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( Sep. 30th, 2007 07:22 pm)
For those that watch it, tonight is FINALLY Season 2 of Dexter on Showtime @ midnight EST. I'll keep my eyes open for the dl for those that don't get cable.

I also went back and posted some Ace caps from #325 here.
Took a month's break from watching the series and thought last week would be a good opportunity to pick up where I left off at the beginning of the Davey Back Fight/Foxy arc and just started Water 7 last night! *dances* I'll no doubt ramble on more about it once I'm caught up and I stopped at #234 this morning. Got 23 more eps to go. It's getting so good, I just can't stop at one eps. I'm totally digging the Galley-La peeps, Luffy's reaction to Lucci and the pigeon was priceless. GAH! Poor Usopp. And damn if Luffy isn't getting hotter as the eps go by. I've been capping like crazy!

But till I'm done, Iceburg couldn't have said it any better (pic beneath cut).....Read more... )

I ♥♥♥ this series so fucking much it hurts!
I held off on posting this since today is Eiichirō Oda's birthday, what better time to post it than now?

AHHHH!!! What did I just write??!! GET IT OFF OF ME!!!!!! *laughs* No, really, I did NOT expect to write anything from this series, hell, I even told myself I wouldn't get involved but the inner Luffy in me just couldn't turn it down. Besides, it was fun to write. The whole idea came about when I was thinking of things characters would say when put in a certain situation. And in some ways, I can totally see Luffy behaving like this.

Title: Take It Like A Pirate
Author: Beck
Characters used/mentioned: Zoro, Chopper, and a slight hint of Nami/Luffy
Warnings: None. No spoilers either, takes place whenever, wherever. Oh and first time ever writing for the series so be gentle!
Notes: I want to see if you, the reader, can guess what's going on before you get to the end. :p (no cheating either!)
Disclaimer: Me no own. One Piece belongs to the great Eiichirō Oda.


Putting on a determined expression, he sat as tall as he could and clutched his hat to his chest. “YOSH! Let’s do this! )
I couldn't help but to upload this One Piece eps. There really isn't any spoilers and you don't have to worry too much about having to watch earlier eps to know what's going on (unless you're just picky overall). This is more of a slight introduction to Skypiea. The way the characters behave, oh god, I laughed so hard, my sides were hurting. (and need I say how god damn adorable Chopper was in this? then again, when isn't he adorable?)

Godland Skypiea! The angels of the cloud beach. Even though I put it on Megaupload, if the link isn't in use very much, it does become inactive and sometimes it will have errors. So those that do download it, could you let me know if you took it so I can keep track of the link working.

Question to those that are still following the anime and maybe the manga but what is your opinion on Franky? Read more... )

Once I get a few more fics out of the way, I'd like to catch up on reading the manga again.


I've been wanting to say this earlier but those on my flist who might be following the Tenjho Tenge manga, is it me or is it like a MAJORLY HUGE MIND FUCK??!! My head is still spinning with these previous releases that I'm not sure if I'm understanding just what the hell is going on. Till the translation comes out for #89, SPOILER! )

But aside from that, these two pics made me go "awww!" and all sniffly cause this is the first time we see Mitsuomi react this way about Maya. See, big burly guys can get all emo!

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at


*dances* I will have a new ficlet to post, mmm...probably tomorrow morning since I usually don't have the time to post during the afternoon when I get home from the other job. And [ profile] scarbie, the idea for the title is GREAT! *♥ ♥ ♥'s on you so hard*
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( Dec. 3rd, 2005 06:56 am)
Have no idea what made me think of it, anyone who answers can tell me yes or no and if possible, what eps it might have been covered.

Question )
As I was looking at the cast list of who does certain voices (Japanese version of course), I came across a character's name that made me go "bwuh!?"

Spoiler? )

Finally finished the Alabasta arc. Will geek over that sometime soon too. Got lucky this weekend and not only found batch torrents for 121-150 (not all batched together of course), they actually have active seeders for a change. *gaspu!* Next set to watch will be 131-140. I guess I should start reading more of the manga while I'm waiting to get what I can of the anime.


Will work on an art pimp entry when I get home from the seasonal job this afternoon.
First off, One Piece has been eating my braiiiiiiiiinnnn but thats for another entry later.

2ndly There is a spoiler, BIG spoiler under the cut for those that might be following the series but haven't got this far or just those who aren't watching it but might later.


Here are some caps I couldn't help but take of him from #94. I might take a break from watching the anime till I get more eps up my sleeve, I don't want to be jonsing myself for too long. Eee! And he's got freckles!


Passed out *giggles* Check out his tattoo, his name is misspelled so they just put an x over the letter.

Must run in the family

Smirkity smirk

How you doin'


Flaming Fingers


Yeah, I know I'm sexy

Speaking the truth *nodsnods* (hmmm...slight spoiler? Don't click if you don't want to read)

Not amused

Anybody have any fanart links of Ace they could pass my way. I know this is asking for too much but no yaoi please. My squick senses are tingling telling me that the fandom no doubt pairs Ace off with Smoker, Luffy and whoever else. So yeah, if there are squickable pics that I CAN avoid, thats fine. Or any decent One Piece art sites.

I'm almost afraid to hear how his dub voice is going to sound. I hope its not cringe worthy to make me go all stabbitty. Oh yeah, bad news [ profile] scarbie, Fox is dropping One Piece starting this coming Saturday. So that link I gave you is your only way of watching the series now since you don't have cable.


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