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HOLY SHIT!! John Lithgow was a wonderful actor in this season and hopes he gets some sort of award for his role in this. The ending was, well....kinda expected. I'm kinda glad it happened but yet kinda not. I just want Deb to find out about Dex like she did in the books and was cool with it. I'm curious about Cody and Astor now if they are going to maybe eventually have them like they were in the books as well. Still miss Doakes though.

Either way, I will NEVER get tired of season 4!!!!!!!!! Just sucks I have to wait till next Sept for season 5.
Since I keep forgetting to update these other journals here is what is going on:

Christmas wishlist and request for cards. If you would like a card from me this yr, you can reply to that entry and all comments are screened. My address is also located in that entry.

Holiday Sale!. Selling everything and anything again.
Since I finally found a place where I can catch up on the manga without having to download everything, I thought I'd pick up where I left off (around 80'ish) the beginning of this week. I can't believe HOW GOOD this series really is. And after catching up on everything so far (I have two more chapters to go till I'm caught up) made me realize just how much I couldn't stand the original anime.

Chapters 94 to part of 96 with Dark!Roy getting his revenge and the situation Riza was put in, makes me LOVE these two so much!!! And everything with Ed and Winry makes me so woobie!!! I love all the allies that decided to take a stand and join the group.

I know this is probably asking a dumb question but does anyone know if there is a place to watch the "Brotherhood" series without having to dl any eps? That would be so awesome but if not, I have a feeling I'm going to have to find time to dl them (coming from someone who hasn't watched anime in over a year!)

Reading this series has made me realize that I only have two fav. ongoing series that has not disappointed me: FMA and OP. Bleach.....WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!!! It's such a bore and I wish that SOMETHING SUPER SPECIAL will happen like BEFORE I'M 80yrs old!!! I gave up on the anime and don't know if I'd even want to go back and catch up on the eps I missed out on.

Hope everyone has a decent Halloween!

Peessss- THANK GOD a new eps of SPN tonight!!
For those that aren't on Facebook, I'll post it here too.

Amongst other things I've done for myself or have gone through recently in my life, all I can say is that change is good and I can only hope it keeps getting better. I've done something for myself Thurs night and I feel GREAT about choosing what I decided to do and glad I quit putting it off. I guess I can say it's another notch of moving on/starting fresh. Check out the recent pics of me beneath the cut:

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( Sep. 2nd, 2009 06:14 pm)
  • Last Sat night was the Depeche Mode concert at the Starplex/Smirnoff/ center (WHATEVER IT'S CALLED NOW!!). The band was FAN FUCKING TASTIC!!!! I want to go see them again and I hope that after a much deserved and needed break from this tour that they come back again and this time to the AAC. The only thing that pissed me off was the price for t-shirts. 40 FUCKING DOLLARS!!!! Seriously, WTF??!! Every concert I've been to, bands only charge $20-25. DM's prices is just fucking redonkulous!! I wasn't that desperate for a shirt though they did have some nice ones. I'm sure I can find something cheaper online. The song sets were decent, there were some songs they could've done without and some songs they should've sang but didn't. Dave's voice was AMAZING!!! And even at 47 yrs old, his vocals sound just as clear and crisp as it would on a cd.

    I noticed that their tour blog, they posted pics from the Dallas show:

    We were so lucky, we had WONDERFUL weather too! Not very hot or humid but cooool.

  • Bought S1-3 dvd set of Supernatural on Amazon last week FOR HELLA CHEAP! Brand new at that!! I guess they are hard up for ppl to spend their money that they had ALOT of things marked down. They were cheaper than Best Buy and Walmart doesn't even carry the series unless you order it through their online store and they can ship it to the nearest Wallyworld. AND what makes it better yet is that I just recently received S4 in the mail today from [profile] toriru4ever!!! *shakes booty*

  • Had my check-up at the chiro today. I feel soooooooo relaxed.

  • Had a major headache Mon morning that DID NOT GO AWAY no matter what I did. It didn't ease up till later on Tues morning. Have a feeling it was a sinus issue cause a lady at work was telling me about her major headache last week and what it consisted of. Plus it was only on my left side and right above my eye. With the way the weather has changed dramatically recently, I can see why it could've been a sinus issue. I still have a light throbbing from time to time but not as severe as Mon.

