Very spoilerish beneath the cut if you don't want to see who all shows up in the filler eps. I think I'm already going to like these fillers if stuff like this comes up, though I hope it don't become too lame as they go on. (though this is Bleach, I have yet to find something lame with the series)

Could it be.....??!! )

Had to post these, couldn't stop giggling. Took a shitload for eps.63 that had me in stitches too that I'll post later.


OMFG! I laughed so hard when I saw the scans of this when it was posted on Soul Society. I'm going to have to paste what was said cause its a locked entry. And I uploaded the pics on my own account but all the credit for this wonderful info goes to [ profile] kirimi for posting it. I also didn't post all the pics nor the complete rundown of it, just the bits that amused me.

Bleach is so much crack! )

As for Ikkaku, after seeing the scans for 202 and his role so far, he gets majorly majorly love from me. Same goes for Keigo. But I'm glad to see that Baldy is getting some support and love from the peeps now, more than before so it seems. ♥ ♥ ♥ Now I gotta either find some icons of him or plead my icon making flisters on coming up with something (yes, that means YOU [ profile] scarbie *bats lashes prettily*)


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