I feel like a big girl now *laughs*. This past Sunday, bubba and I went riding for about a good 200 miles or so and I rode my motorcycle with no problems, no nervousness. This was about the 5th time I was on the bike and only the 2nd time I was out on the open rode. Thurs. was my journey out on the highway when I had to take the bike to get inspected. Felt weird but was proud I wasn't so nervous about being out in the open like that. I wanted to start riding the bike to work today but the weather can't make up it's mind when it comes to if it wants to rain or not. Plus the area where my work is, usually get hit with storms first before it ever makes it to the house. All this week they are calling for scattered showers but I hope that nothing really comes from it cause I would like to start riding sometime this week. The only thing I dread is during the time of day I head to work seems to be so damn hot along with the heat from the road hitting me.


Too much going on with me. Past two weekends (when we weren't getting rain), we've been having our yard sale. I'm going to give it one more try this Saturday to get rid of the stuff we have out and what I can't sell, we'll see if the lady down the street wants some of it to sell and bag up the clothes that don't sell and drop them off at Goodwill. The less we have to pack and take with us when we move, the better. Hell, it's not like anything that we are selling is jacked up, we have pretty cheap prices just so it sells. Though I think we'd might have more ppl stop by if bubba would put a sign out near the highway when ppl get off the exit. We have a sign outside our house but I feel it should be advertised more in the open. It doesn't help though when certain places are so picky about where signs are placed.

Then we were working on scraping the paint out of our bedroom closets and the spare bedroom so we could re-paint them. Now we have to focus on doing the outside of the house on repainting. Then patch the cracks everywhere in the house and hopefully then we can put the house on the market.

So yes, we do plan to sell the house and live in an apartment for about a yr so we can get some bills paid off before looking for a much newer and EFFICIENT house to live in. The yr'ly appraisal came in the mail the other week and for the amount that it went up to, there is just no way we can really afford the house payment once it kicks in I believe next yr. I mean sure it's good that the price of the house went up, but not so good on our side when it comes to paying. At least the property and the area around us is zoned for commerical or residential.


Being swamped with all this housework and doing other things, it's totally zapped my will to write and I soooooo want to write damn it!!!!!!!!!!!! I hatehateHATE being in this funk block.


For the new music download....

I snagged Marilyn Manson's new one.

My thought....

Is this the yr for shitty releases or what??!! I'm so not impressed with this album. And that hurts for me to say that as well as what I said about new NIN. So far, the only two releases this yr that was worth it was Type O Negative and Beat Crusaders (then again, this band has yet to come out with anything shitty). I'm only hoping.....PRAYING that new Smashing Pumpkins will not disappoint me. If it does, then I'm losing what little faith I have in the music industry.

Even though I don't care for Manson's new one, I thought I'd share it with the flist anyways.

Marilyn Manson "Eat Me Drink Me

Well I completed and passed my motorcycle course last weekend. Read more... )


This month is so craaaaaaaazy busy for us. Last weekend was my course, this weekend is graduation stuff, next weekend is MORE graduation stuff this time down in Ft.Hood/Killeen and will probably stay down there during Mem.Day weekend.


Since I was unable to do what I wanted for my 30th bday, I thought I'd hold off and hopefully be able to make plans for next spring. So, as of right now, I already got my motorcycle business out of the way, and hopefully sometime next month I can work on taking some online Japanese courses that [livejournal.com profile] toriru4ever told me about. If I find that I don't have any problems learning it, I might take more courses this yr as long as I have the time and money to do so.


I finally made a long overdue community for the Japanese band Beat Crusaders. I was actually kinda shocked that there hasn't been one made either when BECK:Mongolian Chop Squad first came out in '04 or even during the shitty Bleach fillers and they had their song for the 4th OP. Oh well, I'm happy to be the one to take on the task.

[livejournal.com profile] beat_crusaders

And since the majority of the posts will be locked cause of it containing media, beneath the cut are some samples for those that might not have heard of their music, seen any of their vids, or heard of one song but not what their other stuff sounds like. I have included their new video and a random song I selected. I'm also including what I could find of the lyrics for the song (but it's only half of it, not sure why the rest wasn't posted) since they do sing in Engrish, sometimes it's a bit hard to follow if you don't know what they are saying.

Why don't you talk to me come out to play? )

So yeah, if you like what you hear/see and would be interested in more, feel free to join the comm. cause I'll most likely start posting more sometime next week at the comm.


I also added something else to my Spring Cleaning Sale. I put up my Weiss Kreuz chibi pins. Also some updated notes too.


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