Was inspired by the ending to the manga chapter #238.

Title: The Path to Uncertainty
Author: Beck
Pairings/Characters used: RenjixRukia
Notes: Just in time for Renji's birthday today.
Warning(s): Slight spoilers for the end of chapter #238. Read at your own discretion.
Disclaimer: Me no own. *weeps*

She had the intent of an evil plot up her sleeve. )
YAY! I got [livejournal.com profile] brittknee art! *dances* I commissioned this from her when she was offering them awhile back. I must've had ice cream on the brain at the time hence the idea with the pic. I wanted something cute yet suggestive in regards to licking the ice cream*lol*. Anything to get Renji to blush.

If anyone is inspired to write something for the pic, feel free to do so.

All I want is just a taste. )

Hope this brightens your friends list a bit [livejournal.com profile] donna_c_punk. ^_~


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