AAACKK!! HISSSHISSS!! What is that horrible yellow thing in the sky that is trying to shrivel me up!!!??? IT BOORNS!!!! IT BOORNS!! But I don't see it lasting long since big fat semi-dark clouds are just hanging in the sky.


How I spent my 4th? Hmmm...bubba and I drove the bikes out to a pancake breakfast at Melissa's (the town) Fire Dept. and made it home just in time before it rained. But it didn't rain very much which was shocking. Royse City already postponed their 4th stuff till Saturday and believe me, that was a mistake. Wed. was great weather to have fireworks and the like, it was partially sunny but no rain. I'll laugh my ass off if it rains aaaaaaaaalllll day Saturday or just alllll Sat. evening since that's when they plan to have their parade and the fireworks.

Basically the 4th was a lazy day. I did laundry while bubba bummed around watching tv. I also cleaned the bathroom and a bit of my room. I think I was the only active one in the house that day. Then I couldn't help but veg out in my room watching the Red,White,& Bloo marathon on Cartoon Network (Foster's Home marathon that is).

Just another day off work while getting paid. We were going to finish painting the trim of the house but was a bit humid to really do much of that.


Tues. I got my goody package in the mail from Japan that had my new Bleach summer plushies!!! They are sooooooooooo adorable. I have my own RenRuki set and then I bought the full set. The Kon is too cute and wouldn't mind keeping him but I have no use for it. I'll probably post the new plushies and new Kon slippers up for sale next week.

I still don't get why there hasn't been an Orihime, Ishida, and Chad plush made. I'd rather see a different Orihime with just about every release instead of Hitsu.


Someone posted these One Piece figures on the comm and OMFG!!!!!! I SOOOO WANT!!!!!! *makes grabby hands* Though I'd be a happyhappy fangirl to have the Ace and the super hot Franky figure OW!OW! Check out the other link that is posted that has more Franky pics. *melts*

Speaking of Ace, my panties are sooooo gonna burst if and when they animate the part when Ace met up with Blackbeard cause that fight in the manga was just soooo fucking awesome!!!!!! And I'm jonsing again for Ace in general. I need to catch up on the manga again since they went to that Zombie Island.


I don't know if this is good or not but I'll just say YAYS! anyways in regards to the news about them making a movie for Sousei no Aquarion "The Sōsei Shinwa-Hen" (The Chapter on the Myth of the Orb of Genesis) which will be based upon the two OVAs, Uragiri no Tsubasa (Wings of Betrayal) and Taiyō no Tsubasa (Wings of the Sun). Sounds better than the other new Bleach movie. I don't know why but I have issues of the idea of Bleach movies than what I do in regards to One Piece. I guess cause with them doing movies for One Piece, it doesn't throw off any of the storyline cause they can bascially go from island to island and nothing is out of place. Probably cause I just want Bleach to get to the fucking point already in the manga and these shitty anime fillers AGAIN.


I have an anime and music download beneath the cut, and YES YOU WILL FEEL THE NEED TO DOWNLOADS THESE!

Asphinctersayswhat? )


With all the asshattery I've been feeling as of late in the Bleach fandom, something so fucking awesome and genuine was posted today that totally made me all giddy and warm inside.

[ profile] wereblonde posted her RenRuki drabbles that basically follow as a set and sooooo worth the read. Starts from their chibi days till present *squealsflails!!!!*

Progression. READREADREAD!


This weekend is HetCon....a homemade local gathering for those that are pondering the title. I'm heading over after I get off work and won't be back at the house till sometime on Monday. I'm soooo looking forward to this much needed time away from house stuff.

So DO NOT POST any fics or art that may be for me cause I will more than likely not see it.

I also gotta work on my birthday wishlist and my sale list for next week as well.

Bubba, just in case you read this entry, DON'T FORGET TO FEED KITTY!!!!!!


Cause, really, there always is.

I'm partially ignoring my flist right now. If you haven't made a post about yesterday's brew haha, I'll be more than happy to read you. I was sick of it already after I read the first entry made yesterday evening on my flist about what was going on, I don't need to re-read it 10 million times. I was ready to scratch my eyeballs out of my skull when I went to check my LJ this morning. I'll see how things are going by the weekend before I guess I have to make another filter.


Have I mentioned how much I hate going to graduations? Cause I really really do. Being at mine was enough. The one we went to this past weekend down at Ft.Hood/Killeen had over 400 KIDS!!!!! And the girl we were there to see was in the C area and had to suffer having to sit through the rest while freezing our asses off since they kept jacking up the AC near the end. They also had a feed going on to Iraq to the few who had either their own kids or relatives graduating.


For those Texans on my flist, are we tired of the rain yet? I mean yeah, it's a blessing to have it while we can before the summer hits us but damn! Give us a little break here!! We were hoping to ride the bikes down last weekend but they were calling for a high chance of rain throughout the holiday that we just took the truck. Hell, I was only able to ride the bike 3 times last week before the rain decided to stay around. This morning, we had some slammers including some pebble sized hail that stuck around for about 5mins. It poured it's ass off though, enough to where I'm beginning to think we're going to have to build an Arc. It could be worse, we could have 100 degree weather already.


In music news:

Today (well at least here in the US, it came out yesterday in Japan) is the release of the Beat Crusaders new album. You can order it at HMV Japan:

*bouncebouncebounce* I've been doing the pee pee dance since I ordered it and Ghost yesterday. Now to will the mail to move it's ass!!! Plus I also ordered both cds with the dvds they come with though I have a feeling I won't be able to play it since it'll be a Region 1 disc. I was going to hold off on listening to it if someone uploaded it but the anxiety is eating at me and I caved in to downloading the link that someone had offered. Haven't had the chance to listen to it yet, probably not till my lunch break at work. *flails!!*

With the track listings, for those not familiar with their other albums, anything not labeled as new has been previously released on other albums.

01.~TOXIC GORILLA~ (new)
04.E.M.O (new)
07.HEY×2 LOOK×2 (new, Kappa Mikey theme song but I haven't seen it released elsewhere)
08.~SPROUT!~ (new)
09.PERFECT DAY (new)
11.TREASON (new)
13.MIGHTY BLOW (new)
15.~YOUR MELODY~ (new)
19.ZENITH (new)

ALSO I went and uploaded Smashing Pumpkins new song "Tarantula". I really really like it and only hope that the new album will be just as good. Still has that ole Pumpkins sound to it. If you download it, totally let me know what you think especially if you are a Pumpkins fan.

AND other happy news for me is that Aquarion's OVA "Uragiri no Tsubasa" raw finally came out!! I was able to have the dl finished before I left for work and can only hope I have time later this evening to watch it. *bouncebounce* The other torrent they had for the preview of the OVA had me so giddy, I'm so anxious to see what the hell is going on though I hope the subbers don't take too long on releasing it.


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