checking my flist. A sexy, hot as HELL, art of Renji/Rukia in the midst of something beautiful! I'll rate it R for boobage. Mmmmm....perhaps this is what I needed to get the brain back in gear to write what I need for this pair. If this keeps up, I'm going to pass out from blood loss.

Kiss me, you sexy tattooed-man, you. If you like what you see, please tell the artist so. I had to do a double take since it's so simliar to the original characters.


Speaking of said pair....

I finally watched dub #32 this morning and even though I wasn't impressed by the dub's version, it still brought tears to my eyes like it normally does. The only thing that bugged me (then again what doesn't with the dub) is Renji's voice near the end was not emotional enough when he told Ichigo to save Rukia.

Oh well, nothing is going to change.

So here is the download.

#32 - Stars and the Stray

To find out more, click the banner.

Keep in mind that you can also write or draw for White Day which is this month. And it can still be focused on Valentine's Day regardless of it already passed.

You have 16 days left to get your entries posted.

As of right now, we only have:

2 entries



This isn't looking good people. Unless people can start pulling 10 fics and 8 fanarts out of your butt, the contest is no doubt not only going to be canceled, but will be the last contest I hold for awhile. I was hoping for a nice turnout like last summer's contest but I don't think that's likely to happen.

We'll see in 16 days.


I also posted an entry for a RenRuki doujinshi by Honey Canon for sale HERE.
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( Feb. 27th, 2007 07:22 pm)
*pokepoke* Lj seems kinda dead since before last weekend started. *hears crickets chirp*

I made a small update at my fanwork journal [ profile] becks_closet.


Bleach: Renji/Rukia: Wide Awake In Dreamland.


Bleach posters & icons: Renji,Rukia, RenRuki: Flowery Goodness.


For the past week and a half, I've been in such a cleaning faze, especially in my compy room. I got the majority of it finally cleaned this past weekend, now all I have to do is move a few things around and I'm good to go. Might even take pics of it once I'm done completely. I threw out a good bit of anime that I had burnt on disc that I #1. never got in the mood to actually watch it. #2. watched it but couldn't get back into finishing it. & #3. just don't know why I saved & burnt whatever series it was at the time. I would've offered them up to my flist but I would've had to have charged shipping and I didn't feel like going through that tedious task.

Cause of this cleaning frenzy, I just wasn't inspired to finish my writing challenges or get on chat. And what really sucked about not getting on chat was that I had the house alllllll to myself this past weekend so there was no distractions.

So now I've started back up on my writing challenges from a few weeks ago. Which in turn had me re-watching certain eps. of GUNxSWORD again and made me realize how much I really liked that series and how much I love Van's character. Though I'm still curious how the dub sounds.

I'm also behind on replies but I'm slowly but surely getting to them! I haven't forgotten about you peeps.
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( Feb. 23rd, 2007 05:17 pm)
First is the most awesome and beautiful Zuko/Katara fanart I've come across.

Avatar The Last Airbender - Zutara - Mirror of Dreams by [ profile] technoelfie. Make sure you click the link that says "More details".

And the other:

Bleach - Urahara/Yoruichi (kitty) - Catnap by [ profile] scellers.
Cut for your protection.

You sexy bald fucker )
I deleted the previous TON entry with the song that was on the website. Instead, I present to you, THE FULL ALBUM to listen to!!! Someone was so awesome to upload these last night. The only warning I have is, while you listen to the album, they've put a copyright voice in each song "This recording is the property of Type O Negative, Brooklyn NY", if not continuously on one song pending how long it is. It doesn't deter from the music at all. I know I still plan on buying the cd in March, as I hope you fans will do the same.

I squealed for joy when I saw it posted last night and squealed even louder while listening to it. It always feels that it's been way too long since they release an album. I reallyreally like this new one. Not too mellow, depressing, or goofy. Some songs have that hard edge as their older stuff (ala. "Slow,Deep, and Hard" and "Origin of the Feces"), especially "The Profits of Doom". Also, the other guy singing is Kenny the guitar player. I'm curious who the chick is singing background vocals in one of the songs too.

Click the cover to get the downloadable link.

Type O Negative "Dead Again" DEMO VERSION

Happy Valentine's Day [ profile] scarbie! I know you've been anxious to hear this.

Also, they only have a few tour dates listed but keep checking up to see if they will be in your area HERE. I'm counting down the days for some Texas dates. *bouncebounce*


For fandom goods, I thought I'd be nice today and uploaded two Bleach doujinshis: Honey Canon's Renji/Rukia "Double Star" and "Slowmatch". I also posted some teaser pics of HC's brand new RenRuki dj "Rest". Keep in mind that the pics from Rest are R rated for nakie boobies. For those that don't know, Renji has his hair down throughout this book. *swoons*

You can find them at my fanwork journal [ profile] becks_closet. Very image heavy beneath the lj-cut.

Enjoy! And please comment if you take whether it be the music or the doujinshis.
FINALLY my completed [ profile] het_challenge fic for [ profile] pinstripesuit.

Title: Returning to Old Habits
Author: [ profile] yankeerose69
Pairing: Renji/Rukia, slight Urahara/Yoruichi
Rating/Warning(s): Hard R not quite NC-17 but still some sexing going on. Voyeur!Urahara, potty mouth Renji.
Notes: Takes place after the Save Rukia arc. Many thanx to my beta on giving me that extra push.


Who knew you were such a voyeur? )
For those that can't get enough of the Little Red Riding Rukia theme cause I know I sure as hell can't, [ profile] avi_via_vai has created more art from that theme.

You can check out both Little Red Riding Rukia and Big Bad Renji Wolf put together HERE and worship the almighty sexiness!!

She also made some icons from the pics HERE.

*twirls in glee*


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