Hmmm...let's see where I should start. How about skipping this movie and just go see My Bloody Valentine. Granted, Jared kinda made 13th better for me on watching it but overall, the movie SUCKED!!!

More beneath the cut and might have some spoilers to previous 13th movies if you haven't seen them yet.

It had no major plot or story behind it (YES some 13th movies did have some sort of plot or story) like how Valentine did (that kept you guessing till the near end). I wished that they would quit calling the 13th a remake from the 1st cause it's not! If you want to call it a remake, then stick to the story the 1st had. The ONLY thing remotely near the 1st movie was the very beginning and the setup regarding a certain character but the rest of the movie was by itself.

It just seemed like the movie was pretty rushed and Jason really didn't have much of a motive for killing except maybe he was jealous of all the sex going on and being pissed off that a bunch of "kids" were trying to steal his pot crop. God damn this movie had more sex and tits being shown than any of the Jason movies made. What I read from the critics before seeing the movie was pretty much on the spot on what they had to say of what the movie was mainly focused on; drugs and sex top priorities with killing falling waaaaaaaaaay below scale.

There wasn't much of a gore factor here, nothing to be overly scared about that it would make you piss your pants or have nightmares about. In fact, I was getting pretty bored with the movie. Too damn predictable and they hardly ever used that ki ki ki ki ma ma ma ma noise like the norm of Jason movies. Most of the time, the main ppl that you know are going to survive, are usually wounded somehow but all Jared had done to him was basically the norm for him on what he goes through on Supernatural. Hell, Jensen had more things happen to him on Valentine.

Just sad that Valentine had less of a box office gross compared to 13th. But at least Valentine ranked #3 when it came out and sure, 13th made #1 this past weekend but that's only cause of them releasing it on the 13th and maybe guys taking their gals out to see a horror flick to make the chicks cling to them on Vday or maybe even diehard Jason fans wanting to try it out. But I bet that the movie is going to slip by this coming weekend.

I'd say this new 13th movie ranks #6 of the bad Jason movies. Here is a rundown of the few I can recall. #1 being the worse and the soso as the list goes down:

#1 - is definitely Jason X "Jason in ssssppppppppaaaaaaaace!" I mean WTF!!! I can't recall WHY they put his frozen body on a space ship and yet at the end, HE EXPLODES INTO MILLIONS OF PIECES IN FUCKING SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!! How in the hell do you bring this undead creature back when there is nothing left of his body??!!

#2- Jason Goes to Hell "The Final Friday" where he is reborn and can assume the identity of anyone he touches cause that was the movie where you find out he has a sister and a niece.

#3 – Jason Takes Manhattan. Yeah, that title says it all right there on the WTF factor. I mean they're no where near crystal lake so how in the hell does he even get near the boat that's going to NY??!! I guess as long as it's water, no matter if it's in crystal lake or not, he can morph himself to any body of water.

#4 – New Blood. Just the idea of how he's brought back was pretty damn stupid.

#5 – Freddy vs. Jason actually wasn't overly bad. I can't remember who I was rooting for.

#6 – The new Friday the 13th.

And for some reason, the one Jason movie that I liked out of all of them was Friday the 13th VI "Jason Lives."

So that's the scoop on the poop (literally).
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