Four more eps to go and Dexter will be complete!

WARNINGS!: lots of blood, dismemberment of body parts, lots of swearing, nudity, and sex.

Dexter eps. 7 - "Circle of Friends"
Summary - The Ice Truck Killer is finally identified, but Dexter is skeptic for something does not sit right with him over recent events. Meanwhile, Rita must deal with the return of her menacing, recently paroled, ex-husband.

Dexter eps. 8 - "Shrink Wrap"
Summary - The suicide of a wealthy and powerful businesswoman leads Dexter to suspect that her psychologist may have killed her. But Dexter gets a surprise of his own when he pays a visit to the suspect which opens up dark secrets from Dexter's past.

A good bit of sexing going on in #8 between Debra being a horn dog and the scene with Dexter and Rita was hot!!

Previous eps downloads:

They are still good as long as the links haven't expired yet. Comment if you take.



Yesterday was Peter of Steel, Mr. Meat, you name it I'm sure it would fit him, Peter Steele's bday (lead singer/bass from Type O Negative). The man's getting up there in age but damn he's still hot for a 45yr old. (even though the pic beneath the cut was in '95, it don't change a thing!)

Licks )

I can never pimp this enough. Peter's Playgirl spread in '95. You can view the pages here. As always, please browse responsibly. Lots of schlong as well as a random half naked chick.

And today is Brian Warner's 38th bday O___O aka. Marilyn Manson.


On the topic of birthday's, over at [ profile] renji_rukia is having a birthday fanwork challenge for Rukia from now till the 14th. You can read all the info here.
Hmmm....where to start.

  • did some baking on Sunday. Damn if the choco chip cookies didn't turn out good. If it keeps up, I'm going to have to bake that 2nd batch pretty soon cause I won't have much to put in the X-mas packages for some peeps. The sugar cookies weren't too bad. It just annoys me when they don't spread out as much as the choco chips do. I got to thinking, why does it have to take so much sugar to make those kind of cookies? I mean I can understand say 2 cups but FOUR!? _-_ Hell, even the choco chip recipe doesn't call for that much sugar.

  • got one package sent but that was a major thing to do since it was being sent overseas.

  • got a good bit of burning stuff to disc this weekend that gets sent to ppl. Now to work on the dvds.

  • need to start the list of the X-mas cards.

  • Kitty stuff )

  • changed my mood theme again. *waves bye bye to Trenty-poo* I had a hard time choosing what anime I wanted. I've been wanting to use the Bleach that I've seen but then I came across One Piece and I suckered myself into the One Piece theme. This series has TONS of awesome expressions to use for it. Might have to make some of my own to replace a few that I feel could use a better pic. Thank you [ profile] scarbie for coming to my rescue when I needed it.

  • the weather is just so fucking crazy this yr, it drives me NUTS!!!!!! Sat it was in the 80's, then it cooled down a bit on Sunday. And now they are calling for the 50's today, ONLY IN THE 30's on Wed. (and thats during the day!!!) they said there might be a small thing of snow maybe some mixed sleet but I know we probably aren't going to see it or if we do, it won't amount to anything. The rest of the week from Thurs is 32, Fri. 45 and Sat 52. (highs during the day)

  • I feel ashamed for saying this, but I finally saw Reservoir Dogs in its entirety. I only saw bits and pieces a long time ago. Now that I seen it all, my reaction is O____________O, certain scenes made me veryvery squeamish *eww!* I should've recorded it.

  • I GOTTA pimp these icons. For those that don't know (and shame on you for that :P), the hunk of man-meat is Peter Steele, the lead singer for Type O Negative. Thanx to [ profile] fiendling for creating the ones she did (from the Playgirl spread). You can check the icons here

  • If you want to check out the Playgirl spread that Peter did, I found a link that has the pics uploaded for your full wonderful penor viewing pleasure. Julie doesn't call him Mr. Man Meat for nothing!

    WARNING!! Link contains FULLY NUDE, EYE GOUGING, MAN MEAT! Ain't no faking about THAT sum'bitch.

    Penis, penis, penis If you don't want the penor, you can click on the Peter link for reg. pics of him. *licks it alllllllllllllllll*

    YAY! I have Ace for naughty.
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