Finally at least one subbing group decided to pick up Hero Tales. I didn't upload the anime but I did make a clip of the OP song "Winterlong" by [ profile] beat_crusaders. Seems like it will be an interesting anime though.

"Winterlong". I can't wait to hear the full song whenever the band decides to release it.


I also received my awesome commissioned art this weekend from Pond!

Glow - Bleach - Renji/Rukia - R rated.


I'll work on an entry soon about this past weekend's bike trip to Kerrville.
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( Feb. 27th, 2007 07:22 pm)
*pokepoke* Lj seems kinda dead since before last weekend started. *hears crickets chirp*

I made a small update at my fanwork journal [ profile] becks_closet.


Bleach: Renji/Rukia: Wide Awake In Dreamland.


Bleach posters & icons: Renji,Rukia, RenRuki: Flowery Goodness.


For the past week and a half, I've been in such a cleaning faze, especially in my compy room. I got the majority of it finally cleaned this past weekend, now all I have to do is move a few things around and I'm good to go. Might even take pics of it once I'm done completely. I threw out a good bit of anime that I had burnt on disc that I #1. never got in the mood to actually watch it. #2. watched it but couldn't get back into finishing it. & #3. just don't know why I saved & burnt whatever series it was at the time. I would've offered them up to my flist but I would've had to have charged shipping and I didn't feel like going through that tedious task.

Cause of this cleaning frenzy, I just wasn't inspired to finish my writing challenges or get on chat. And what really sucked about not getting on chat was that I had the house alllllll to myself this past weekend so there was no distractions.

So now I've started back up on my writing challenges from a few weeks ago. Which in turn had me re-watching certain eps. of GUNxSWORD again and made me realize how much I really liked that series and how much I love Van's character. Though I'm still curious how the dub sounds.

I'm also behind on replies but I'm slowly but surely getting to them! I haven't forgotten about you peeps.
Four more eps to go and Dexter will be complete!

WARNINGS!: lots of blood, dismemberment of body parts, lots of swearing, nudity, and sex.

Dexter eps. 7 - "Circle of Friends"
Summary - The Ice Truck Killer is finally identified, but Dexter is skeptic for something does not sit right with him over recent events. Meanwhile, Rita must deal with the return of her menacing, recently paroled, ex-husband.

Dexter eps. 8 - "Shrink Wrap"
Summary - The suicide of a wealthy and powerful businesswoman leads Dexter to suspect that her psychologist may have killed her. But Dexter gets a surprise of his own when he pays a visit to the suspect which opens up dark secrets from Dexter's past.

A good bit of sexing going on in #8 between Debra being a horn dog and the scene with Dexter and Rita was hot!!

Previous eps downloads:

They are still good as long as the links haven't expired yet. Comment if you take.



Yesterday was Peter of Steel, Mr. Meat, you name it I'm sure it would fit him, Peter Steele's bday (lead singer/bass from Type O Negative). The man's getting up there in age but damn he's still hot for a 45yr old. (even though the pic beneath the cut was in '95, it don't change a thing!)

Licks )

I can never pimp this enough. Peter's Playgirl spread in '95. You can view the pages here. As always, please browse responsibly. Lots of schlong as well as a random half naked chick.

And today is Brian Warner's 38th bday O___O aka. Marilyn Manson.


On the topic of birthday's, over at [ profile] renji_rukia is having a birthday fanwork challenge for Rukia from now till the 14th. You can read all the info here.


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