I finally got my package in the mail the other day and was overjoyed with much squeeage. I'm sure you'll understand why under the cut. Be warned that perhaps not dial up friendly 'neath the cut as well.


From left to right, top to bottom -

Togirenu Ito and Runaway by Honey Canon
Name of the Rose by Angel Service and Double Star by Honey Canon.

And the very rare book I was shocked to see a Ichigo/Tatsuki & Renji/Rukia. The IchiTatsu is a normal story, kinda sweet and the RenRuki is glorious smuttage.

In regards to the Honey Canon books, I CAN NOT stress enough on how f'ing WONDERFUL this artist is. I'm so ecstatic to have an awesome artist be a RenRuki fan.

Here are 2 samples of the colored pages from Togirenu Ito. There are 4 colored pages in the beginning and those that don't know anything about the book, its light smut, very sweet story before Rukia is assigned to the real world. Actually, I already have this book but I'm trying to get a hold of as many as I can to offer them to other fans later. This makes 2 while working on my 3rd book. *crosses fingers*

Sample 1.

Sample 2. Warning for slightly exposed boobies.

Runaway has two of my fav. storylines in it: Renji and Bya fight and Renji escaping with Rukia. After the fight is where it's a bit knuckle biting on the scene they drew. Beaten, bloody, long haired Renji is laying on his back w/ eyes closed, dreaming that Rukia is right there by his side as if she's healing him. Little does Renji know that when he opens his eyes, he sees Hanataro and Rikichi staring down at him. Renji's like O____O, disappointed that it wasn't Rukia and lays back down as if saying "man what a bummer" with Hana and Rikichi freaking out.

The escape scene: When he arrives to where Ichigo is on the platform with Rukia under his arm, aside from both characters shocked to see him standing there, the image that runs in Renji's head is Ichigo running off with a >__< (Rukia's expression) flailing Rukia over his shoulder while Ichigo is saying "Let's go to this world". And chibi Renji is on his knees reaching out as in going "noooooooooo!" I totally wished I had a scanner cause the way HC draws Rukia's face when Renji is running with her is beautiful. She has that soft expression along with snuggling closely into his chest.

Double Star is such a cute book. Whoever wins my extra copy in the contest will be smitten with it I'm sure. First part of the story not quite sure how to explain what is going on but whatever kind of comment Renji said, pissed Bya off and power punched him while Rukia is like "oh shit." The scene where Bya is talking to Rukia is cute, especially to see Bya w/out hair noodles, not in his capt. uniform, and he's smiling at her.

The next scene or story (not sure if it takes place right after the above) seems to have Rukia being an instigator to Renji. They are having a conversation as she then runs off while he wasn't looking. Once he finds her, she kinda has that expression as if "what took you so long." They talk some more as Renji pulls her in to hug her tightly to him but leave it to Renji to say something to irk her as she shoots a blast to the building next to him and it collapses on him. Once he gets himself free, he sits and they talk some more. Insert Rukia hugging him this time and its sooo woobie!! HC's version of Rukia is sooo adorable, I wanna squish her to death. The next scene is the one where I had posted the sample in the contest entry. I won't say much on that except that the scene afterwards, I need to take a pic of it with my digi camera cause the look on both of their chibi faces is priceless, plus I want someone to make an icon out of it for me saying "caught in the act." Plus I need to snap a pic of the very last page of just the two of them sitting together and in that space off to the right, you can see her holding his hand.

And this is one of the reasons WHY I curse myself for not being able to read Japanese. I want to know whats going on so bad with these RenRuki books. *weeps*

The next set of goods are the flower posters. For those that missed it, these posters are released with the two you see here as well as Ichi, HanataroBya, Hitsu, Ran, and Gin. I had the pics posted in my LJ late last month that I found.

Flower posters:

and Renji w/out the flash.

And that concludes my fangirling for the time being.

From: [identity profile] era-chan.livejournal.com

Those lk really great! I was surprised to see that IchiTatsu one, since to me it is a rare pairing (but one I don't mind). However, the RenRuki goodness are smuttilicious.

From: [identity profile] yankeerose69.livejournal.com

I wasn't really going to bid on the IchiTatsu book but when I read the translation that the RenRuki story was adult in nature, I thought I'd give it a try. Still surprised that someone actually created a IchiTatsu book. I'm still waiting for someone to make an IchiHime book considering how the series has her fawning over him and what not.

Yeah, the RenRuki goods I've been lucky to get my hands on are smuttilicious regardless if there is actual smut or not. The art in all the books I have makes it sexy as hell.
(deleted comment)

From: [identity profile] yankeerose69.livejournal.com

I really wish I could come across that Renji poster again. Hell, even Rukia too. I would offer it to someone if I were able to find more of them.

Honey Canon, there is just not enough words on how much love they are. Just ashame that they don't put out enough books and they need to do more RenRuki books too since there can NEVER be enough of them.


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