Found these on auction again last week.

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A few things have been posted recently about the new musical. There is even a small preview clip that focuses on the new cast members/characters. After seeing the clip, I TOTALLY can't wait till this is released, supposedly Jan. is the dvd release.

The new peeps again are as such: Ikkaku, Kenpachi, Yoruichi, Hanataro, and Matsumoto. They all look fucking awesome though I'm still kinda "eh" over Matsumoto. I think the wig is a bit off and I hope the singing gets better aside from what they show in that clip. I'm really surprised they have the actress covered up so much considering how busty she is:
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Though like someone else said, perhaps they didn't have her boobs being exposed so much just in case a waredrobe malfunction happens.

But I hope there are some scenes between Hitsugaya & Matsumoto since I doubt there will be much of Ran and Gin interacting.

After reading someone's entry about her small rundown of the show, they are going to be showing us the Bankais!!!!! The only ones she mentioned was Hitsu, Renji, and Bya. And the musical ends when Ichigo is on the platform where Rukia is. Won't delve into that for those on my flist who haven't seen it that far.

I think the backstage clips on the dvd is going to rock! Seems like this cast has such fun times together that you can see some pics from there blogs here.

To see the preview clip of the musical showing the new peeps, go HERE and click on the bottom right hand corner where Ichigo is. The files are in the ORANGE area, not the very bottom of the page where it says Windows MediaPlayer. And I don't know how this person did it but they got the file from that website and posted it HERE on Youtube. I couldn't even get the file to download myself on the actual musical site.

The guy who plays Kenpachi seems perfect for the role. And Ikkaku, *sniffs* he was pretty nice looking before he shaved his head to play the part.

HERE is the page with the majority of the main cast. The new members start from the 4th row. The long haired guy is Ikkaku, then Hanataro, Yoruichi, Kenpachi, and Ran. After seeing more pics of Ikkaku's actor, I think they picked the right person for the role. He has the facial structure that the Sexy Bald Fucker has.

I found some of the cards that they release of the actors on auction so beneath the cut are the pics.

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Hopefully there'll be more previews as time goes on.
Thanx to [ profile] fencer_x for the info.

Yup, you are reading that right, they are making a 3rd Musical!!!!!!!! I was STOKED when I read the entry even if they weren't sure at the time but now its been confirmed. Even better, check out who they are getting for the characters::


Osaka: August 10th - 13th
Tokyo: August 16th - 21st

As for the cast, I believe Orihime and Chad will be gone, but Yoruichi, Rangiku, Hanatarou, Ikkaku, and Kenpachi have been added!!!

It seems Kenpachi will be played by Suzuki Shougo (he did Vincent Valentine's voice for FF7 AC)

And Rangiku will be played by Inoue Harumi-san.

They said that the chick playing Rangiku is suitable since it seems like she has the chest for the part. NO LIE! Check her out:

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Here is the new site with information on the new cast, ticket prices, play dates, etc.

I love the fact that we get to finally see some 11th lovin! I'm anxious to see Kenpachi and Ikkaku's appearance.


Yeah, like we really didn't see this one coming. *rollseyes* The date slated for the Bleach anime movie is in Dec for Japan. As if the filler isn't bad enough, what kind of crap are they going to create for the movie? Every time I think about the anime, it just makes me think of Naruto between all the fillers and the crazy shit they make for the movies.

To be honest, the ONLY series I can tolerate fillers and movies for and that is One Piece. They can create settings to where its believable that the crew would actually experience. And half the time, you wouldn't even know if it was a filler (unless you read the manga but still), it doesn't throw off any time line of the original story unlike Naruto and Bleach.

Until the anime for Bleach gets back to where it should be, I guess I'll be treating it like I've been with FMA, sticking to the manga. Even if the manga pisses me off from time to time, I'd rather put up with that.


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