I guess I'm a bit overdue on posting something but I'm still working on a full real update, maybe by next week.

Since the plans went bust to go out with the gals Sat, Mona and I decided to go to the movies Sat evening to see "The Haunting in CT". Another movie that had an okay preview and okay reviews but turned out to be a bit of a bummer. I was thinking there was going to be some freaky killings and gore but there was none to be had. Mainly a ghost story movie that in many parts, STILL didn't explain much about the things that went on in the past. It seemed like forever till they FINALLY got around to explaining a little but still left me feeling blank. Pretty sad that so far with the 3 "horror" movies I watched this yr, My Bloody Valentine is still by far my all time fav. Which by the way comes out on dvd May 19. Had sushi after the movies and actually had a waiter who was cute, still bugs me that he reminded me of someone but can't think of who.

And speaking of horror movies, I finally got around to watching Saw 5 and I was SOOOOOOOO SORRILY DISAPPOINTED by it overall. And already they are in the making of Saw 6. >__<

Sun. I went with Mona to her gym to do the spin class there. I think I like my gym's class better. Went to Trader's Village in the afternoon and thought nothing of how the weather was going to be. Didn't realize I got sunburn on my face and forearms till I got home and out of the shower.

Had one helluva storm brew through last night right before I went to bed. Couldn't sleep for shit and just stayed up watching the lightening till it calmed down. Shockingly enough the power didn't go out.

And one last thing...we gals are going to see Depeche Mode in Aug AND it's on a Sat!! ROCK!! I've always wondered what they sounded like live, I hope they're good. Speaking of said band, I thought I'd share the new album for those interested. Really good album.

"Depeche Mode - Sounds of the Universe"

My Bloody Valentine

First off let me say that I probably would go see it again amidst all the gore cause I'm sure certain parts will still scare the shit out of me. AND if you are lucky, there are theaters that aren't showing it in 3-D which we were lucky to watch it without but certain parts in the movie, you could tell it was made for 3-D just for the way certain things kinda jumped right out.

If anyone has seen the original, do not have the mindset that the new one is exactly like the old cause IT IS NOT!!! In fact, the new one is like a million times better; better acting, better scenes, and definitely better and more gore than the first could ever DREAM of using.

Some differences between the two:

- doesn't focus much about the mines or the miners
- there is a Vday dance going on in town
- different reason for the killer. Let's just say he has issues with Vday.
- I will say this, the ending will shock you to an extent.


- after seeing the orig. I just noticed that they really didn't focus much about Vday overall. It was more like a backdrop than anything. It was mainly focused about the mines and miners.

- the guys in this are much more hotter. And the chicks are so much better. The orig had some annoying bitches that couldn't act.

I liked how the new one twisted certain things, used some old scenes and had more gore (which I'm still shocked that the org. didn't have much to gross out on). I think I may just have to buy it on dvd when it comes out.

Jensen Ackles was perfect for his role. With him having Supernatural under his belt, gave him that bit of experience for these type of movies. And the crazed facial expressions was a bit creepy but perfect!

The theater wasn't packed but there was still a good bit of ppl in there. And with horror movies, for the most part, ppl can't help but talk outloud which was funny. Quite a bit "OH SHIT" moments too where you're nearly jumping out of your chair (and you tend to find out you're not the only one either)

[livejournal.com profile] toriru4ever allowed me to post her comment about the movie here *lol*:

My Bloody Valentine made me piss in my pants more than once :(
*I was practically clinging onto poor Beck for dear life and hiding under my coat during the brain splattering scenes*

For those that want to see the orig, you can download it HERE. It's a workable avi file with a tiny glitch in two spots but nothing bad to where it would ruin the movie.

Get the dl while you can cause when it expires, I won't be re-upping it cause it took nearly 4hrs to upload and I don't keep files that I don't like or want.


So after seeing MBV, had me wanting to go find other horror movies in the 80's I grew up with and recalled watching. This was brought on by an older sister who was the horror nut in my family.

The next horror movie I wanted to see since it's been aaaaaaages that I saw it (more than likely since the late 80's) and had a hard time finding it available anywhere. Well I finally found a torrent for it and dl'ed it.

Silent Night Deadly Night, it was about the main guy/killer who's parents were murdered by a crook/stranded motorist in a Santa costume on X-mas eve. Billy and his little brother were put in a Catholic orphan home with a horrible bitch for a Mother Superior. So every Christmas Eve/Christmas, he freaks out when he sees Santa but it was when 18yr old Billy decided to snap and go on a killing spree.

I didn't realize how awful this movie was too till now. And I forgot there was a part 2 made that dealt with Billy's kid brother who saw what happened to his brother at the orphan home. I have to work on getting the torrent for that.

It's funny how as a kid, I was scared shitless of these movies but now that I'm older and can sit back and either laugh or still be grossed out. I say to myself "and I was scared of these things as a kid, why?"

Anyways, here is Silent Night Deadly Night.


Now the next movie on my list is seeing the new Friday 13th that comes out next month on said date. Probably won't see it till Vday anyways. They showed more of the preview of it during MBV and god damn Jared looks HOT!!! Sadly they didn't show many clips of him during the preview but it was enough to see how he's going to look.


As for tv stuff, I started to dl every season for Supernatural since I missed out on quite a few eps from each season.

S1 eps 17 had me laughing my ass off. I'm sure Jensen was laughing inside since it was "supposed" to take place in Richardson Texas (aka his hometown and the town a few blocks down from me). I know where they film the show at and I'm sure it's hard to try and make certain backdrops like the places they are supposed to take place at. But I had to laugh at their version of Interstate 35 (35 does not run into any kind of back country land) AND the kind of area Richardson was in. They acted like Richardson was this back country hick town with LOTS AND LOTS of woods with a spooky rundown house in the middle of it all. There are NO such things or places like that in Richardson. And if someone could prove me wrong, then well, I'll be quite shocked.

Now I'm working on dl'ing season 2.


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