The con itself, had to have been THE WORSE Afest I ever been to! And they were on such a roll too on getting good guests and such in the past. I couldn't believe how much has changed in a year's time. In fact, when we got there Sat. afternoon, it wasn't as full as last yr when we showed up. [ profile] guardianhunter and I were looking at each other going "WTF?" So those that usually go but didn't this yr, be glad you saved your money, time, and gas.

The only part about it that I liked doing was manning [ profile] telophase's art table while she was attending some panels and staying to help when she got back.

I checked out the dealer's room a bit, saw Tut and her hubby and chatted with them for awhile. FINALLY got Renji and Rukia cellphone straps!!!!!!! And was nice enough to buy Adit a little gifty for being such a good sport:

Free Image Hosting at

And Anna got him a Roy card done by [ profile] telophase.

That was all I found worth buying since money was tight this yr. Though there was a table on Sun. that had their manga's 30% off but had to smack my hand cause I couldn't indulge.

Course the dominating cosplayers were Naruto (ALOT of little kids), FFAC, Kingdom Hearts, and a handful of Bleach, FMA, and Ouran. Quite a few ppl I talked to was nothing but Naruto so I can imagine how HUGE Bleach will be after it airs this weekend. Seen alot more younger kids with their parents too this yr.


When we got to the con Sat. we walked around downstairs to find [ profile] telophase and Adit goes "Is this all there is to do?" His attitude changed later on in the day which was WAY too fucking funny. There was a girl who was dressed as Kikiyo who first wanted a hug from "Roy". And almost everytime we saw her, she would ask him for hugs. Almost had a stalker *coughRACHELcough* on our hands but thank god it was just for hugs though and not following us around like a lost puppy.

On Sunday, I sooooo wished I would've been there to see it but Adit comes back to the art table telling me about how a 5yr old boy glomped him. Then the FMA group from the pic came over to the table (they weren't dressed up this time) and the Riza asked Roy if he could snap his fingers for her friend to make her day. I couldn't stop laughing when I think about that.

Alot of ppl were impressed with how Adit pulled off on looking like Roy. Not to be biased but we think he was probably the best one there of the few that were dressed as Roy. There was an Ed that asked Roy if he could pose for a pic and I'm not sure if the Ed was from the group we've had a pic taken of or not that is in the cut. I swear they make anime hair seem so easy to do but IT'S NOT!! Riza's hair is so hard to pull up and have that little bit sticking up behind her head. Plus it doesn't help that I don't have bangs. The only reason the other Riza could pull it off better is that she had a wig on. There was no way I could just flip my hair in half and clip a barrette on it. Anna had to braid it half way then flip it up but we didn't play with it to make it stick up in the back.

To see the full view of the pics, click on the actual pic. You can also click it again to make it come up in bigger form. (same goes with the ones in the gallery)

Pics under here )

And to see the rest of the pics I didn't post, you can view them HERE.

I'm not sure if it was Sat night or on Sunday when Adit already asked about next yr. *giggles* Who knew that for someone not knowing a damn thing about anime, cons, and cosplaying, that he took to it so well? Then again, I think he loved all the attention. *pops head* [ profile] guardianhunter and I are already scheming about what to dress him as next yr.

I thought of this last night but what do you guys think about Hisagi from Bleach? (that is a newer pic of him from the Soul Sonic event '06)

Free Image Hosting at


I think that for the way I've been feeling about A-kon and AnimeFest, it's time to move on. The TX cons are such a disappointment now-a-days. You'd think for such a big state, they'd have bigger and better things going on but sadly, they don't. But this sucks for me cause it's so damn expensive to cough up the dough to go to the out of state cons while A-kon and AnimeFest are only 32 miles away.

Future cons I'd still like to go to:

uuuuhhhh.....Otakon (don't hurt me [ profile] guardianhunter *laughs*)
and of course Anime Boston (cause Anna threatened me that she would have to drag me there if worse came to worse).

So thats the whole scoop on the poop.

Enjoy the pics!
Man, hard to believe that it's time for this con already. [ profile] guardianhunter, her friend, and I will be there this weekend (Sat & Sun). Sadly, there isn't much about the con really worth going for this yr. We're pretty much just going to do the cosplay scene since, I again, got myself a new costume. I've been wanting to do this for awhile now, I just can't believe I'm doing it so soon.

Which is.....Fullmetal Alchemist...Mini-skirt Riza and [ profile] guardianhunter's friend is going as Roy. *giggles* Oh yeah, those that are going, you better get pics while you can cause this is a rare sighting to see ME in a SKIRT!!!!!!!!

It's crazy how we can come across ideas to cosplay on the spot. Back in June, I'm not quite sure how it came about but I think I was looking at some Roy pics and I told Anna that Adit would make a good Roy. She couldn't agree more and not long, proceeded to persude him to actually do this!! I mean this is coming from a guy who doesn't know anything about anime or about who he was dressing up as. Funny how the one time he did catch an eps of FMA on tv, it was during the Roy and Ed fight. I believe he called Anna that night saying "I'm dressing up as this guy?" *hehehehehehe*

We warned him early and almost every time we saw him about fangirls and how they behave. But then again, he might actually start liking the attention if they hound him. Nothing this Riza can do to fend them off. I just hope he'll be a good sport once all is said and done and that the fans didn't scare him away from trying it again.*snickers*

I still have to find a water gun that actually looks something akin to a gun (even if it is a funky color I can just spray paint black) but those that I did see were big bulky futuristic looking buggers. Walmart didn't have squat (and I don't feel like toting around a plastic rifle either) so I guess I'll try the $ Store and Family Dollar later today.

I'm only going to post some sample pics of "Roy" since I wasn't overly happy how mine came out. I'll wait till my hair is the color it should be. We tried lightning it last weekend, I didn't want anything overly bright blond but shit, I didn't think the color I got wasn't quite blonde enough. I've let my natural color grow out for a few months, so with the dark hair and this duller blonde, made my hair have a slight red tint to it >_____<. The ends are a light blonde but the top of my head has the tint.

I hope by Monday I'll have some pics to post worth while once I get back home. So till now, here's Roy.

Will the Real Roy Mustang please stand...errr...sit down )


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