Why Renji is my make believe boyfriend.

My secret wish came true!!! I spent half the night last night at work checking up on all the Renji/Rukia Japanese art sites I had bookmarked and this pic made me squee uncontrollably. I'll explain my secret wish beneath the cut.

I'd ride your hog ANY day )
[livejournal.com profile] k_shi and [livejournal.com profile] sw_inku are taking commissions/orders for their button/pin art, I couldn't help but jump in on the request. (they are a bit backlogged in case you don't hear back from them right away) I put in for 3 custom pins and here is the outcome of one of them. I couldn't resist asking for something with Rikichi since the poor kid gets no lovin. Plus the kid has great taste in ppl to look up to. *lol* The text I came up for her to use for the pic fit it perfectly. In some silly odd way, I could see Rikichi being like that little hyper dog bouncing around the bigger bulldog from the older Loony Toons (can't remember what the dogs names were) going "So what are we going to do today boss? Huh? Huh? *bouncebounce* What do you say boss, huh? Huh?" And the bigger dog was like "Ahh... *smack* shaddap!"

I can't help but squee over the cuteness of it all! It totally made my week.

This is no doubt a dumb un-answerable question since KT never really gave us much in regards to Rikichi but he doesn't happen to be related to Isane is he? When I see him wear those beads in his hair like Isane does, it made me wonder. Unless he too is a fan of her's. *snickers*
Finally got this out like I wanted to and just decided to make one whole entry of every thing.

I'm sure if you haven't noticed by now, yes I am a bit biased when it comes to Renji, fangirling so hard over the character so just a heads up that the caps might feature him.....alot. :p

Bleach Musical )

Eps. 63 )

Eps. 64 )

Eps. 65 )

Ooooookay, that was enough dorking for one day. Time for bed.
Very spoilerish under the cut, plus I couldn't help but post some caps too.

Enter at own risk )

I still look forward to more fillers though.
Very spoilerish beneath the cut if you don't want to see who all shows up in the filler eps. I think I'm already going to like these fillers if stuff like this comes up, though I hope it don't become too lame as they go on. (though this is Bleach, I have yet to find something lame with the series)

Could it be.....??!! )

Had to post these, couldn't stop giggling. Took a shitload for eps.63 that had me in stitches too that I'll post later.


GUH! I would soooo love it if they made posters out of all of these colored spreads they had in the manga. This new one just makes me so skjdjrad! Uhh....YEAH!

Should we be scared that Renji is starting to taking a liking to guns? And now he's got his woman packing some heat as well *giggles* I kinda like Renji's outfit but he should've been showing more skin but at least we got Rukia showing those legs off.

Sexiness in here )

On the manga side of things, I will continue to keep biting my lip till the translation comes out. *worries*
OMFG! I laughed so hard when I saw the scans of this when it was posted on Soul Society. I'm going to have to paste what was said cause its a locked entry. And I uploaded the pics on my own account but all the credit for this wonderful info goes to [livejournal.com profile] kirimi for posting it. I also didn't post all the pics nor the complete rundown of it, just the bits that amused me.

Bleach is so much crack! )

As for Ikkaku, after seeing the scans for 202 and his role so far, he gets majorly majorly love from me. Same goes for Keigo. But I'm glad to see that Baldy is getting some support and love from the peeps now, more than before so it seems. ♥ ♥ ♥ Now I gotta either find some icons of him or plead my icon making flisters on coming up with something (yes, that means YOU [livejournal.com profile] scarbie *bats lashes prettily*)
Finally, what some of yous have been waiting for! I have no idea what spurned this crack idea but we had a blast. All I know is that when I bought Plushie!Renji at Afest the first day at the con, [livejournal.com profile] guardianhunter kidnapped him from me that whole weekend and we just started posing him in different places or situations. This was the most fun I ever put any of my plushie's through, I don't know if its Renji's grumpy look or what that made us torture him like this. Though he still isn't talking to me since I couldn't afford the Rukia plushie but I had to reassure him that it was all in due time till I acquire her. *giggles* He's glaring at me even as I type this. why no I don't need to seek mental help. don't look at me like that!

He is like my version of that Travelocity Traveling Gnome.

Commentary for each pic::

Suck it bitches! The plushie crotch grab. Not sure why I had him sitting on the glass for.

Sourpuss. One of the other reasons for that facial expression on his face. [livejournal.com profile] guardianhunter helping Renji out. huuuuh...huuuh....lemon. :P

I was wondering why my ass was wet.

Contemplating dessert. Renji has good taste!

Red drink #1.. Just a coincidence on the color.

Mmmm...fries. Renji helping me eat my fries.

Hitting the bottle already.

The ONLY way to travel, Renji style. [livejournal.com profile] guardianhunter gave him a free ride in her cleavage.

Got the munchies. Chowing down on a Pizza Hut bread stick.

What a lush! Helping us girls drink the booze that weekend. Hey, matches the hair!

Dance 1, with flash.

Dance without flash. A big thanx to the girl who let us borrow her chem-lights for the pics.

Dance 2 without flash.

Dance with flash.

First escalator ride.

Gearing up to play.

Tickling the ivories.

Just posing.

Making prank phone calls or having phone sex with Rukia?

I'm a ninja, you can't see me.

Posing with Scott McNeil and Anna.

And that my friends, concludes Renji's adventures at AnimeFest.

Coming up soon, Renji's Adventures in Pennsylvania.

And if anyone feels that any of these pics are icon worthy, feel free to surprise me.


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