I guess this band ranks up there with MSI(Mindless Self Indulgence). I haven't met many ppl that know anything of MSI or Fischerspooner.

To describe Fischer would be electronica mixed in with some artistic flare. Just go here to read about the band. And it sounds like they put on quite the stage show. The new album just came out and well, it's pretty damn good!! It's a bit "mellower" than #1 and from what I've been reading, it has more of an Odyssey feel which I don't know too much of, just heard a few songs.

But here is also what gets me of how much ppl can't seem to accept new ways or a direction a band is going in. Ppl were pissing and moaning that the songs weren't electronica enough like how #1 was. A musician is an artist, artists should be allowed to expand and explore. You know how boring it is to do the same thing over and over again with no room to allow you to change? Some things can be enjoyable and some things make you cringe but just like movies and such, I'm not going to pick everything over with a fine tooth comb and constantly BITCH about the change or lack of change. What ever happened to just listening or watching for what it is and try to enjoy it (if there is room for the enjoyment)? I never go into anything with high hopes of how great something might be only to have it turn around and disappoint you. That way if it turns out to be really good, you can savor that "happy" moment and if it turns out bad, you're not left with the huge disappoint cloud over your head.

I'm glad I checked out their website when I did cause they are going to be in Dallas at the Granada Theater THIS Fri w/ tixs @ $20!!! Can't beat that price! And I can imagine how awesome they'd be live. I'm going to have to go to this show regardless if I go by myself or not, I'm not missing this golden opportunity.

Anyways, here is the new album "Entertainment".

And the first album "#1".

If anyone can get a hold of Odyssey, I'd be forever grateful. I have a hard time getting a hold of that one.

Here are two pics I got from the new release of Casey Spooner (the 2nd pic is the album cover):

The funky hat thingy reminds me of Beat Crusaders "P.O.A." cover:

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