Man, Avatar keeps getting better as the seasons roll out. This eps surely pulled at the heart strings again and holy shit, Zuko sure is getting pretty shaggy; wish my hair could grow that fast. Beneath the cut are slight spoilers and caps I took of Shaggy!Zuko.

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And here is the download for those that missed out on it:

Avatar The Last Airbender: S2 Lake Laogai


As for the movie rec. I saw it listed on Cinemax recently and thought I'd give it a try since I saw a few on my flist talk about it when it first came out.

Kiss,Kiss,Bang,Bang stars Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. It's actually a good movie. I laugh at the role Val played and Robert kept me laughing at the shit he did. But I'm not going to say anymore cause you just have to watch it yourself.


BWUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! K-fed and Britany are getting a divorce, gee, didn't see that one coming did we?
Sure it's a new eps tonight but what, are we going to have to wait another month or two for the next one to be aired?

Either way, the previews they showed, has Jet making an appearance when he runs into Zuko and Iroh. I'm curious to see how that's going to work knowing how Jet is.

And another bit they showed was Suki (the girl troupe of warriors from Kyoshi Island). I'm actually hoping that she and Sokka will get together when all is said and done. Seems like they might have a little moment there of what was in the preview.
Who knew how addicting Avatar The Last Airbender would be?! I know I surely didn't even when Season 1 was still brand new. Since NickToons Network is airing S1, I was able to finally watch the show in its entirety and became hooked right off the bat. For those that don't know, the dvds are finally coming out too.

Granted I like all the characters though of course I developed a sudden fondness to (Prince)Zuko. Sure in S1 he comes off as the typical royal brat but whats great about his side of things is how his Uncle balances things out. But in S2, my love for Zuko grew tenfolds, well not just for Zuko, but the overall new stuff they are exposing as the series goes on.

You also can't help but love the creativity they did in regards to the animals in this series. It made me laugh out loud with this eps. I think its a neat concept of the Turtle Ducks.

Before I babble on more about the series, I uploaded last week's eps Zuko Alone. Damn, this kid keeps getting hot (no pun intended).

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

I'm anxious to see how they are going to develop his character design as he gets older. *swoons* I don't know if its cause of his hair growing out or what, plus with the situation he's put in now, makes his personality better than S1, signs of him growing up for a change.

Beneath the cut are thoughts and spoilers of the future. So those on my flist who are either watching the series or is reading this, feel free to discuss this with me so I know I'm not the only thinking weird shit. I also don't tend to join comm's anytime soon.

Read more... ) how much longer do we have to wait till another new eps damn it!!?? Nothing at all for this Friday and next Friday is a repeat already *grrrrrrr!*


Jyu Oh Sei, I swear they can't get these eps out fast enough. I'm all caught up to #5 and I NEED MORE! It's such a totally interesting story. Though after reading up on it more, it's a bit of a mind fuck when it comes to who's REALLY who character wise. *pulls hair in frustration* I also lovelovelove the animation. Its so crisp, clean, and bright.

I think you might be interested in this series [ profile] donna_c_punk.

Eps. 5 is where I made the clip of Third and Chen's scene. I was NOT expecting that, considering we NEVER get this kind of fanservice in most animes. Okay, scratch that, sometimes we do but right when we think its going to happen, something ruins the moment. So when they were getting cozy, I automatically kept chanting "no interruptions, no interruptions". It such a rare treat to see such a touching scene like that happen that I can't help but go "that was hot." *warm woobie feeling regardless of the situation*

I'm not going to dwell too deep into the storyline, I'm just going to cover some notes of what they are talking about in the clip::

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So here is the clip of Third and Chen's moment. Sorry that its not the best quality. For some reason, when cutting clips, it doesn't give you much to work with on options to make it clear. The eps itself though are clear and not so fuzzy like in this clip.

I uploaded the Opening theme. And here is another one since I used a different subbing group to make this clip so I wasn't sure if the quality was any better than the other.

Here are just some misc caps I put up too.

And if possible, can someone make me an icon from this pic? Pwease. *wibbles*


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