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( Jan. 15th, 2009 02:50 pm)
Out of all the Supernatural fans on my flist and NO ONE has mentioned about the movie "My Bloody Valentine (in 3-D)"??!! Jensen Ackles is one of the main characters which I'll be honest, is the only reason why I want to see this movie. I recall seeing the original and the cheese factor that oozed from it (it was an early 80's movie), I think the remake is going to be much better. The articles I've read about it seem to be pretty positive about it and not dragging it through the dirt before it even hits theaters TONIGHT. I know things can change between the org and remakes so I hope Jensen's character lives through it (since it was his character's fault for the accident that happened, I'm sure he's the main target on the killer's list). No, that isn't a spoiler since all reviews and even on the website gives out at least that much info. And of course if you've seen the org, you'd know about it too.

The only thing I'm not too keen about is the whole 3-D factor. Anyways, the main showing of it is tonight and then is released on Fri. I'm hoping to see it this weekend but during the day of course. *lol*

OH! And for any Saw fans out there, dvd #5 comes out on Tues!!!


For the music front, I kept hearing this song on the radio and really liked it how it was done overall. So I looked up the band and the album. The song was called "Sex on fire" by Kings of Leon. They kinda have a southern rock feel since they are from TN. Their sound reminds me of this band in the early 90's called "Cry of Love."

So here is the dl to their new album: "Only by the Night" - Kings of Leon.

I really like the whole album so I thought I'd check out their older stuff. UGH! Forget about it! Sounds horrible but at least it got better. The only song that isn't from Only by the night is "Knocked Up", that came from one of their older albums and was like the only song I liked from it so I kept it and put it in the new album folder.

So if anyone wants to give them a try, let me know what ya think.


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