Thoughts on the recent chapter of Gantz and for those that are following Gantz. Spoilers under cut.

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Those that want the trans to the chapter, I uploaded it here.


I forgot about what all shows are on Tues nights so I take it that very few of the peeps on my flist caught Desperation at all? Its a blessing we have two dish boxes, one in my room and one in the living room so I could tape my show and hubby could still tape House.

I watched at least an hr and a half of Desperation. So far from what I could remember of the book it seemed they did an alright job with it. They had a decent cast of characters in it too and Ron Pearlman was SPOT ON for the creepy sheriff. And the boy they used for David's character, the kid was good, like my sis said, he wasn't annoying unlike how they usually get for King's movies. If I had to pick another kid who was an alright actor and that was the boy on Maximum Overdrive. Not to sound like I'm a sicko or anything but the kid on Desperation was actually a nice looking kid for his age. And ummm....kinda built/toned for his age too and he's only 16. (which I swear if you saw what he looked like, he looked to be 14).

His name is Shane Haboucha.

I'm hoping to watch the rest of it when I wake up, don't want to really watch any before I go to bed, especially with some of the creepiness thats in it, thats the last thing I want my mind to conjure up.


Thought I better do this now since we're going camping this weekend and I'll be gone starting Fri til Mon.

Music download for the week.

I've been in a heavy metal mood lately, I guess I can blame that on VH1 Classic channel for having the month of May being Metal Month.

I had a hankering for some old Judas Priest and the only older stuff I have of their's is on tape (that I stole my from my older sis who I'm sure doesn't even know I have them) ^^;;

For the time being, I uploaded:

British Steel

Along with a sample clip of Metal Gods.

And the other:

Hell Bent for Leather

What few of yous on my flist that actually like this music or what have you, if you have a request for any of their other albums, old or new, let me know. I'm pretty sure I have them in my folder.

Comment and let me know if you took any of the music downloads.

Happy Head Banging!
For those that didn't know but ABC will be airing the tv movie "Desperation" Tues night @ 8pm EST (7 CST).

The book was pretty whacked, I'm curious to see how they will create a movie out of it. I just don't want it to be a disappointment.


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