I was a bit scared there for about a week since they already had San Antonio, Corpus Ch., and Houston listed but nothing north of them. But my wish came true!

April 25, 2007
Palladium Ballroom - Dallas, TX
Doors 7:30pm, Show 8:30pm
Tickets $23 Advance / $26 Day of Show
All Ages
Notes: Tickets on sale 3/9/07

Different venue this year. I heard of it before but never been there. One good thing is that they aren't playing down in Deep Ellum. Bubba and I almost always get lost downtown just trying to find that area and once we finally get there, we have to trudge around just to find the damn club they'd be playing at.
IT'S SNOWING!!!! At work that is, in Terrant County, but at least it's melting as it hits the ground. But it's still nice to see a nice amount of white stuff coming down. This is more than that little bit we had the other day.

ETA: It didn't stop snowing till around 6pm.


Someone on the Peter Steele comm posted this link. The only thing that sucks is that the snippet of a song from the new album is ONLY A TEASE, A HORRIBLE HORRIBLE TEASE!!!!!!!!! (horrible meaning how mean of them to tease us, not the song) But OMFG IS IT MARCH YET??!!! That tease clip sounds so fucking awesome. Don't worry about trying to find it on the actual site cause it's not on there. You can hear it here.

The track listing for TON "Dead Again":
1. Dead Again
2. Tripping a Blind Man
3. The Profits of Doom
4. September Sun
5. Halloween in Heaven
6. These Three Things
7. She Burned Me Down
8. Some Stupid Tomorrow
9. An Ode to Locksmiths
10. Hail and Farewell to Britain

And the cover is so creepy looking but I dig the text.

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In Nine Inch Nails news:

New dvd "Beside You In Time" from live footage of the With Teeth tour comes out 2/27/07.


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