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This past weekend on the STARZ channel, they've been airing Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez's movie "Grindhouse". The first movie is called Planet Terror and the other is Death Proof.

I remember seeing some previews online when it was about ready to be released but forgot all about it since then. This shit is so funny yet kinda gross in the gore dept. if you like any of these two guys stuff.

I like the idea behind of how they filmed it. Kinda hard to describe unless you watch it.

Planet Terror had a shitload of known actors for cameos (Bruce Willis, Sayid from Lost, Fergy, Josh Brolin, etc) the list goes on. The story poked fun at the whole zombie (aka sickos) situation like most zombie movies have. You can't help but laugh out loud with some of the stupid shit they did that of course, is so obvious. I thought it was neat to have Freddy Rodríguez (6ft under) be the main guy and Rose McGowen's role for it suited her.

Death Proof had Kurt Russell as being the bad guy which was amusing too to see him in this setting. One good thing about the movie is the muscle classic cars. What kinda threw me off a bit was that it felt like the first part of DP was in the 70's just cause of the vehicles being used, the music, the clothes but yet they were using reg. cell phones. The car scenes before that part ends had my jaw dropping on the gore scene. The 2nd part of the movie that takes place a few months later, I laughed my ass off as to the turn of events.

If you read the synopsis of what happens in both movies, it pretty much tells you everything that went on without having to watch it but you lose the artistic side of it by not seeing it for yourself.



Bubba was pretty impressed with NIN's new stuff that he said to go ahead and place an order for the cd (which won't arrive till April when it's finally released). When you do that, they send you a one time link to dl the full cd and the pdf file as well as some extras like wallpapers and icons. By burning all the music on disc instead of trying to find time to listen to it online, gave me time to really listen to it since it is instrumental. It's a pretty good cd, pretty sad when this cd is and sounds better than what Year Zero turned out. There are some parts that would sound good with vocals but no biggie.

I like the idea of what Trent did when it came to listening to the whole thing on the website or hearing just the first vol for free. I think some bands should do this. That way if it's a new band that ppl aren't sure of the sound, they can preview the full album and if you like it, buy it. OR if you aren't fond of the whole thing and just want certain songs, offer whatever song you want for a price.

Right now the only thing I have up for grabs is the wallpaper that came with the extras. Choose whatever size you want by the folders listed:




I'm sure peeps are getting tired of me talking about certain bands but when I'm hooked into something, it has a lasting affect for quite awhile. Anyways, I finally got around to watching what I had recorded of Later with Jools Holland (on the FUSE ch). Before I go any farther, I think that is a pretty good show. You can showcase about 4 bands in one show and each one gets to play two sets. Muse was on one time, damn good too!! I'll have to find that clip on YT since I deleted what I had recorded two months ago.

So this one that I taped had Foo Fighters. Their 2nd set just wowed me. It was only Dave playing the acoustic guitar for "Razor" and I got hooked on that song when they played it on the Skin & Bones cd. Something about the guitar chords for the song draws me to it. Speaking of Skin & Bones, they should've released a dvd for that live set.

I have made it my goal to see this band next time around DAMN IT!!!



It's not often I get in this mood but this past weekend, I wanted to write something for IchiHime but I just couldn't think of what to write about (nothing long mind you). I guess for all the hate still going around with Orihime recently makes me want to write something for her and Ichigo (yeah, still have a dislike for Ichigo but will write him for Orihime's sake). So here's where you peeps come in, or at least I hope someone will come through for me.

I need 5 prompts for IchiHime and while I'm at it, 5 prompts for RenRuki. I want to try and just stick with something small, like I used to write 120 words and still make sense. Or maybe even go as far as 500 like I did a few yrs ago for two things I wrote for GW.

Anyone can reply with 5 prompts or just 1 or 3, whatever comes to mind. I'll take as many as I can that way I have a variety to work with.
Dear KT,

WTF crack have you been smoking lately??!! Are you buying it from Gantz's creator?

