Today's Garfield was amusing, I like that "in your face" frame. Damn that cat has big feet but I guess he needs something to balance himself out for his belly.


I finally got around to watching the SpongeBob eps. "Atlantis SquarePantis". It was quite a weird eps. almost had a Willy Wonka feel to it (not including the singing too). The Atlantians were creepy in that *Blue Meanie sort of way and the Lord Royal Highness was voiced by David Bowie which amused me but his voice fit that creepiness of the character.

Makes me wonder who was smoking the crack when they came up with the idea for that eps.

*Blue Meanie as in the Beatles "Yellow Sub. cartoon movie bad guys"


Stephen King has a new book called Duma Key and from what I'm reading of the reviews on LJ, sounds like it's one of his best newer titles. Now I have to remind myself to call mom to see if her work got any in yet and send me my copy!


I decided to throw a Valentine Day challenge over at [ profile] renji_rukia for those interested here.


I can't remember if it was the end of Dec or early Jan when we got new tires on the vehicles at Sears so while we were waiting, we walked through the store and checked out their discounted X-mas stuff. The products on this one shelf had me giggling. They had "A Christmas Story" town pieces. They had Ralphie's house, the store, the flag pole incident (complete with the kid's tongue stuck to the pole), and a few others. Thought it was a cute set up. I'm sure if you google it, there should be pics somewhere.


Shows how much I'm slacking in the music dept. but I finally got the chance to hear the new Foo Fighters album "Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace" (since it came out last Sept.). Really good album but then again, I don't think there was ever a Foo album I didn't like. Now I regret not going to see them live when they came to Dallas last Wed. I hope they come back around cause I'd totally go. I bet they are pretty good live.

I also uploaded the video for "The Pretender". Dave looks a little...ummm...hagard? greasy? I don't know, the texture of his hair isn't all that great and he needs to trim his beard. But still awesome none the less. Overall, the vid is pretty neat, especially the explosion of water near the end.


We went riding with our group last Sunday (the last time we did this was I believe before Thanksgiving) and almost turned back to go home. First off, it was pretty foggy when we left the house. Then while driving to the meeting spot, the weather was just so icky miserable that in that bit of distance, my feet were already freezing and I was even wearing double socks. I'm actually surprised that bubba didn't change his mind about heading home. I do know that we both need decent boots. When we headed out on the road once everyone showed up, I swear the next stop couldn't come soon enough. Now I don't mind my hands getting cold cause it seems like they eventually get warm after I go through some numbness but my feet are a different story. I'm always afraid of getting frost bite and the last thing I need are my feet to give me problems. It took a bit to get some feeling back in them when we stopped. The fog was also supposed to lift around 9-10am but it didn't clear up till almost 11. Once we were on some back roads, the sun finally came out and it actually felt pretty decent, just sad that it took that long for it to warm up. Regardless if we get decent boots or not, I still want to look into getting some battery operated heated socks.


And that's my rundown for the week.
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( Nov. 23rd, 2007 05:08 pm)
Yesterday was pretty decent. Didn't have to leave the house so that was good. Bubba's sister and her family and b-i-l's cousin's family came over. Bubba's sister brought over the majority of the food which really helped us out since them coming over to our house was like a last min. resort since the original destination didn't work out. She brought a turkey and crack....err...I mean honey ham. We deep fried the turkey this time cause last yr we didn't bother cooking it that way. Had I guess what I should label it as "Yankee stuffing" since we Yanks eat bread stuffing, not the cornbread kind (ick! sorry to the southerners who eat it on my flist) and I'm thankful that my s-i-l feels the same way hence why she made the yankee kind. The turkey was good but I pigged out more on the "crack". Even later in the evening, I couldn't stop going back to nibble on some more pieces of "crack". After dinner, the grownups sat in the living room watching football while the kids went in my room to watch tv (YAY for Fosters Home marathon!). The only problem of having "toys" sitting around in my room is the young kids thinking they can play with them. I had to distract the youngest with a coloring book (thank god I still had some on hand though no crayons so she had to use my colored pencils).

Everyone left around 4 or so and it just felt much later than what it was. We actually went to bed before 10 cause of not finding anything on tv to watch and nothing to do to keep us awake. Which of course had us waking up way too damn early in the morning.