  • The renovation of my bathroom is now COMPLETE!!! I wished I would've taken a before photo cause looking at the new stuff now, it's hard to believe what the bathroom looked like before. Feels nice to finally have my own FULL bathroom to use, a longer bathtub than the place where I used to live with the ex, and I can finally give the cat a bath when need be! Next up, probably in Oct when it gets cooler is working on the bigger bedroom so it can be my room instead of the "closet" space I live in now.

  • Now I look forward to this upcoming holiday weekend!
  • Was created for the [profile] renji_rukia comm on LJ but you can still participate even if you are not a member. I can always link back to the entry for the comm. Please feel free to pass it around.

    I wasn't going to but thought what the hell, I'll give it another try. Let's see if we can't get this joint jumping again regardless of the non-existant characters right now in the series. For those still interested or those who want to clear the collected cob webs, now's your chance to get the creative juices flowing.

    As you can see, it's more than one challenge. You can either use a summer theme, Renji's birthday, or maybe both mixed together.

    Copy and paste the code if you'd like to pimp this in your LJ.

  • You can post any time between the 10th of Aug till the 5th of Sept. (Renji's bday is 8/31)

  • Can be in any media form: icons, fics, art, wallpaper, vids, etc. And can be any rating from G-NC-17

  • Other characters can be in the background but the first and foremost important ppl to focus on is Renji/Rukia.

  • This is not a contest and no prizes, just a challenge to get ppl more involved when they can on doing something for this pair.

  • Those that do participate, will be able to use the banner but in a smaller format. But to only those that participate!

    Any questions, feel free to ask.

    Special thanx to [profile] salzraender for creating the art for the banner!
  • I was hoping to start my early bday weekend on a good start and I guess I can say that it did, even if Sat's cook-out I went to was a bit kookie but I'm glad I had [profile] blkros there to keep me company.

    Then Sunday part of our riding group went driving around before it got too hot. Was an okay ride, wasn't any of the best but at least the weather was pretty decent, not overly hot till when we were heading back.

    Spent Sun evening with [profile] blkros and [profile] toriru4ever on what I like to dub as the sushi-chocolate-penis night. *laughs* Allow me to explain:

    - had SUPER YUMMY sushi at the usual sushi place in Frisco that has the AWESOME "happy salmon". That is the only sushi place I've been to that makes it, I haven't seen it anywhere else which makes me sad. Then Mona and I had some pretty strong white russian drinks while Jen was our sober driver. Oooh...they also have some yummy dumplings called Shelby dumplings. Might have to try and make some myself since I have the right seafood for it.

    - then it was off for dessert & coffee at the Grand Lux Cafe. Mona and I shared the choco fudge cake explosion which the name lives up to the confection. And HUGE portions OMGAH! Jen got red velvet cake and that too was huge. Sadly I left the left-overs in Jen's car last night :(

    -after that, we went to the movies to see Bruno since Jen kept talking about it to us and we couldn't help but go see it. That is where the penis part comes in.

    And that ended the bday weekend on a great note.

    This morning I got two packages in the mail and of course no bday cards from the family. Mom already gave me money when I went home and I'm curious to see how long till I get grandpa's card.

    So the first package was in a priority box and didn't think anything of it till I looked where it came from. I placed the order on Fri and thankfully since the place was in CA, (cause of the timing on when they receive orders), they shipped it out same day on Fri. It couldn't have come at a perfect time. Beneath the cut are pics of my lovely handsome gift to myself:

    Read more... )

    I also had my dental appt for a cleaning and while everything looked good, I still have 3 fillings that are "silver" and they want to take them out and put the tooth colored ones in like the rest that are in my mouth. Now what didn't make sense is that before I went into the Army, I had two small cavities filled and the dentist used the tooth colored. Then when I was stationed in Ft.Hood and went to the dentist, they had to take what I had in my mouth out and put the silver ones in since the cavities were eating through the cheap white fillings. When I got out of the Army and went to the dentist again for check ups, they tell me that the metal fillings should be replaced with the white. I told them of my situation the first time and they said since then, the white colored fillings were better made. I'm in no hurry to have these last 3 replaced since it's not causing me any problems. BUT the other good thing about the appt is that I didn't owe any co-pay since my insurance covered 100% on cleanings. Though of course when it comes to other dental work, it's split.

