*sighs* God damn I love this band!! I rank Beat Crusaders as high as I do Type O Negative and that's saying a helluva lot when it comes from me since I don't normally treat bands like this. I swear this band seems like they have constant high energy that you can't help but draw into. Considering the members are older than me (by almost ten yrs), I give them alot of credit for the stuff that they are constantly doing and still love what they do.

I believe this was this yr's Rising Sun Rock Fest. Beat Crusaders w/ Asparagus and YSIG. The dude without the mask on keyboard is JJ from Your Song Is Good. I bet Hidaka feels naked since it's a rare case where he's not with a guitar.

I'm also blown away at how HUGE these rock festivals they have over in Japan and the participation from the crowd is like O____________O, wow!

Fool Groove lyrics:

Got to go, I got to go
I fall in lonely love with you
Uh ah

Got to go, I got to go
I'm so in lonely love with you
Uh ah

Don't know how many time I try
I wanna tell you 'bout it over the night
Don't know why, baby, no reply
I'm gonna hang out with you over the world

Love will shine with you
Don't go anymore
Don't go anymore
Fool groove
Love will shine with you
For evermore
It's for evermore
With you


Bubba sent this to me this morning and I can't stop watching and laughing at it. Those with cats will get a kick out of it and would probably no doubt relate to what the cat is doing aside from what happens at the end. *laughs*

I also uploaded the clip for those who are wanting to have the actual clip for themselves: Kitty Wake Up


And for the procrastinators:

I had these pics uploaded recently of Sam but just never got around to really posting them. So today would be a good time to do so especially after what he did this afternoon.

I made some biscuits and once I put one on my plate, I also poured myself a mug of milk. During this time, the cat was nowhere near me or in the kitchen. He didn't show up till I went to walk back to my room and he decided to follow me. So while I was sitting in front of the compy, I noticed he was sitting next to me and then stood up on his hind legs as if he was looking for something. So I put the plate of biscuits near him to smell to see if that was what he wanted (not that I was going to feed any to him) but he just snubbed it away. I went back to what I was doing and the little bugger took his paw and was trying to reach my mug that I had sitting on my keyboard drawer. My question is, HOW IN THE HELL did he know I had milk in my cup? He wasn't around when I poured it and it's not like milk gives off a strong smell like tuna does once you open a can. I put my mug on the floor for him but wasn't paying attention if he drank any or not.

It boggles my mind!

And here are some random pics of BooBoo kitty. He loves it when I'm sitting on the couch bed when I have the laptop on cause he'll do anything to lay on it or near it. I don't mind if he lays near it but when he tries to lay on it is a pain cause he's always pressing keys. And once I start typing something, I guess he sees that as a sign to think it's okay to lay on it since I'm using it.

But either way, he's still my spoiled baby that I love.

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