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( Jan. 8th, 2007 05:30 pm)
Here ya be!

WARNINGS!: lots of blood, dismemberment of body parts, lots of swearing, nudity, and sex.

Dexter eps. 9 - "Father Knows Best"
Summary - Dexter receives notification that his biological father has recently passed away. Dexter is named as the sole heir of all his possessions including his house. Dexter goes for a weekend away with Rita, Deb, and Rudy.

Dexter eps. 10 - "Seeing Red"
Summary - The Ice Truck Killer is back. He leaves a crime scene that brings back some horrifying repressed memories for Dexter. Paul sues Rita for sole custody of Astor and Cody.

HUGE WARNING!!!! for eps. 10. If you are very squeamish about blood and I'm talking about MASSIVE amounts, please watch #10 with caution. It still makes my gut a bit queasy every time I watch it.

Spoiler for #10 )

Previous eps downloads:

They are still good as long as the links haven't expired yet. Comment if you take.

Eventually I'll start posting about other things but right now, I actually don't have too much to babble about.....yet! :p
In no particular order really.

A thank you to everyone who has sent me X-mas cards, I loved them all. I got your package in the mail yesterday [ profile] toranookami. You weren't kidding about putting FMA candy in my virtual stocking *lol*. Have you tried them and are they any good? What kind of candy is it? (I haven't opened the little boxes yet) I can't wait to watch that series you sent me too. Though the weird thing about those discs is that it wouldn't play on my dvd player on the laptop nor on my PS2. My last hope was the dvd player in the living room and I was lucky that it worked on it. I'm half way done with your request so by the time everything is said and done, I probably won't have them sent out till early Jan.


In music news........a date is set for Type O Negative's new cd "Dead Again", March 13. Let us keep our fingers crossed that this date is kept and not getting our hopes crushed. *bouncebounce* That means TOUR!TOUR!TOUR!!!!!!!!!! *squeals*


I finally got around to watching last Sat night's eps of Bleach when Renji debuted at the end. I held my breath and was so nervous to see how bad it was. WHY!!?? What have you done to my poor Renji!!??!!! He's way too god damn "mellow/calm". Where is the roughness/gruffness? He was full of piss and vinegar even then during that scene in the sub. He sounds like a puss now. I'm curious how he's going to sound when he's all growly and being a hot head when he's fighting Ichigo in the next eps. I have a feeling I'm going to be even more disappointed during his conversation with Rukia when he visits her in the cell. And every time I hear Urahara speak, it sounds like he's constantly stoned. I almost never have problems with how dubs sound but I feel that they really didn't put much effort into the casting for Bleach. Did the fans piss off the voice acting gods or what?


Sunday night was Dexter's season finale (the tv series on Showtime). Let me say that this was a GRRRREAT! season finale, especially for a first season at that! I only hope that the seasons to follow don't turn out shitty. It was so fucking freaky when my older sis and I were discussing about how the season finale would end and speculating certain things that might be possible and when it started to come into focus, I couldn't believe that her first hunch was right! She wasn't able to catch Sun. night's eps or Mon night's repeat till last night. I had to call her at work since I had time to kill and she too was really impressed on the ending. Out of the few tv shows I watch, I'd have to say this was one of the better finales. Yes, this series is based on novels (Darkly Dreaming Dexter, Dearly Devoted Dexter and Dexter in the Dark) by Jeff Lindsay. But since I didn't know about this till much later into the series, I really don't care if it sticks to what was in the books or not. It's probably better that way for me too cause I don't want to start making comparisons on what they did and didn't do.

And because I'm such a super nice person, I'm dl'ing the eps and uploading them here for you guys to try the show out, especially those that #1. don't have cable, #2. don't have the movie channels, and #3. don't have time to stay up late to watch the show.

Warnings: LOTS of blood, dismemberment of body parts, lots of swearing on Sgt. Doakes part (can't help love the guy), and sex.

I'm keeping this post unlocked but with the other eps, I'm locking the entries so if you aren't on my flist and are interested in the other eps, you better speak up.

Dexter eps. 1 "Dexter". Summary beneath the cut )

Dexter eps.2 "Crocodile". Summary beneath the cut )

As always, I highly appreciate it if you comment saying you dl'ed it. I would like to hear what other ppl think of this series as well. [ profile] scarbie, this is one series you should try out. I wonder if there are any icons out there from the show.


Another show who had their season finale was Metalocalypse. All I can say is WOWIE! Bring on the next season!! As weird as this sounds, I think I'd rather be a groupie of their Manager (who's name I forgot). Who knew he kicked so much ASS!! Tehehehehe, the band is playing off the Gulf of Danzig in Poland. (and if you don't get that, you better look up Glen Danzig's name).

Manager to the bad dude: "That's my bread and butter you're fucking with."

Here is the dl for the eps: The Metalocalypse Has Begun

Part 1
Part 2
(the eps are in parts since AS's Fix changed the site around and it made it harder to get the eps in one full version.)

I hope you get the chance to see this [ profile] baikautsugi, I'm still going to work on uploading the earlier eps for you.


If any problems come up with the downloads, let me know and enjoy!


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