This makes me extremely happy to finally have this done. Ain't no lie about it taking 3 yrs to complete. Writer's block sucks royal ass. But at least now that this is out of my hands, I can finally get back to my studying.

Posted for the renji_rukia vday challenge '08.

Title: Chocolate Kisses
Author: [ profile] yankeerose69 & [ profile] scarbie
Pairing/characters used: Renji/Rukia, Rikichi, Bya
Notes: OMFG! WE FINALLY DID IT! IT HAS SEEN THE LIGHT OF DAY!! We've been working on this story for about 3 yrs now. If it wasn't for scarbie asking me about it a few weeks ago, I don't think I ever would've completed it since her part has been done for a long time now. I'm so happy to have collaborated with such an awesome person who makes me laugh so much. And I think her part turned out great to go with the general idea I gave to her in the first place. [ profile] scarbie wrote the first half and I wrote the smut (marked with a *). Comments are highly encouraged!
Warnings: SMUT!!, swearing, having fun with chocolate, play maybe?
Disclaimer: Me no own. *weeps*


("Has anyone told you not to play with your food?")
I wanted to write something Halloween'ish for the pair and this idea came to mind. Feels good to finally write something that resembles a fic again! Completed in one day so if something seems a little off, let me know.

Title: All in Good Fun
Author: Beck
Pairing/characters used: Renji/Rukia, Ichigo/Orihime, Isshin
Notes: Silliness abound, mention of a certain nursery rhyme, and a small hint of sexual innuendo. This could be taken as an addition to "Ichigo's Sufferings".
Disclaimer: Me no own. *weeps*


("Trick or Treat!")
Was inspired by the ending to the manga chapter #238.

Title: The Path to Uncertainty
Author: Beck
Pairings/Characters used: RenjixRukia
Notes: Just in time for Renji's birthday today.
Warning(s): Slight spoilers for the end of chapter #238. Read at your own discretion.
Disclaimer: Me no own. *weeps*

She had the intent of an evil plot up her sleeve. )


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