A little bit of everything actually.

First off, I totally gotta rec this fic for Bleach:

Symmetry by [livejournal.com profile] burnishedvelvet (aka lady_sinistra for those that knew her from the FMA fandom). Characters/Pairings: Renji. Mentions of Renji/Rukia.

Words can not express how much I love everything about this fic. As if I didn't love Renji enough, this made it grow tenfolds.



I found some torrents for My Name Is Earl for those that never seen it or those that might have missed some of the older eps here.

Random song download:

Placebo "Pure Morning" cause we all know A friend in needs a friend indeed,A friend with weed is better >:p

Last but not least...

Bleach Musical Backstage clip filled with cracked love. The only file I could upload regarding the Musical since again, the Musical itself is huge. I think you'll enjoy this just as much.
Someone was kind enough to upload their copy of the dvd. You can find the link to the torrent here but you have to be a member at [livejournal.com profile] bleach_myu since its a locked entry. I'm not posting the direct link to where you can get the actual torrent since I think a "thanx" is in order for the person who was nice enough to direct the fans to it and/or the person who also took the time to put it up.

Sorry peeps, your on your own with this one. I'm not going to make myself frustrated on uploading such a big file and I mean BIG. The musical itself is 913MB and the backstage clips is 323MB and I don't know how to do the splitting just yet so even I can't burn it to disc. So unless you can get someone to go through that task of uploading if you are unable to do bit torrent, good luck. I'm sure I could burn it to disc once I get the feel of splitting it up, but you have to supply me with said disc(s).

I skipped around to some parts just to see how it is and its hard not to sit back and giggle at it.


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