I guess this band ranks up there with MSI(Mindless Self Indulgence). I haven't met many ppl that know anything of MSI or Fischerspooner.

To describe Fischer would be electronica mixed in with some artistic flare. Just go here to read about the band. And it sounds like they put on quite the stage show. The new album just came out and well, it's pretty damn good!! It's a bit "mellower" than #1 and from what I've been reading, it has more of an Odyssey feel which I don't know too much of, just heard a few songs.

But here is also what gets me of how much ppl can't seem to accept new ways or a direction a band is going in. Ppl were pissing and moaning that the songs weren't electronica enough like how #1 was. A musician is an artist, artists should be allowed to expand and explore. You know how boring it is to do the same thing over and over again with no room to allow you to change? Some things can be enjoyable and some things make you cringe but just like movies and such, I'm not going to pick everything over with a fine tooth comb and constantly BITCH about the change or lack of change. What ever happened to just listening or watching for what it is and try to enjoy it (if there is room for the enjoyment)? I never go into anything with high hopes of how great something might be only to have it turn around and disappoint you. That way if it turns out to be really good, you can savor that "happy" moment and if it turns out bad, you're not left with the huge disappoint cloud over your head.

I'm glad I checked out their website when I did cause they are going to be in Dallas at the Granada Theater THIS Fri w/ tixs @ $20!!! Can't beat that price! And I can imagine how awesome they'd be live. I'm going to have to go to this show regardless if I go by myself or not, I'm not missing this golden opportunity.

Anyways, here is the new album "Entertainment".

And the first album "#1".

If anyone can get a hold of Odyssey, I'd be forever grateful. I have a hard time getting a hold of that one.

Here are two pics I got from the new release of Casey Spooner (the 2nd pic is the album cover):

The funky hat thingy reminds me of Beat Crusaders "P.O.A." cover:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Wow, I didn't realize how long its been since I last updated. I do have things I want to post but gotta wait for the damn pics first. I got your message [livejournal.com profile] nightambre thanx for checking up on me *lol* Didn't mean to make you worry. Plus I noticed that a good bit of recent entries are nothing but fandom related and didn't want to bore ppl by yapping so much about it. But I guess that would be better than my boring life.

The 4th was actually pretty lame. All week its been raining in sporadic spurts and of course it poured its ass off in the evening. Our town had a small parade and then they were going to have some festivities and fireworks. We checked it out and there really wasn't much to do since it seems most of it was focused for the kids. Plus every now and then it was sprinkling. We didn't feel like waiting in the long ass line for the lame ass free food so I told bubba that once we got back from Jack in the Crack to drop me off at the house. I just wasn't in the mood to sit out in damp muggy weather just to watch probably not even a half hr firework show. Bah humbug I say! :p

Here are some pics of the float that bubba and his "kids" made from our trailer. His "kids" meaning the Explorer program with the fire dept for kids/teens who want to learn the ways of being a firefighter. Bubba made the wooden sides and had the idea for the decorations, the kids did the rest:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

GAH! 15 more days till the ole birthday. *hides from the age fairy*

Anyways, the main purpose of the entry was to post a music download since I haven't done that lately. I was inspired to search for their music after seeing the "Spill the wine" vid from Eric Burdon and War and made me realize I always had a taste for either Eric's voice or The Animals. So I found a decent album to share.

I never really got to hear much of The Animals music aside from the ones that I guess were popular on the radio back in the heyday. For you *cough* youngins who don't know anything about the band or this kind of music, they are of course a 60's band w/ some blues/soul into the songs (some of these on the album were remakes of old blues songs/singers). The more I think about it or even hear their music, I like them better than the Rolling Stones. Though I did like some older Stones songs but not by much.

If you're curious about the band, I found a wikipedia link of them here.

The Best of The Animals

Click the pic for the download. The zipped file is WINrar format since winzip was giving me problems. The pic for the cover is actually from the House of the Rising Sun vid.

Yes, House of The Rising Sun is also on this album.

Feel free to comment if you downloaded the album. I'm curious to hear from those that might be giving it a try for the first time and to those who I just made them feel nostalgic.

As mom always said, I was born in the wrong era. I blame her. *laughs*
For those that wanted more Priest music, here are the two I said I would upload next. Both were my most fav of their albums.:

Defenders of the Faith

Screaming for Vengeance

I'll have something interesting next week for choice of music download that isn't Priest related. Though if there is still an album that someone would like to have of their's, let me know.

Silliness & thoughts beneath the cut.

Read more... )


Since hardly anyone on my flist watches My Name Is Earl, does ANYONE watch the show Four Kings? Seth Green's new show? Not a bad little sitcom, just wished I would've remembered to set the timer to tape it. I caught the tale end of it last night. And while I think of it, was Lost a repeat? I forgot about re-setting my timer for that too, well, to be honest, I didn't realize it was Wed already till that night I got to work.


For the song of the day to download:

I got hooked on this song when Scott Weiland was singing it on VH1 Classic "Decades Rock Live w/Cyndi Lauper". I had no clue it was a song of his and I knew it wasn't anything that Cyndi did. I almost thought it was a Bowie song for the way Scott sang it like him. Hard to say what version I like, hearing it live or the cut from the cd.

I think that live show for Cyndi was pretty good. And surprisingly so, she still looks good for her age and can still carry a tune. The guests that she had perform with her was a decent choice. I recommend checking it out however you can get a hold of it if you don't have the VH1 Classic Channel.

Anywho, here is the download for the song and the lyrics under the cut. I would like to hear any views of the song to those that do download it.

Barbarella by Scott Weiland (and for those that don't know who he is, he was the singer for Stone Temple Pilots and singer for Velvet Revolver.)

Lyrics )

Also speaking of music, I finally got the chance to hear a new song from INXS with their new singer. O____________O OH SNAP! Its so freaky, he almost sounds like Michael but nothing can ever replace Michael's voice.


I wanna do the character/pairing meme but I think I'll hold off on that till I'm done with the smuttage that is taking my brain hostage.




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