    When I got home, there was another package on the porch but it came from UPS. Thank you so much [profile] scarbie for the blackest of black dvd!!!! (Metalocalypse S1) I can't wait to re-watch it now since the sticker said it was uncensored.

    All in all it's been a good birthday just like last yr, if not better. I'll probably spend part of today and tomorrow on cleaning my room since it needs it.

    OH! And one more thing I'd like to share to my flist. Last weekend was the Spongebob Bash and I saw a commerical for the Spongebob Greatest Hits cd. I found a link for it and dl'ed it and thought I'd share it to whoever wants it. Certain songs still make me giggle like FUN and the Camp Fire Song Song (see if you can actually sing along with it fast). [profile] scarbie you should dl this so you can hear that FUN song. I remember telling you about it when you put that Spongebob FUN sticker on my bday card 2 yrs ago.

    Click the pic to get the download

    1. Spongebob Squarepants Theme Song
    2. Goofy Goober Song
    3. F.U.N. Song
    4. Campfire Song Song
    5. Ripped Pants
    6. Where's Gary?
    7. My Tighty Whiteys
    8. Doing the Sponge
    9. Stadium Rave
    10. Goofy Goober Rock
    11. Best Day Ever
    12. Idiot Friends
    13. Gary's Song
    14. I Can't Keep My Eyes Off of You
    15. Bubble Song
    16. This Grill Is Not a Home
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    ( Jul. 16th, 2009 09:24 pm)
    I have a long bday weekend since I took Mon off for my bday and Tues off just to recover from the weekend. *lol*

    As for my wishlist, same thing every yr, nothing much has changed on my list:

    Fanart or fanfics or whatever you know how to do, for the following series & pairings, can also be any kind of theme. Sap and/or smut is highly encouraged! :p NO ANGST!!!!! >__< Don't rush if you know you're not going to have it done by my bday.

    Plenty to choose from though with picking some known and some not well known series as well as the pairings I'm sure isn't helping. (got plenty of screencaps if ya need help ;P)


    Bleach - Renji/Rukia, Renji/Rukia w/Rikichi hanging around, Renji & Rikichi (NOT as a pair.) for those that can't remember who the kid is here, Division 11, IkkakuxMizuho (OTP!2), Ichigo/Orihime.

    Gungrave - Brandon/Maria

    One Piece - Luffy/Nami, Sanji/Robin, Franky/Robin, Ace or Ace & Luffy doing brotherly things. If art is inspired, I could pic Ace carrying Luffy on his shoulders (or piggy back ride) while Luffy is wearing the Pirate King coat. Ace and Luffy can be younger. Or just something cute. Here are some random Ace caps. Besides, after the recent chapter in the manga, I'm all for anything with Ace!! *whimpers*


    Misc. Goods

  • Anything with Spongebob (his 10th bday is this week too!), Garfield, or butterflies.
  • Candles

    My Amazon list (recently updated):
    My Wish List

    Anything with Beat Crusaders of course and if someone is able to kidnap and neatly wrap Hidaka Tooru up for me, that'd be even better. :P

    My contact info )
  • WOW! Needless to say I'm soooooooooooo happy that I was able to FINALLY witness this group LIVE!! I never thought in my lifetime that I would ever get the chance to not only see them in concert but for them to actually come to the Dallas area.

    There were two opening acts, can't remember the first band's name but they were okay. Both bands had the same kind of style that Fischerspooner has. The 2nd band Ssion was well......not my bag.

    The cool thing though was seeing an older man probably in his early 60's at a show like this, especially knowing what kind of music it was. But he seemed to have enjoyed himself and that was awesome. I want to be that way when I'm his age, I shouldn't have to change my music tastes just cause I'm an old person and I still want to go to concerts when I'm old too.