At least we had great holiday weather for the occasion since it stayed in the 40's and cloudy. When the Cowboy game was on, bubba showed me about them getting some light snow. We didn't see any till around 5 when I looked out my window and saw these HUGE FAT flakes. Sure it may not have stayed on the ground but it was still nice to see it falling for a short amount of time.

My whole schedule is going to feel so messed up cause yesterday felt like a Sunday and I had to go back to work today. But thankfully, I get off at 7 since I saved my 2hrs of holiday and an hr of overtime. I'd rather get off early on a Fri than a day before the holiday since we weren't really in a rush to do/go anywhere.

I took some yummy left over "crack" with me, stuffing, and mashed taters for my lunch today. I better warn bubba that he better get what he can eat of the ham before I eat it all. I never felt that way with ham but honey ham is THE SHIZNIT!!!

Then tomorrow we have another Thanksgiving dinner to go to at bubba's aunt and uncle's.


I dl'ed Bleach #301 this morning and as much as I'm not a fan of Bya, I have a feeling that this arc/chapters are going to make me like him. I wanna see what kind of can of whoop ass he can bring.

Also, am posting the color spread from this chapter.

Free Image Hosting at

Something that annoyed me I think it was with Bleach eps. 147 is that how can you NOT NOTICE a certain person was missing from the group??!!! Yeah, really goes to show how important this person is on ppl's minds. Damn men! At least they got one thing right, anime men and men in RL don't change at all when it comes to how they think.


Now to turn on the laptop and kill some time on catching up with some anime as well as what I dl'ed of Avatar #10&11.
AAACKK!! HISSSHISSS!! What is that horrible yellow thing in the sky that is trying to shrivel me up!!!??? IT BOORNS!!!! IT BOORNS!! But I don't see it lasting long since big fat semi-dark clouds are just hanging in the sky.


How I spent my 4th? Hmmm...bubba and I drove the bikes out to a pancake breakfast at Melissa's (the town) Fire Dept. and made it home just in time before it rained. But it didn't rain very much which was shocking. Royse City already postponed their 4th stuff till Saturday and believe me, that was a mistake. Wed. was great weather to have fireworks and the like, it was partially sunny but no rain. I'll laugh my ass off if it rains aaaaaaaaalllll day Saturday or just alllll Sat. evening since that's when they plan to have their parade and the fireworks.

Basically the 4th was a lazy day. I did laundry while bubba bummed around watching tv. I also cleaned the bathroom and a bit of my room. I think I was the only active one in the house that day. Then I couldn't help but veg out in my room watching the Red,White,& Bloo marathon on Cartoon Network (Foster's Home marathon that is).

Just another day off work while getting paid. We were going to finish painting the trim of the house but was a bit humid to really do much of that.


Tues. I got my goody package in the mail from Japan that had my new Bleach summer plushies!!! They are sooooooooooo adorable. I have my own RenRuki set and then I bought the full set. The Kon is too cute and wouldn't mind keeping him but I have no use for it. I'll probably post the new plushies and new Kon slippers up for sale next week.

I still don't get why there hasn't been an Orihime, Ishida, and Chad plush made. I'd rather see a different Orihime with just about every release instead of Hitsu.


Someone posted these One Piece figures on the comm and OMFG!!!!!! I SOOOO WANT!!!!!! *makes grabby hands* Though I'd be a happyhappy fangirl to have the Ace and the super hot Franky figure OW!OW! Check out the other link that is posted that has more Franky pics. *melts*

Speaking of Ace, my panties are sooooo gonna burst if and when they animate the part when Ace met up with Blackbeard cause that fight in the manga was just soooo fucking awesome!!!!!! And I'm jonsing again for Ace in general. I need to catch up on the manga again since they went to that Zombie Island.


I don't know if this is good or not but I'll just say YAYS! anyways in regards to the news about them making a movie for Sousei no Aquarion "The Sōsei Shinwa-Hen" (The Chapter on the Myth of the Orb of Genesis) which will be based upon the two OVAs, Uragiri no Tsubasa (Wings of Betrayal) and Taiyō no Tsubasa (Wings of the Sun). Sounds better than the other new Bleach movie. I don't know why but I have issues of the idea of Bleach movies than what I do in regards to One Piece. I guess cause with them doing movies for One Piece, it doesn't throw off any of the storyline cause they can bascially go from island to island and nothing is out of place. Probably cause I just want Bleach to get to the fucking point already in the manga and these shitty anime fillers AGAIN.


