As promised, here is eps 2 of Metalocalypse "Dethwater". I mean I know this is focused on a death metal band but damn, this series has alot of gore in it yet its funny as hell. The opening to this eps was great. *lol*

There was also a file for the music that they must've snipped from the eps in regards to Dethklok. So HERE it be. Keep in mind that it is death metal music. This also has the song in regards to eps. 3 for Murderface's birthday called "Birthday Dethday". Listen closely to the words *snickers*. It also has the song "Underwater Friends" that Toki sang while in that isolated capsule. Same goes for the coffee jingle from the 1st eps.

Going to have to snag some screencaps so someone can make me some icons.
This show rocks so hard core (literally!!) I love the idea of death metal band members trying to go grocery shopping and are so spoiled/pathetic when they can't even cook.

Brandon Small is a fucking genius to create such a show (hey, he is the mastermind behind Home Movies)

OH SNAP! Looking at the credits, I'm not sure if they are guest voices or permanent voices for the duration of the show but those listed are Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield (of Metallica) and Mark Hamill (if it is THE Mark Hamill they are talking about).

If anyone missed out on tonight's eps, you can view it on Adult Swim's website here on their FIX section. It's the first show listed called "The Curse of Dethklok.


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