    Fischerspooner opened the set with my FAV song Amuse Bouche so that really made my night to start on a good foot. Then when they did the 2nd song, Casey wore that lighted hat thingy (that I have posted in the entry before this) and that was pretty awesome. They put on a great theatrical show with costumes and dance. Casey looked pretty nice on the eyes (and not cause he's gay either), looks like he lost a bit of weight from some older pics, especially during the clips they were showing on the side screens of them doing older rehearsals. When he went to sing Emerge, he admitted that he can't stand doing that song but he does it anyways cause you know the fans expect them TO do that song. And ya know, even if he happens to half sing and half lipsynch, it's still an awesome show.

    I almost didn't think that the place was going to be filled up but right before Fischer came out, the theater got full. I also didn't think that there was that many ppl that actually knew who this band was so that's cool on seeing the amount there

    I'd go see them again if they would happen to come back this way before the tour ends. So totally worth the $20.

    Here are some pics on Fischerspooner's flickr account:

    The pics are now posted from the Granada Theater show last Fri night. Pics came out great. If I knew that camera's were allowed, I would've brought mine but glad to see they already have someone from the theater take the pics. The only thing I don't like about these pics, TOO MUCH CROWD!!! And the crowd wasn't even doing anything special. The dude should've been more focused on the show.

    Here is the link for the slide show:

    And beneath the cut are some of my fav pics.

    Read more... )
    I guess this band ranks up there with MSI(Mindless Self Indulgence). I haven't met many ppl that know anything of MSI or Fischerspooner.

    To describe Fischer would be electronica mixed in with some artistic flare. Just go here to read about the band. And it sounds like they put on quite the stage show. The new album just came out and well, it's pretty damn good!! It's a bit "mellower" than #1 and from what I've been reading, it has more of an Odyssey feel which I don't know too much of, just heard a few songs.

    But here is also what gets me of how much ppl can't seem to accept new ways or a direction a band is going in. Ppl were pissing and moaning that the songs weren't electronica enough like how #1 was. A musician is an artist, artists should be allowed to expand and explore. You know how boring it is to do the same thing over and over again with no room to allow you to change? Some things can be enjoyable and some things make you cringe but just like movies and such, I'm not going to pick everything over with a fine tooth comb and constantly BITCH about the change or lack of change. What ever happened to just listening or watching for what it is and try to enjoy it (if there is room for the enjoyment)? I never go into anything with high hopes of how great something might be only to have it turn around and disappoint you. That way if it turns out to be really good, you can savor that "happy" moment and if it turns out bad, you're not left with the huge disappoint cloud over your head.

    I'm glad I checked out their website when I did cause they are going to be in Dallas at the Granada Theater THIS Fri w/ tixs @ $20!!! Can't beat that price! And I can imagine how awesome they'd be live. I'm going to have to go to this show regardless if I go by myself or not, I'm not missing this golden opportunity.

    Anyways, here is the new album "Entertainment".

    And the first album "#1".

    If anyone can get a hold of Odyssey, I'd be forever grateful. I have a hard time getting a hold of that one.

    Here are two pics I got from the new release of Casey Spooner (the 2nd pic is the album cover):

    The funky hat thingy reminds me of Beat Crusaders "P.O.A." cover:

    Free Image Hosting at

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    ( May. 2nd, 2009 12:26 pm)
    Just taking this out for a test spin. Will work more on this later.
    I guess I'm a bit overdue on posting something but I'm still working on a full real update, maybe by next week.

    Since the plans went bust to go out with the gals Sat, Mona and I decided to go to the movies Sat evening to see "The Haunting in CT". Another movie that had an okay preview and okay reviews but turned out to be a bit of a bummer. I was thinking there was going to be some freaky killings and gore but there was none to be had. Mainly a ghost story movie that in many parts, STILL didn't explain much about the things that went on in the past. It seemed like forever till they FINALLY got around to explaining a little but still left me feeling blank. Pretty sad that so far with the 3 "horror" movies I watched this yr, My Bloody Valentine is still by far my all time fav. Which by the way comes out on dvd May 19. Had sushi after the movies and actually had a waiter who was cute, still bugs me that he reminded me of someone but can't think of who.

    And speaking of horror movies, I finally got around to watching Saw 5 and I was SOOOOOOOO SORRILY DISAPPOINTED by it overall. And already they are in the making of Saw 6. >__<

    Sun. I went with Mona to her gym to do the spin class there. I think I like my gym's class better. Went to Trader's Village in the afternoon and thought nothing of how the weather was going to be. Didn't realize I got sunburn on my face and forearms till I got home and out of the shower.