I have an anime and music download beneath the cut, and YES YOU WILL FEEL THE NEED TO DOWNLOADS THESE!

Asphinctersayswhat? )


With all the asshattery I've been feeling as of late in the Bleach fandom, something so fucking awesome and genuine was posted today that totally made me all giddy and warm inside.

[ profile] wereblonde posted her RenRuki drabbles that basically follow as a set and sooooo worth the read. Starts from their chibi days till present *squealsflails!!!!*

Progression. READREADREAD!


This weekend is HetCon....a homemade local gathering for those that are pondering the title. I'm heading over after I get off work and won't be back at the house till sometime on Monday. I'm soooo looking forward to this much needed time away from house stuff.

So DO NOT POST any fics or art that may be for me cause I will more than likely not see it.

I also gotta work on my birthday wishlist and my sale list for next week as well.

Bubba, just in case you read this entry, DON'T FORGET TO FEED KITTY!!!!!!


  • Bleach #271, Ichigo got sooo PWND!!!! Yet he can be cute when he's got Nell around him. *squishes Nell* Though I must say this, aside from Renji's character design getting hotter each time, Kubo's actually making Ichigo nice on the eyes as well. And speaking of Renji, I do believe it's about fucking time we see something on HIS FIGHT DEAR KUBO-SAN!!!! *GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!*

  • Still haven't found my writing muse and that isn't good. It shouldn't take this long for me to jot something down. At least though with a new doujinshi I received should help jump start the brain a bit.

  • Some GREAT news for One Piece dub. Funimation is picking up the series and hopefully they will be able to go back to the earlier eps and re-release those with their own VA's. The only thing that still annoys the shit out of me is being so anal about the cigarette issue. Sure I understand why but reading about what they are trying to decide on Sanji's situation...ARGH!! You can read the article HERE.

  • Right now the Dallas Stars are in the hockey playoffs and their first game against Vancouver on Wed. night was fucking CRAZY!! From what I saw of the game, the Stars were playing their asses off. Bubba stayed up to watch the whole game and the kicker of it was is that it went into QUADRUPLE OVERTIME!! The game didn't end till 2:30 am our time though the Stars lost 4-5. They play again tonight and am curious to see how this game goes.

  • And birthday shout outs to everyone I might have missed. I can barely keep up anymore.



    Bubba sent me this the other day and couldn't stop laughing. Not sure if this was a MAD TV skit or what but the main black guy looks like Aries Spears. The idea behind the skit has a pretty good point except for the old farts that is.

    Balls Out


    Read more... )
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    ( Feb. 27th, 2007 07:22 pm)
    *pokepoke* Lj seems kinda dead since before last weekend started. *hears crickets chirp*

    I made a small update at my fanwork journal [ profile] becks_closet.


    Bleach: Renji/Rukia: Wide Awake In Dreamland.


    Bleach posters & icons: Renji,Rukia, RenRuki: Flowery Goodness.


    For the past week and a half, I've been in such a cleaning faze, especially in my compy room. I got the majority of it finally cleaned this past weekend, now all I have to do is move a few things around and I'm good to go. Might even take pics of it once I'm done completely. I threw out a good bit of anime that I had burnt on disc that I #1. never got in the mood to actually watch it. #2. watched it but couldn't get back into finishing it. & #3. just don't know why I saved & burnt whatever series it was at the time. I would've offered them up to my flist but I would've had to have charged shipping and I didn't feel like going through that tedious task.

    Cause of this cleaning frenzy, I just wasn't inspired to finish my writing challenges or get on chat. And what really sucked about not getting on chat was that I had the house alllllll to myself this past weekend so there was no distractions.

    So now I've started back up on my writing challenges from a few weeks ago. Which in turn had me re-watching certain eps. of GUNxSWORD again and made me realize how much I really liked that series and how much I love Van's character. Though I'm still curious how the dub sounds.

    I'm also behind on replies but I'm slowly but surely getting to them! I haven't forgotten about you peeps.


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