Last call! You have 11 more days to get your fanart and fanfics completed and posted at the community. We are still in need of more fanfics!! They can be short (has to be at least 500 words) or long. Again, we need 8 fics or more in order to have a 2nd prize. If we can not make the fic limit, there won't be a 2nd place prize. Sounds kinda cruel but all of these prizes are coming out of my own money that I have to scrape up for and this won't be a contest where I feel as if I'm giving the stuff away for free. These prizes have to be earned with your hard work.

So far there are 6 fics and 9 fanarts.

Copy and paste the code if you'd like to pimp this in your LJ.

Click here for info, rules, and prizes

And as another reminder, all fics and fanart CAN ONLY BE POSTED at the community! I would appreciate if the contestants could wait till the contest is over and the winners announced before posting your stuff elsewhere. It's already stated in the rules and the only places that have an exception.

So how can you pass up the prizes by not entering?? Have at it and good luck! Can't win anything if you don't try to enter something.


Will have some more Metalocalypse eps and I actually found something in regards to Dethklock's music too later today.
Aside from a few ppl contacting me about needing an extension, I decided to also extend the contest deadline till midnight August 27th. I'm still waiting for some of the goods to come in from Japan and would rather be safe than sorry to have the prizes on hand when all is said and done with the contest.

Copy and paste the code if you'd like to pimp this in your LJ.

Click here for info, rules, and prizes

We still haven't met our goal yet for the fanfics. As of now that have posted (not including those that contacted me) we only have 3. We need to make that goal of 5-8 fic entries in order to offer 2nd place prizes.

For those that have submitted so far, I can't thank you enough for all the awesome entries and wish everyone the best of luck. And remember, you can enter as many times as you like or as much as your creative brain will allow.

Something extra to those that might still want to participate, keep in mind that Renji's birthday is on the 31st of August so if you want to add something in the fanart or fanfic about his birthday (BUT it must still have something to do with the Summer Theme as well), feel free to do so.
Just a friendly reminder that there is only 16 more days till the deadline of the contest.

Copy and paste the code if you'd like to pimp this in your LJ.

Click here for info, rules, and prizes

Here are some changes:

- If you want to participate but feel you might not have it done by the due date, contact me and I can give you an extension.

- As of right now, we only have 3 art entries and ONE fic entry. If we have such a small turnout, I'm sorry to say that there will only be the main prizes which will be the doujinshis. And yes, because of this, there won't be a 2nd prize or a top reviewer prize.

- There must now be at least 8 art entries and 5-8 fic entries in order to offer the 2nd prize and top reviewer. I want ppl to get the chance to win something, not have it given away.

- IF and only IF we can get the allotted amount for the contest, the other prizes will be as such:

2nd prize for both the art and fic categories will be the 11th English vol of the manga since it has RenRuki's past. If the winners already have the book, I can substitute it for whatever vol. of the manga you don't have.

Top reviewer will win a Bankai Renji pencilboard:

Free Image Hosting at back:Free Image Hosting at

So come on ppl! Get those brains in gear and pimp the contest around. The more participants, the better for EVERYONE.
Yup, yup, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. I've been wanting to do this ever since I came up with the art banner idea and the fun things you can do in the summer.

Since the main mod for [ profile] renji_rukia wasn't going to be around this summer in order to hold the contest, she made me co-mod to keep track of things and to let me run the contest I had in mind.

To check out the rules & prizes, click the banner. Cookies go out to the first person to get the correct answer as to what inspired me for the fanart. :p

Clickie clickie!

Thanx go out to [ profile] k_shi for taking up the commission to do this pic for me and the contest. To see the full version w/out the text, it's here. Seek permission from me first if you plan on using the art for icons and such.

Feel free to pimp this around regardless if you participate or not. The more that knows about it, the better. The code for the pimping is posted at the community.


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