    Had one helluva storm brew through last night right before I went to bed. Couldn't sleep for shit and just stayed up watching the lightening till it calmed down. Shockingly enough the power didn't go out.

    And one last thing...we gals are going to see Depeche Mode in Aug AND it's on a Sat!! ROCK!! I've always wondered what they sounded like live, I hope they're good. Speaking of said band, I thought I'd share the new album for those interested. Really good album.

    "Depeche Mode - Sounds of the Universe"

    Eventually I'll get around to posting a RL entry for a change. *lol* But I will say that I've been feeling pretty damn good these past few weeks for all the right reasons, aside from the occasional soreness of course. ^_~

    Since I don't recall talking about it on my journal, the Beat Crusaders released a 2nd greatest hits "Very Best Crusaders" w/a dvd as usual and if you get the 1st ed. you also get two "newer" songs that they've done elsewhere but didn't put on an album.

    I'll eventually get the dvd sent out to be formatted to avi and post it here but I will say I was really happy with the dvd. It didn't focus much on the Boyz of Summer tour like last time but instead, has some clips of BS, club shows, and my wish came true when they included one of their live acoustic sets during their Talk Crusaders tour.

    Up for grabs are the two songs not released on any album:

    - Phantom Planet was made to pimp out PS3's game "Little Big Planet." I'll also be posting the vid for that song.

    - Have You Seen Her Happy? was the theme song for the Japanese movie "Komoriclub."

    "Phantom Planet"

    "Have You Seen Her Happy?"

    The lyrics are beneath the cut:Read more... )

    And the vid for Phantom Planet HERE and I uploaded it to my photobucket account if you wanted to preview it before downloading.

    Certain background characters are a bit creepy but it's a really cute vid. I put some screencaps beneath the cut as well.

    more here )

    Enjoy! And let me know if any of the links expire.
    Hmmm...let's see where I should start. How about skipping this movie and just go see My Bloody Valentine. Granted, Jared kinda made 13th better for me on watching it but overall, the movie SUCKED!!!

    More beneath the cut and might have some spoilers to previous 13th movies if you haven't seen them yet.

    Read more... )

    So that's the scoop on the poop (literally).
    I came across this Steve Blum article while reading the news section on Yahoo today at work. Was kinda shocked to even see this mentioned. Wolverine for Life. Though to be honest, I could see this being featured for Scott McNeil as well since it seems like he was fit to do the role of Wolverine too.


    Spending tomorrow celebrating Singles Day! [ profile] toriru4ever and I are going to see Friday 13th (yuuuuummmmm...Jared) then get a few drinks and watch even more horror movies when we get back to her place. *laughs* I didn't even know they filmed that movie in Austin till I came across an interview the other week. I wonder what part though since they were near a lake (and I don't know much about Austin very well aside from 6th St. *lol*).
    "Heero Yuy" was on Supernatural tonight. *laughs* When I saw the guy in the beginning, I was like 'that looks like Mark Hildreth.' Man hasn't changed much in his looks aside from looking a little older but sadly, he didn't sound much like Heero when he talked. :P
    Since I missed Rukia's birthday, I thought I'd make up for it by having another Valentine Day Challenge over at [ profile] renji_rukia.

    Click the banner to get to the info.

    Damn this was a good and tight game. I almost thought it wasn't going to happen but the Steelers managed to pull something out of their ass. I couldn't believe the amount of penalties that Arizona had and that's what hurt them alot. Near the end, I'll admit that the Steelers were playing dirty/unfair with all the punching and smacking. Kudos to Arizona for making it this far when not many ppl had faith in them to do it.

    I didn't realize just how young both the Steelers coach and Big Ben are. When Tomlin became their coach, he was 32 (and does anyone else happen to notice that he looks like Foreman from House? Those two could pass for brothers) and Ben is only turning 27 this yr O________O.

    Halftime blew as I knew it would.

    Commercials sucked as I knew they would as well. Majority of the movies look shitty except maybe Transformers 2.
    My Bloody Valentine

    First off let me say that I probably would go see it again amidst all the gore cause I'm sure certain parts will still scare the shit out of me. AND if you are lucky, there are theaters that aren't showing it in 3-D which we were lucky to watch it without but certain parts in the movie, you could tell it was made for 3-D just for the way certain things kinda jumped right out.

