Sorry I don't have much exciting things to post lately so you'll just have to deal with the new stuff I'm posting on my sale.

Updates include:

- Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Custom Gundam Models (includes the pilot figure too)

- Treize & Tallgeese II

- Heero Blood Mage fanart from Militant Wing (all the info explains it all in the sales link)

- Disney's Pocohontas Collector Cups from Burger King

- Blue jeans in the clothing section

The sale is listed HERE. Thanx!

If anyone wants non-anime related stuff, better speak up between now and Sept. 5th cause I'm going to try and have a yard sale the weekend of the 6th and I'm putting out the non-anime stuff to sell.

Any questions, feel free to ask in the sales entry.
I uploaded more goods such as:

Misc anime vids: Blue Sub #6 on vhs and Escaflowne sub eps 5-8 vhs.

Vids: The Beatles boxset includes "A Hard Day's Night", "HELP!", and "The Making of A Hard Days Night".

You can check everything out here. Thanx!


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