SRSLY! That is not only creepy, but fucked up. Interesting but fucked up.

Spoiler )

Awww...Nell. *squishes*


For those that want it:

The White Stripes - "Icky Thump"
  • Bleach #271, Ichigo got sooo PWND!!!! Yet he can be cute when he's got Nell around him. *squishes Nell* Though I must say this, aside from Renji's character design getting hotter each time, Kubo's actually making Ichigo nice on the eyes as well. And speaking of Renji, I do believe it's about fucking time we see something on HIS FIGHT DEAR KUBO-SAN!!!! *GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!*

  • Still haven't found my writing muse and that isn't good. It shouldn't take this long for me to jot something down. At least though with a new doujinshi I received should help jump start the brain a bit.

  • Some GREAT news for One Piece dub. Funimation is picking up the series and hopefully they will be able to go back to the earlier eps and re-release those with their own VA's. The only thing that still annoys the shit out of me is being so anal about the cigarette issue. Sure I understand why but reading about what they are trying to decide on Sanji's situation...ARGH!! You can read the article HERE.

  • Right now the Dallas Stars are in the hockey playoffs and their first game against Vancouver on Wed. night was fucking CRAZY!! From what I saw of the game, the Stars were playing their asses off. Bubba stayed up to watch the whole game and the kicker of it was is that it went into QUADRUPLE OVERTIME!! The game didn't end till 2:30 am our time though the Stars lost 4-5. They play again tonight and am curious to see how this game goes.

  • And birthday shout outs to everyone I might have missed. I can barely keep up anymore.



    Bubba sent me this the other day and couldn't stop laughing. Not sure if this was a MAD TV skit or what but the main black guy looks like Aries Spears. The idea behind the skit has a pretty good point except for the old farts that is.

    Balls Out


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  • As promised, here is eps 2 of Metalocalypse "Dethwater". I mean I know this is focused on a death metal band but damn, this series has alot of gore in it yet its funny as hell. The opening to this eps was great. *lol*

    There was also a file for the music that they must've snipped from the eps in regards to Dethklok. So HERE it be. Keep in mind that it is death metal music. This also has the song in regards to eps. 3 for Murderface's birthday called "Birthday Dethday". Listen closely to the words *snickers*. It also has the song "Underwater Friends" that Toki sang while in that isolated capsule. Same goes for the coffee jingle from the 1st eps.

    Going to have to snag some screencaps so someone can make me some icons.
    beck: Fischerspooner-Casey Entertainment (Bleach - chibi Renji and Rukia)
    ( Nov. 11th, 2005 10:42 am)
    After wanting to hear the song I posted below, kinda put me in a hippy mood. I then dug around in my cd box to see what might be worth posting in regards to that kinda of genre. Someone told me once I was born in the wrong era *lol*. Some might even be surprised by the choice of music or bands that I chose. No one ever said I was normal :p

    To those that download any of these songs, enjoy!

    I heard a small clip of this song the other day and wanted to hear the rest since this is probably one of the few Cream songs I actually like.

    Cream - I Feel Free


    The majority of these songs came from their Greatest Hits cd.

    The Monkees

    - (theme from) The Monkees

    - (I'm not your) Steppin' Stone

    - The Girl I Knew Somewhere

    - Randy Scouse Git

    - Words

    - Valleri

    Speaking of The Monkees, has anyone on my flist ever watched New Monkees? I know the blond was kinda cute (Larry I think was his name) and the dude with the his hand on his chin was the dork of the bunch, who I think was Dino. I know the show wasn't on for long.

    And here's something I don't believe I ever mentioned to anyone (at least not online), was I went to see The Monkees in concert when they were on tour '97 in Austin (forget what the building is called, I think it was the place across the street from the hotel at Ushicon '01). Course they were Mike Nesmith'less but that was fine, they still sounded pretty good live, even at their age.


    Tommy James & the Shondells

    - Hanky Panky

    - Crimson and Clover

    - Crystal Blue Persuasion

    - Draggin' the Line


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