    If anyone has seen the original, do not have the mindset that the new one is exactly like the old cause IT IS NOT!!! In fact, the new one is like a million times better; better acting, better scenes, and definitely better and more gore than the first could ever DREAM of using.

    Some differences between the two:

    - doesn't focus much about the mines or the miners
    - there is a Vday dance going on in town
    - different reason for the killer. Let's just say he has issues with Vday.
    - I will say this, the ending will shock you to an extent.


    - after seeing the orig. I just noticed that they really didn't focus much about Vday overall. It was more like a backdrop than anything. It was mainly focused about the mines and miners.

    - the guys in this are much more hotter. And the chicks are so much better. The orig had some annoying bitches that couldn't act.

    I liked how the new one twisted certain things, used some old scenes and had more gore (which I'm still shocked that the org. didn't have much to gross out on). I think I may just have to buy it on dvd when it comes out.

    Jensen Ackles was perfect for his role. With him having Supernatural under his belt, gave him that bit of experience for these type of movies. And the crazed facial expressions was a bit creepy but perfect!

    The theater wasn't packed but there was still a good bit of ppl in there. And with horror movies, for the most part, ppl can't help but talk outloud which was funny. Quite a bit "OH SHIT" moments too where you're nearly jumping out of your chair (and you tend to find out you're not the only one either)

    [ profile] toriru4ever allowed me to post her comment about the movie here *lol*:

    My Bloody Valentine made me piss in my pants more than once :(
    *I was practically clinging onto poor Beck for dear life and hiding under my coat during the brain splattering scenes*

    For those that want to see the orig, you can download it HERE. It's a workable avi file with a tiny glitch in two spots but nothing bad to where it would ruin the movie.

    Get the dl while you can cause when it expires, I won't be re-upping it cause it took nearly 4hrs to upload and I don't keep files that I don't like or want.


    So after seeing MBV, had me wanting to go find other horror movies in the 80's I grew up with and recalled watching. This was brought on by an older sister who was the horror nut in my family.

    The next horror movie I wanted to see since it's been aaaaaaages that I saw it (more than likely since the late 80's) and had a hard time finding it available anywhere. Well I finally found a torrent for it and dl'ed it.

    Silent Night Deadly Night, it was about the main guy/killer who's parents were murdered by a crook/stranded motorist in a Santa costume on X-mas eve. Billy and his little brother were put in a Catholic orphan home with a horrible bitch for a Mother Superior. So every Christmas Eve/Christmas, he freaks out when he sees Santa but it was when 18yr old Billy decided to snap and go on a killing spree.

    I didn't realize how awful this movie was too till now. And I forgot there was a part 2 made that dealt with Billy's kid brother who saw what happened to his brother at the orphan home. I have to work on getting the torrent for that.

    It's funny how as a kid, I was scared shitless of these movies but now that I'm older and can sit back and either laugh or still be grossed out. I say to myself "and I was scared of these things as a kid, why?"

    Anyways, here is Silent Night Deadly Night.


    Now the next movie on my list is seeing the new Friday 13th that comes out next month on said date. Probably won't see it till Vday anyways. They showed more of the preview of it during MBV and god damn Jared looks HOT!!! Sadly they didn't show many clips of him during the preview but it was enough to see how he's going to look.


    As for tv stuff, I started to dl every season for Supernatural since I missed out on quite a few eps from each season.

    S1 eps 17 had me laughing my ass off. I'm sure Jensen was laughing inside since it was "supposed" to take place in Richardson Texas (aka his hometown and the town a few blocks down from me). I know where they film the show at and I'm sure it's hard to try and make certain backdrops like the places they are supposed to take place at. But I had to laugh at their version of Interstate 35 (35 does not run into any kind of back country land) AND the kind of area Richardson was in. They acted like Richardson was this back country hick town with LOTS AND LOTS of woods with a spooky rundown house in the middle of it all. There are NO such things or places like that in Richardson. And if someone could prove me wrong, then well, I'll be quite shocked.

    Now I'm working on dl'ing season 2.


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