Last week's Earl had me in stitches cause I love it when they do a "COPS" skit. I found the eps and uploaded for those that'd like it. Keep in mind, if you haven't been up to date on what's happened with the series and Earl, you may not want to watch it. If you don't really care what ya missed, then feel free to watch.

"Our Other Cops Is On!: Part 1 & 2"
If I haven't said it enough by now, allow me to do so again. There is just no words on how to express how much I LOVELOVELOVE Metalocalpyse!!!! It's so brutal, it hurts my gut. It's 15mins of fucking METAL love!! ♥♥♥

Even though this show was awesome from the get go, but as time goes on, it just keeps getting better and better with each eps. Between laughing so hard or being grossed out with some of the gore.

I uploaded the previous two eps that was shown. Until I see more eps, I think these two so far are my fav eps.

Eps.11 Skwisklok. This focused on the endorsement deals each band member has but the main focus was on Skwisgarr. I LOVED his guitar collection and the Swiss Army guitar was pure genius. Toki's sugar-induced breakdown and his fight with Nathan had me in stitches especially when you hear how calm Nathan is when he talks. Toki yelling at Skwisgarr once he was free "Your free! RUN AWAY Skwisgarr!"

Pickles: Why would he run away for?

Toki: "Candy. Tastes like chicken.. if chicken was a candy."

Just download it, you'll be happy you did. :p

Eps. 12 Murdering Outside The Box. Kinda gross in the gore department in this eps.

It's employee evaluation day along with the news of someone embezzling money from the band.


Murderface's cock piece.

Toki's cock piece except his is a green vibrating dildo. *snickers*

Murderface's word of encouragement "Could you do me a favor and have yourself a really great day." (don't quote me on all of this, I'm writing this at work and don't have the laptop with me). I wanted to make a clip of that part but for some reason, the file wouldn't let me.

Nathan's overwhelming enthusiasm when it came to being motivated, ALOT of ppl need to see this part!! I laughed so hard I had tears coming out of my eyes.

The fight near the end and the VERY GROSS OUTCOME of it. Can we say, death by cock piece? Gee, that's not hinting around at anything are they? *lol*

Download it NOW!


As for tv shows I've been back to watching again:

LOST I think gets better and better each week. The eps with them showing Boone, hot damn that man is soooooooooooooooooooo fine looking. I like the way his hair grew out some and I can't help but just swoon over those eyes. I want to see more of him, I don't care on what tv shows, movies, whatever.

I almost didn't watch the new My Name Is Earl eps only cause with it being off for so long, I kinda lost interest in it but I still had my DVR set to record the new eps. I finally got around to watching what I had taped (only had the chance to watch one so far) and I'm so glad I did. I laughed so hard with the eps when Joy steals the delivery truck and Randy didn't help matters in the LMAO department. Now I have to catch up with the rest.


Tomorrow I'm going to make a locked entry with a music download. So those who aren't on my flist but might be interested in what I have to offer, let me know and I'll see what I can do on giving you a link. Sorry, I'm not going to say what it is till in tomorrow's post.
A little bit of everything actually.

First off, I totally gotta rec this fic for Bleach:

Symmetry by [ profile] burnishedvelvet (aka lady_sinistra for those that knew her from the FMA fandom). Characters/Pairings: Renji. Mentions of Renji/Rukia.

Words can not express how much I love everything about this fic. As if I didn't love Renji enough, this made it grow tenfolds.



I found some torrents for My Name Is Earl for those that never seen it or those that might have missed some of the older eps here.

Random song download:

Placebo "Pure Morning" cause we all know A friend in needs a friend indeed,A friend with weed is better >:p

Last but not least...

Bleach Musical Backstage clip filled with cracked love. The only file I could upload regarding the Musical since again, the Musical itself is huge. I think you'll enjoy this just as much.
OMFG!! If any of you peeps aren't watching My Name Is Earl, I guess my question is, why aren't you? This show is so much crack and so much love. And having Jason Lee as Earl couldn't have picked a better person for that role. Tonight's eps had me rolling and last week was pretty fucking hilarious as well. I totally can't wait for this on dvd.


[ profile] donna_c_punk, got your package in the mail today/yesterday. Won't be able to check the discs out till tomorrow night since hubby had to use the laptop and I couldn't bring it to work. At least it will give me something to check out since I have to work OT Sat morning. Thanx a bunch!

[ profile] morrighangw & [ profile] dragon_faere, I also received your cards in the mail too. ^__^


YAY! [ profile] guardianhunter is here and living with us now while she's taking her classes for massage therapy.


UGH! I'm in one of those slacker moods again and it totally SUCKS ASS!! I have fics that need completed, new ones that need to be put down or my brain will explode, email my best friend back home now that the holidays are over, call someone back home and find out when grandpa's bday is, finish uploading pics from the Bleach musical & eps. 63, work on typing out my entry for my Plushie Renji Adventures while in PA, take pics of the new gifty I got in the mail the other day, drop comments to my flist, and did I mention about getting my ass in gear on writing again? *kicks self repeatedly*

So much time, too lazy to do anything with it. :(
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( Nov. 12th, 2005 12:32 am)
This Sat. night on NBC, they are showing 4 eps of My Name Is Earl back to back and then Jason Lee is hosting on SNL too. I don't really watch SNL anymore but I hope that it'll be worth it.

Speaking of Earl, I was watching what I taped of Tues nights eps about the golfer (what they did to that guy in the past was soooo wrong *lol*) and Earl trying to take his brother to the fair. This show is just too damn funny (has its awww moments too) and I was laughing so hard at the Smokey and the Bandit spoof skits they were doing at the end of the show during the credits.

I rarely watch much tv or the new shows but Earl is so much ♥ ♥ ♥. I can't wait till this is released on dvd.


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