Since I finally found a place where I can catch up on the manga without having to download everything, I thought I'd pick up where I left off (around 80'ish) the beginning of this week. I can't believe HOW GOOD this series really is. And after catching up on everything so far (I have two more chapters to go till I'm caught up) made me realize just how much I couldn't stand the original anime.

Chapters 94 to part of 96 with Dark!Roy getting his revenge and the situation Riza was put in, makes me LOVE these two so much!!! And everything with Ed and Winry makes me so woobie!!! I love all the allies that decided to take a stand and join the group.

I know this is probably asking a dumb question but does anyone know if there is a place to watch the "Brotherhood" series without having to dl any eps? That would be so awesome but if not, I have a feeling I'm going to have to find time to dl them (coming from someone who hasn't watched anime in over a year!)

Reading this series has made me realize that I only have two fav. ongoing series that has not disappointed me: FMA and OP. Bleach.....WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!!! It's such a bore and I wish that SOMETHING SUPER SPECIAL will happen like BEFORE I'M 80yrs old!!! I gave up on the anime and don't know if I'd even want to go back and catch up on the eps I missed out on.

Hope everyone has a decent Halloween!

Peessss- THANK GOD a new eps of SPN tonight!!


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